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Eco-Annandale 2010

Eco-Annandale 2010 - August Flowers

vine with purple cascade of flowers

Hardenbergia violacea (Native Wisteria) 22nd August 2009 Photo:MdaCruz

tiny purple pea flower on vine

Glycine 22 August 2009 Photo:MdaCruz

cascade of pink-purple pea flowers (not all in bloom) with grey green round leaves

Indigofera australis 22 August 2009 Photo:MdaCruz

yellow pea shaped flower with red centre

Bossieae 22 August 2009 Photo:MdaCruz

green-yellow mass flowers with elongated leaves

Dodonea triqueta  22 August 2009 Photo:MdaCruz

Banksia marginata, 
Annandale 22 August 2009
Photographer Marghanita da Cruz

Banksia marginata, 22 August 2009 Photo:MdaCruz

shrub with white flowers

Philotheca (formerly Eriostemon) 22nd August 2009 Photo:MdaCruz

small white flower with six white petals and yellow stamen, small narrow leaves

Ricinocarpus pinifolius (Wedding Bush) 22 August 2009 Photo:MdaCruz

Hakea sericea 22 August 2009 Photo:MdaCruz

white spidery flower with spiky leaves and green seed pod with red tip

Grevillea linearifolia 22 August 2009 Photo:MdaCruz

cream yellow bell like flowers with red spots on a vine with dark green leaves

Pandorea pandorana (Wonga-wonga Vine), 24 August 2009 Photo:MdaCruz

small red spider like flower on small shrub

Grevillea speciosa (Red Spider Flower) 22 August 2009 Photo:MdaCruz

pink magnolia flower, with new green foliage against a blue sky

Magnolia (Exotic) 22 August 2009 Photo:MdaCruz