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Banksia marginata, 
Annandale 22 August 2009
Photographer Marghanita da CruzBanksia marginata

Woorike (Koori name) was classified as in the Genus "Banksia" after Joseph Banks and "marginata" from Latin marginatus; bordered, referring to recurved leaf margins on some forms.Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants (ASGAP) Banksia marginata

Galls on Banksia marginata along Glebe Point Road - Photo Marghanita B. marginata does have some characteristics found throughout the species: it always has finely-toothed long foliage with a dark green upper surface and a silvery reverse; it is not tolerant of high-phosphorus soils or waterlogging; and it tends to be tolerant of dry soils. In most situations, it can form a dense shrub that will flourish in full sun to semi-shade with flowering from early spring through to autumn.- Metropolitan Tree Growers Pty Ltd

Galls on Banksia marginata along Glebe Point Road- Photo MarghanitaBird-attracting plant:Shelter Nest Sites, Seeds (bird food), Nectar (bird food), Insects (bird food) -

Banksia marginataThe Photograph of Galls were on a Banksia growing along Glebe Point Road, Glebe 28 October 2006. Where one of the residents caught us photographing them. They have been there for a while and seemed not to be doing any harm to the tree or the neighbours. They are probably the work of Mesostoa kerri (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Mesostoinae), an Endemic Australian Wasp that Causes Stem Galls on Banksia marginata - CSIRO.