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50s Annandale: A Short Walk

Marghanita da Cruz will present a virtual tour of 1850s and 1950s Annandale. In the 1850s, a new Train line passed through the Annandale Estate and William Stanley Jevons came to live at Annangrove Cottage on the Parramatta Road.

Jevons left us descriptions of Annangrove and his walks home to the new Royal Mint where he worked as an Assayer.

Horse Drawn, Steam and electric Trams have all transported passengers along Parramatta Road until the 1950s.

This virtual tour will form the basis of Marghanita's seventh book in a series which presents Annandale's History as Short Walks.

At the end of the talk, there will be an opportunity to inspect the historic cottage and nearby sites.

Date: 2-4pm Saturday 29 April 2017
Location: Tetch Gallery, Annangrove Cottage, 245 Parramatta Road Annandale
Price: $15/$10 Concession
Bookings & Enquiries: 0414-869202, Email:

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Annandale Borough/Municipality (1894-1949) Changes to Boundary 1936 Boundary Change 2003 Boundary Change 2011 NSW Election 2012 Council Elections 2013 Federal Election 2015 NSW Election 2016 Federal Election

The Annandale Boundary

1936 change of boundary

Alteration to the Annandale Suburb Boundary

LEICHHARDT LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL PLAN 2000 - REG 26 General provisions for the development of land includes.."Land identified for acquisition includes" "1 and 3 Cahill Street, Camperdown" - (viewed 24 July 2012)

The Annandale boundary in the Suburb Profile in DCP Amendment No. 3 – 7 November 2001 is still at Johnston's Creek.

These two references indicate that the Annandale boundary may have been changed as part of the 2003 LGA boundary change.

Camperdown Post Office

In 2010, Camperdown post office was closed and the Post Boxes were relocated to the Annandale Post Office...more.

Leichhardt Council

Leichhardt Municipal Council was created under the Municipalities Act, 1867, on petition from least fifty future ratepayers.

The Municipal Area extended to Johnston's creek but in 1894, the Annandale residents voted to secede and setup the Annandale Borough.

In 1913, land adjoining the Callan Park Asylum grounds was transferred from Leichhardt Council to Balmain Council.

In 1949, the Annandale Borough and Balmain Councils were absorbed into Leichhardt Municipal Council.

In 1968, parts of Glebe were transferred from the City Council to Leichhardt.

The part of Camperdown, which triggered the Rum Rebellion is absorbed into Annandale on 8th December 1995 (Source: GNB3587,3718 (viewed prior to 25 June 2013)). The area of Annandale can be seen at (viewed 8 Sep 2016)

In 2000, there was a review, followed by an appeal to the high court before Glebe, Forest Lodge and parts of Annandale were transferred to the City of Sydney, in 2003...change-boundary-2003.shtml

Source: Last updated 7 September 2016.