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Annandale Heritage Festival

Festivals: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011

Heritage Listed Annandale

There are numerous Heritage Items within the Annandale Urban Conservation Area. These are listed in the Annandale Association Register of Buildings, National Trust Register, NSW State Heritage Register (NSW) or Leichhardt Local Environmental Plan.

Annandale Heritage Trail

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12-4pm Sunday 21 April 2013.
Corner of Johnston Street and Collins Street, Annandale

Comments from Visitors from Annandale, Leichhardt, Bradbury, Castlecrag: Very Good Idea - Annandale - Lovely - Wonderful Event - Beautiful Secret - Annandale - Congratulations - Excellent - Lovely - a wonderful church and icon - worthwhile to preserve this magnificent building - looking forward to urgent restoration.

Annandale Heritage Festival Annandale Heritage Festival Annandale Heritage Festival Annandale Heritage Festival Annandale Heritage Festival Annandale Heritage Festival Annandale Heritage Festival Annandale Heritage Festival

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Be Inspired at Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church, whose sandstone spire has towered over Sydney's Inner West since 1889.

Visit Church and Hall

Visit the historic Blacket Brothers neo-gothic Church and Arts and Crafts School Hall. Entry is free

Heritage Exhibition and Talks

The exhibition of Church and Annandale's heritage in the 1886 Arts and Crafts brick school hall, will feature the Architect's drawings for Annandale's War Memorial (courtesy of the Leichhardt Library Local History Section), as well as extracts from the history of the Sewerage Aqueducts and the introduction of Electricity to Annandale from Marghanita da Cruz's short walk books. Entry is free.

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Organ Recitals

At 1pm, 2pm and 3pm enjoy free recitals by Ralph Lane OAM, on the 1890 Hill and Son Organ(Free).

Annandale Heritage FestivalRefreshments

The ladies of the Presbyterian Womens Association are serving afternoon tea in hall throughout the afternoon.

Thanks to these Annandale Businesses

.. for helping promote the festival by putting up a poster: Annandale Heritage Festival PosterSupabarn, Annandale Heritage Festival PosterDJs Upholstory and Antiques, Annandale Heritage Festival PosterPatisserie (177 Parramatta Road), Annandale Heritage Festival PosterEnviroLEDLighting, Annandale Heritage Festival PosterEva's Vintage, Annandale Heritage Festival PosterReg Williamson Automotive Electrics,Annandale Heritage FestivalBlack Toast Cafe, Ester's Table and Annandale Dental

Australian Heritage Week 2013red australian national trust logobanner across streetAnnandale Heritage Festival is in association with Australian Heritage Week, National Trust Heritage Festival, National Trust Hunter Baillie Memorial Church Conservation Appeal and Leichhardt Council

Guided Walk
Annandale Heritage Festival Annandale Heritage Festival

At 2pm local author Marghanita da Cruz will guide a one hour walking tour of Annandale's War Memorials (Cost: $25 includes afternoon tea, numbers limited, proceeds to the Church Conservation Appeal. To book Telephone:9969-8071 or Email:

Annandale Heritage Festival

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50s Annandale: A Short Walk

Marghanita da Cruz will present a virtual tour of 1850s and 1950s Annandale. In the 1850s, a new Train line passed through the Annandale Estate and William Stanley Jevons came to live at Annangrove Cottage on the Parramatta Road.

Jevons left us descriptions of Annangrove and his walks home to the new Royal Mint where he worked as an Assayer.

Horse Drawn, Steam and electric Trams have all transported passengers along Parramatta Road until the 1950s.

This virtual tour will form the basis of Marghanita's seventh book in a series which presents Annandale's History as Short Walks.

At the end of the talk, there will be an opportunity to inspect the historic cottage and nearby sites.

Date: 2-4pm Saturday 29 April 2017
Location: Tetch Gallery, Annangrove Cottage, 245 Parramatta Road Annandale
Price: $15/$10 Concession
Bookings & Enquiries: 0414-869202, Email:

Anecdotal History

By Time, Places or People.

There are Historic Engineering Plaques on, the still in use, 1890s Sewerage Aqueducts...more

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