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Ecologically Sustainable Annandale 2011

1-29 October 2011 Free Mon-Fri:9.30am-8pm, Sat:9.30am-4pm, Sun:10am-4pm, Closed Mon 3 Oct
Leichhardt Library, Italian Forum, Norton Street, Leichhardt
Eco-Annandale is an annual exhibition supported by Ramin Communications

The theme for Eco-Annandale 2011 is Water. Annandale is bounded by Johnston's Creek, White's Creek, Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour) and Parramatta Road.

diagram of a house showing flow of rain, town water, sewage and storm waterRainwater which falls on Annandale

Constructed wetlands along side White's Creek and Johnston's Creek, in Federal Park filter some rain water, before it enters Rozelle Bay and Sydney Harbour.

Annandale's "Town Water" comes from the Prospect Dam, on the Prospect Creek which was completed in 18882 and from the Desalination Plant at Kurnel3.

Sewage from Annandale and the Inner west is carried via the two Annandale Sewage Aqueducts to the Bondi Ocean Outfall Sewer. The partly treated sewage4 is discharged at 130ML/day 2.2km from the shoreline5.

The water in Prospect Dam has fallen as rain water and has run into a river which has been dammed to control the flow of water to the Ocean. The desalination plant draws its water from the Ocean.

heron in federal park wetlandsThis year's exhibition includes the work of Margot Alexander, Merrick Fry, Michelle Genders, Susanne Martain, Sue Toohey, Fujiko Watt, Sandra Winkworth, Viki Alonso and Rosanne Antico-Hall. All works are for sale. Ted Floyd has provided the diagram of the Urban Water Cycle. The exhibition also includes examples of salt glazed earthenware sewer and storm water pipes, currently in use in Annandale, and an extract from my book 1890s Annandale a Short Walk.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition and welcome your comments and enquiries.

Marghanita da Cruz,Curator
Mobile: 0414-869202
Twitter: @callicoma or Hashtag: #ecoannau

bridge with drain and pebble beachEvents

Exhibition is Free - view during Library Hours
Mon-Fri:9.30am-8pm, Sat:9.30am-4pm, Sun:10am-4pm, Closed Monday 3 October 2011

Setup: Saturday 1 October 2011

Jamie Parker, Member for Balmain
will be opening Eco-Annandale 2011 and
Launching 1890s Annandale a Short Walk
1.30-3.30pm Saturday 8 October 2011
RSVP: 5 October 2011
Mobile: 0414-869202

Bump Out and Sale of Works: 10am Saturday 29 October 2011


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    From there the Lower Canal led to a basin at Guildford, from where water was piped to several reservoirs around the city.
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Man in waders in wetland speaking to kid on scooter
Surface Water in Annandale

solar hot water system on tin roofSewerage System

paintings, with white fence and concrete structure last updated 6 March 2012.