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Annandale Streetscape - Tom Worthington

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Annandale's History in Short Walks

Annandale NSW Australia -33.8814; 151.1707

Annandale Walks

Scenes from Walks through Annandale

Photographs Marghanita.
More photographs at Bird Identification and Local Plants.

revegetation in piper st annandale - photo marghanita
Stairs between Piper St and Nelson St. This area was a weedy area and has been revegetated by the Rozelle Bay Bushcare Group.

constructed tidal wetlands - photo marghanita
These tidal wetlands were created to filter storm water runnoff before it enters Johnston's creek on its way to Sydney Harbour. The revegetation of the surrounding area is another successful project of the Rozelle Bay Bushcare Group.

johnstons creek bridge boundary of annandale - photo marghanits
Replica of the original historic bridge over Johnston's creek.

johnston's creek at high tide, marks boundary between glebe and annandale - photo marghanita
Johnston's Creek at High Tide

bicentenial park glebe foreshore walk - photo marghanita
Bicentennial Park, Foreshore walk

mangrove boardwalk glebe - photo marghanita
Mangrove boardwalk along Glebe Foreshore walk.

Rose St remnant bushland - photo marghanita
Possibly the only remnant bushland in Annandale.

Annandale NSW was historically bounded by Rozelle Bay (Port Jackson/Sydney Harbour), Parramatta Road, Johnston's Creek and White's Creek. However, in 1995, the Annandale boundary was extended across Johnston's Creek to include the part of Camperdown, bounded by Booth Street, Mallet Street and Parramatta Road.

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