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Ecologically Sustainable Annandale 2011

1-29 October 2011 Free Mon-Fri:9.30am-8pm, Sat:9.30am-4pm, Sun:10am-4pm, Closed Mon 3 Oct
Leichhardt Library, Italian Forum, Norton Street, Leichhardt
Eco-Annandale is an annual exhibition supported by Ramin Communications

The Artists

Margot AlexanderMargot Alexander

Slumped and Kiln fired glass

My work is inspired by unusual forms in nature. The biochemistry of life forms is reflected by the randomness of the medium as it develops under extreme conditions. The result is neither positive of negative but takes the viewer into a powerful and strange land. Works in Eco-Annandale 2011

My work, in Eco-Annandale 2009, was inspired by organic patterns of mangrove roots, reflection of shallow water across static land; and the patterns of light and shadow along the shoreline while walking and taking photos in Tambourine Bay Reserve. Eco-Annandale 2010 Works.

EXHIBITIONS 1983: Exhibition of Glass Works, Glass Artists Gallery, Sydney. 1984:Glass Exhibition, Elmswood Fine Crafts, S.A.1985:Glass Exhibition, Miskin Gallery, Brisbane. Celebration Show, Glass Artists' Gallery, Sydney. 1986, Group Exhibition, Glass Artists' Gallery, Sydney. Group Glass 86, Hamilton Design Gallery, Sydney. Behind the Scenes, Studioshop, Sydney. 1987: Group Glass 87, Hamilton Design Gallery, Sydney. 1988: Group Glass 88, Hamilton Design Gallery, Sydney. Solo Exhibition, Hamilton Design Gallery, Sydney 1989: The Variety Show, Glass Artists' Gallery, Sydney. 1990: Unicorn Editions Group Exhibition, Woy Woy. 1991: The Colour Spectrum, Miskin Gallery, Brisbane. 1992: Colour Your World With Glass,Toowoomba. Kiln Fired Glass, Back to Back Gallery, Newcastle. 1994: Contain Yourself, Studio Showcase, Sydney. Studio Glass 11, Studio Showcase, Sydney. 1995: Women's Images of Women, Studio Showcase, Sydney. Group Exhibition, Cornucopia Gallery, Sydney. Studio Glass Group Exhibition, Chatswood. 1998: Sea and Sky Exhibition, Australian Image, Sydney. 1999: Fractured Glass, Australian Image Gallery, Sydney. Premier Production, Glass Artists' Gallery, Sydney. Collective Reflection-Studio Glass, Australian Image, Sydney. 2002: Beyond the Object, Australian Image Gallery, Sydney. 2003: Fused & Slumped Glass, von Bertouch Galleries, Newcastle. Vessel of Glass, Australian Image, Sydney. 2004: From A Little Acorn, Australian Image, Sydney. 2005: A Great Gumtree Grows, Australian Image, Sydney. 2006: A Century of Craft, Manly Gallery, Sydney. 2007: Glass +,The Glass Artists Gallery, Sydney. 2008: Beyond the Glass Plate, Craft NSW, Sydney. 2009: Spectrum of Glass, Craft NSW,Sydney. 2010: Ranamok Glass Prize 2010 2011: Encore,Glass Artists Gallery,Sydney.

1982, Bachelor of Arts (Visual) Sydney College of the Arts, Jewellery/Glass 1980, Jewellery Design Certificate, Randwick TAFE.

Head and shoulders of Man in blue topMerrick Fry

Merrick Fry Sydney

Eco-Annandale 2011 Works

Head and shoulders of Girl in large red hatMichelle Genders

I'm a curious artist, so experimentation is the underlying method of my practice. I use enduring and ephemeral materials to generate gestural and expressive work. The process is labour intensive but simple solutions are chosen.

I undertook a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours-Jewellery and Object) at Sydney College of the Arts from 2006-2009. During this time I participated in a number of student run and curated group shows. Since graduating, I've maintained a regular art practice and exhibited nationally. This year, I co-curated and participated in a group exhibition with Australian and Japanese artists called 'Above Earth, Below Sea'. I'm current making from Firstdraft Depot Affordable Studios.

Three pieces in this exhibition: Neo-plastic Nudibranch Neckpiece (2011), Balance (It works by the energy of light) II and III (2011), Guilty plastic bag stash (2010)

Fujiko WattFujiko Watt

As a research scientist, Fujiko Watt has had a long interest in nature photography. While working in Europe, America and Japan, she took the opportunity to photograph plants in different seasons and environments.

Recently she has been exploring and capturing the unique beauty and diversity of the Australian native plants, particularly in the bushland around the district where she lives.

Spring Beauties in Annandale in Eco-Annandale 2010 was Fujiko's first photographic exhibition.

Works in 2011 Exhibition: Raindrops in Spring Town Garden and Autumnal Mountain

Woman's Face and HairRosanne Antico-Hall

Fine and Costume Jewellery

I normally makes highly crafted fine jewellery using silver, gold and precious stones, but this exhibition has given me the opportunity diversify into something very different from what I usually produce.

I have designed and created these pieces of jewellery using cast polyester resin, using themes inspired by the sea and water.

The originals are modeled by hand, then molds are made, into which the resin is poured.

They are then hand finished and polished, and they will only ever be made in limited editions.


Works in Eco-Annandale 2011

Sue TooheySue Toohey

I have been interested for some time in how to depict the flow of water in a medium like linocut that lacks the fluidity of oils or water colour. Urban waterways like Johnston’s Creek, now confined within the walls of a stormwater channel, seem to provide a metaphor for this dilemma.

Eco-Annandale 2011 Works

Susanne MartainSusanne Martain

Susanne has been a resident of Annandale for about 35 years and has seen much change in 'Johnstons Bush' over that time. Being an amateur but keen photographer, Susanne hopes that you enjoyed sharing the snippets of Annandale - a discovery in progress in Eco-Annandle 2009

Eco-Annandale 2010 Works

Eco-Annandale 2011 Works

Tag with blue king fisher birdSandra Winkworth

I am passionate about where I live, making art, everything about nature, sustainable living and being mindful of community!

This current work is linked to free art workshops and an installation: GreenWay Playhouse open to all at the Paper Plane Gallery, Rozelle and on inconjunction with the 2011 GreenWay Festival.

Please come and join in the fun. More details at

Eco-Annandale 2011 Works

Viki Alonso with three milk bottlesViki Alonso

Recycled Packaging

Viki Alonso is a graduate of Perth Central TAFE who works with recycled materials and found objects. She worries a great deal about the unsustainable nature of our society and her works reflect that concern.

Viki likes working in three dimensions and has won a number of sculpture awards, including the City of Melville Sculpture Prize in 2006.

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