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Annandale Heritage Festival

Annandale Heritage Festival 2016Sketches by Merrick Fry Drawing of Fig Tree and Aqueduct. Thankyou to local Annandale Businesses for helping promote the 2013, 2014 & 2015 Annandale Heritage Festivals by putting up a poster.
Man roasting coffeeEuroespresso
model Laura Nadile. Textile. Illustration. Fashion Design
Fate of a Ronisch Piano
Archway1 Theatre
Eco-Annandale 2009
Trisha's Hair Design

Chris Cartner: Beethoven & Chopin

6pm Friday 20 November 2015
Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church

Beethoven marked his op.27 no.2 sonata as a "fantasy". The haunting effects of its opening movement have earned its "Moonlight" nickname, yet its playful second movement and violently dramatic finale remind us of the exceptional power of Beethoven’s music.

Chopin’s Sonata in B minor was his last major work before his tragically early death. It is within this sonata that we hear the absolute pinnacle of piano composition. The brilliance and depth of the writing lie within its glorious melodies and staggering development of themes. The sonata is a legacy of perhaps the greatest piano-composer of all time.

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Woman standing in front of framed picturesPreposterous Saints by Chaia Fein

Annandale-based artist Chaia Fein lived in Italy for many years and was inspired by its relics and icon industry to re-create 366 Preposterous Saints.

Fein's Wildlife Works also on display depict creatures inhabiting a luminous, shimmering, surreal atmosphere. The acrylics and ink on paper include "Misto di Mare", "Medusa", "Reliable Memory", "Sunset Kangaroo"

1-30 November 2015 at Leichhardt Library

Annandale Heritage FestivalBlack Toast Cafe
Eco-Annandale 2010
Bar Asia
Ester's Table
Annandale Heritage Festival PosterEnviro LED Lighting
Footprints Festival
Black Toast Cafe
Annandale Dental
SUSHI BAR RASHAI and Sushi Bar Rashai
Yay Yoi fashion and homewares
Annandale Heritage Festival PosterSupabarn
Crust Pizza
Fish and Co Sustainable - Fish Cafe
Dance Lessons
Annandale Heritage Festival PosterReg Williamson Automotive Electrics
Ester's Table
Annandale Bread & Cakes
The Little Marionette
Eva's Vintage
Bischoff Design's Cobler/Milliner
Sandie Bizys (Milliner) Studio
Annandale Heritage Festival PosterDJs Upholstory and Antiques
red and clear glass tower
Jodie Mcgregor Flowers
Villoni Night Fashion
Make Up
Oanh ma couture
The Toucan Shop
Revolver Cafe
man and baristaMerrick Fry & Lynden @The Little Marionette
Mu Mesons
Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative (was in Annandale, now in Flood Street Leichhardt)
Annandale Galleries
Ecologically Sustainable Annandale Annual Art Exhibition
House of Pain Tattoo Studio
Joel Tarling, Artist
Male in safety vest painting a signal boxPaden Hunter with his Jazz Band. traffic signal box art
Screw Theatre
Archway1 Theatre & Gallery
Sydney Shakespeare Festival
Photo Australia Images of the Olympia Theatre.
man on ladder painting message on round windowNorth Annandale
Pop Culture on
74B Trafalgar St (Traflagar Records, Electric Avenue Studios, Emu Records...)
Wikipedia on Trafalgar Studios, Digeridoo Records, Emu Music
hair salon windowMerrick Fry - Painter, Sculpture and Draughtsman
Annandale 1799-2015 Metro Freight Rail
Annandale Heritage Festival PosterPatisserie (177 Parramatta Road)
Empire Hotel
man up a ladder writing advert for Joker PokerThe Victoria Hotel
Annandale Heritage Festival PosterEva's Vintage Closing Down Sale - February 2016 until 5 March.
The Annandale and Empire Hotels, Parramatta Road Annandale
Annandale Hotel
The Mural at the Crescent
'Light of Lucia', Luciana Sampogna's first cookbook is available from Cucina Italiana
Annandale Craft Group
Latin Dance
Art on Water
Jacksons' Rare Guitars
Hats and Shoes
The Abbey
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