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Annandale: From Land Grant to Urban Village

painting of a bay
Opp. p. 182. `Taking of Colbee & Benalon. 25 Novr 1789' (SLNSW a3461020

The Gadigal Clan lived on the Southern side of the Sydney Harbour in a landscape of Iron Bark and Turpentine Forrest. There is evidence of human society, in the area, dating back 15,000 years...more

Late 18th Century

19th Century

Second half of 19th Century

Johnston's Estate, Annandale, 1877 by Samuel Elyard

Last quarter of 19th Century

20th Century

Second half of 20th Century

local shops

21st Century

Annandale Heritage Festival 2016Sketch by Merrick Fry


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