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Corner of Collins and Trafalgar Street,Annandale
1, 3A Collins Street and 74B Trafalgar Street

photograph of building and houses with spire in background


Church Spire in view beyond demolition siteDestruction, Excavation and Construction

photo log September 2011...

Neighbours receive advice that removal of asbestos roof to commence 19 September 2011 (weather permitting).

Development Application to Demolish Building

Small brick building with saw tooth roof18 August 2011: Last days for 74b Trafalgar Street demolition to commence 24 August 2011

Development Application D/2009/474 lodged 13 November 2009. Leichhardt Council rejected the Application on 14 July 2010. Onsite Inspection and Appeal Hearing listed for 9 November 2010. Appeal adjourned to 15 November 2010. Decision to be given 1pm 16 November 2010. April 2011: New Development Application to build Attic Bedrooms (modification D/2011/156) ..More


Film and Music Production Studio

Film Production and Recording studio...more


A Former well-known Burnie business man, Mr Keith Stuart Button, died at Launceston yesterday. Mr Button lived in Burnie for many years, and became manager of the Burnie branch of Buttons Pty Ltd on the retirement of his father, the late Mr CE Button. He himself retired in 1950 because of ill health..."- The Mercury Tuesday 25 May 1954 (page 3)

... After petitioner's return from a trip to England he on several occasions, at Canterbury quarrelled with her because she would not yield to his demands that she should sell her shares in Button's Pty. Ltd., and let him have the money...."- The Argus Tuesday 2 October 1928 (Page 14)


Button Factory

WANTED Man for Pearl Cutting no experience necessary Good Wages Apply Monday Buttons Pty Ltd 74 Trafalgar Street Annandale - The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 24 February 1951 (page 36)

April 1933 Photographs of Manufacture of pearl

1947"Positions vacant.... BUTTON FACTORY requires two GIRLS. Wages £4/5/ to start. Apply Monday. BUTTONS PTY.. LTD., 74 Trafalgar St. Annandale."-The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 13 September 1947 (page 33)

"DISCHARGE ORDER GRANTED.In the Bankruptcy Court yesterday Mr. Justice Clyne granted an order of discharge to Frank Lucas, engineer. 74b Trafalgar Street. Annandale."The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 10 October 1946


Art Noveau copper 74 on square plate with B on brick wallDomestic Appliance Manufacturing Company

REAL ESTATE AUCTION SALES:..ANNANDALE No. 3 Collins Street and No 74b Trafalgar....Double-fronted one-storey Building of brick comprising two Homes (Mortgagee sale) The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 22 August 1940 page 11

No 3 having ...front verandah...4 rooms, kitchen bathroom laundry and rear verandah.
No 74b having ..front verandah ..rooms tiled bathrooms cooking...laundry etc. LAND ...TOTAL RENT ...£139 PER ANNUM
(2)COLO FLATS No 3a COLLINS STREET COMPACT TWO-STOREY BlOCK OF FOUR SELF-CONTAINED FLATS built of brick with tiled roof each flat having verandah hall 3 rooms ...bathrooom....inen Laundry at rear of premises. TOTAL RENT £236 PER ANNUM
LOT C, situated at the rear of above described properties having a frontage of 40ft to TRAFALGAR STREET by depth o ....extending to lane at rear.
Messrs Laurence and Laurence Solicitors for mortgagee Richardson and Wrench....PUBLIC AUCTION..ROOMS 92 PITT STREETY on FRIDAY 23rd AUGUST 1940 at 11am.The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 10 August 1940 (page 20)


"IN BANKRUPTCY. (Before Mr. Justice Long Innes.) HEARING OF CREDITOR'S PETITION. ...Re Frederick B Lucas Frank Lucas, and Albert Johns trading as Domestic Appliance Manufacturing Company, Collins Street, Annandale - The Sydney Morning Herald... Tuesday 5 September 1939

1937FOR SALE, ... O.B.S.C. Lathe and other Equipment. Offers Invited. Phone J. Glynn, FL2631. Inspect. 74 Trafalgar Street. Annandale.- The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 17 March 1937 (page 20)

open top car in front of art gallerySTANDARD Roadster, registered mechanically good, rumble seat, tyres good, £30, best offer. Easy terms. Mrs. Johns, 74b Trafalgar-st, Annandale - The Sydney Morning Herald Wed 26 August 1936

The neatest correct solution was sent in by Clarice Laraghy. No. 3 Colo Flats, 3a Collins Street. Annandale, for which she receives the prize of 2/6 - CROSSWORD No. 10. (1933, August 12). The Australian Women's Weekly (1932-1982), p. 41. Retrieved April 9, 2011, from


TO LET GARAGE or Factory Brick enclosed cheap rent 74 Trafalgar st Annandale - The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 1 April 1932 (page 16)

By 1932, Sands Lists Collins Street North Side: 1 Head Mrs, 1 Dolley Mrs, 3A Donoven Mrs Helena 3 Blair Mrs Alice 5 Graham Mrs. Marie...and on Trafalgar Street, at 72 Simons Fredk. J and across Collins Street, at 74 McAlister HC, Buckley Mrs. Mary, Holder James Roberts William and at 78 Drennan Francis P



Annandale - furnished flat own large kitchen, entrance £1 74 Trafalgar St. - The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 23 July 1931 (page14)

"To let...Garage or Workshop brick enclosed 33 x 20 15/- 74 Trafagar St annandale - The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 18 August 1931 (page 14)

A Flat at 74b Trafalgar St, Annandale

'74b Trafalgar st Annandale... ANNANDALE cottage 13 Rose St...close tram, DENTIST PHILIP MOSES...TOURIST TRIPS MOTOR HIRE AND TRANSPORT...SEE SYDNEY THE HARBOUR WAY....HARBOUR INFORMATION BUREAU...LAST ELEVEN NIGHTS OF LOVELY "LILAC TIME"... VERLAND 1026 Tourer, 35 miles to gallon, good all round, £27 21 Johnston-st, Annandale...OLDSMOBILE TOURER, 1929, Long Registration....Sydney Cricket Ground...West Indies v New South Wales...Commencing next Wednesday..Marlene Deitrich in Morrocco..At infrequent intervals the Morion Picture Industry produces a masterpiece... positively last ....days... Maurice Chevalier in Playboy of Paris - PRINCE EDWARD'- The Sydney Morning Herald Mon 23 Feb 1931

"TO LET.... ANNANDALE-Spotless Well furnished Flat. 3 rooms own entrance, 25/-. 74b Trafalgar St" - The Sydney Morning Herald Wed 15 April 1931


part of microfich of Sands 1930 directoryThe Sands Directory of 1930, shows Wycombe Upholstrg. Co at 34 Trafalgar St, Australian Furniture Co./Public Infant School at 36 Trafalgar St, Falga Flats at 52, Brady Thos. saw tooth roofBeale 7 Co. Ltd, timber and paint store at 62 and Holder James at 74b

A Saw Tooth Warehouse Conversion now stands at 62A Trafalgar Street.

"HOLDER.-October 24, 1932. beloved wife of James Holder, of Trafalgar-street, Annandale, aged 74 years" -The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 26 October 1932 (page 10)

"WHITE Cattle Collie Dog, black ears Lost, Tuesday week answers the name Boxer Reward 74b Trafalgar-st, Annandale" -The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 25 March 1930 (page 9)

There are reports that 74B Trafalgar Street may have been a shoe and a button factory during World War II, but its most well known contribution, is to Australian Music.


Weine & Co

Real Estate * A Quiet Week... North Annandale, factory and residence, Collins and Trafalgar streets. - The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 9 October 1926 page 9


"WEINE - July 14, at Knightsbridge, Collins-street, Annandale, Maurice Anthony (Tony), the loved little son of Eric and the late Winifred Weine, aged 6 years." - The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 15 July 1925 page 14

WEINE - The Friends of Mr ERIC WEINE of Gloucester, are invited to attend the funeral of his loved SON, Maurice (Tony); to leave Knightsbridge, Collins-street, Annandale, THIS DAY [Wednesday 15 July 1925] at 2.15, for Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood, by road, per motor service.
T J ANDREWS Funeral Director
WEINE - The friends of Mr and Mrs H WEINE and FAMILY are invited to attend the Funeral of their loved GRANDSON and NEPHEW; to leave Knightsbridge, Collins Street Annandale, THIS DAY, at 2.15, for Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood.
T J ANDREWS, Funeral Director. -The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 15 July 1925 (page 13)

Country orders a speciailty.
WEINE AND CO.,Collins street. Annandale. - The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 21 July 1923 page 22

'HEMPO1D' Tel. M.1873. FIBROUS PLASTER SHEETS Plain or ornamental For Walls and Ceilings. Ornamental. Cast to any size. Special Quotations for Large Quantities. WEINE & CO. Office and Factories: 3 COLLINS ST., ANNANDALE Phone: Office L.2 179. P. Res. L.1399 1922 'Advertising.', Construction and Local Government Journal (NSW : 1913 - 1930), 13 September, p. 2, viewed 10 December, 2013,

In April 1922, the Annandale Council approved an eight week extension on Weine's hoarding in Trafalgar Street (Entry 5881 (24 apr 1922) or Vol 5 of Minute Books [Municipality of Annandale], Series 16797

By 1922, Sand lists:- White Frederick A is listed at 74a, while Holder James is at 74b, Emmons John at 76, Vassalli John at 78 Trafalgar Street and the Masonic Hall is listed at 110

By 1920, Weine and Co as well as Henry Weine are listed, in sands, at 3 Collins Street. While at 74 Trafalgar Street, Sands lists McAlister HC at 74 Trafalgar Street, and after Collins Street, Weine & Co. Klees Joseph T, Holder James Emmons John W and at 78 Vassali John W.

Eric Henry Otto Weine, a dental student, embarked in Brisbane. His father HJ Weine lived in Collins(Nominal Roll at the intersection with Trafalgar Streets Annandale.

Offers wanted for covered-in Lorry Body, practically new; also tray with sides suit lorry, cheap. Weine and Co, Trafalgar and Collins Sts, Annandale. - The Sydney Morning Herald... Friday 25 June 1920, page 7. Advertising

"FIBROUS CASTERS WANTED PERMANENT WORK HIGHEST RATES WEINE and Co, 3 Collins-Street, Annandale" - The Sydney Morning Herald Monday 21 June 1920 page 14

"Catalogue, paper, designs for decorative 'Fibrous Ceilings', by Weine & Hodson, Sydney, Australia, c. 1920 (OF)." -

"In Sydney fibrous plaster factories, such as Jeskies Bros, Weine & Hodson and Lumb Bros, competed for the market with a wide range of decorative styles which they advertised in their own catalogues. -Decorative Plasterwork in New South Wales, 1800- 1939 (PDF 1.4MB)

In 1918, Henry Weine is recorded in Sands at 3 Collins Street, while Weine and Co is located, in Sands at the corner of Booth and Trafalgar Street, next to Taylor Brothers (Syd) Ltd at 143 Taylor Street. It is worth noting that the Taylor Brothers Factory, at the corner of Booth and Trafalgar, burnt down in 1902. Meanwhile at 74 Trafalgar Street McAlister HC, Buckley Mrs Mary, Holder James and Roberts William are listed in the Sands Directory. With Dremman Francis P at 78, Cosgrove Thomas at 80, Evans James at 82 and Easton James at 84 Trafalgar Street.

SMART BOYS (two) to learn trade good prospects Apply Weine and Co. Trafalgar-Collins Sts A'dale - The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 29 October 1918 page 12

"Deaths... BEATTIE- -August 9, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. H. J. Weine Knightsbridge, 3 Collins street. Annandale, Isabella Beattie, aged 81 years." - The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 10 August 1918 page 12 and "Sands 1887 Newtown Goodsell street- South side 5 Beattie John J., brickmaker 4 Weine Harry, builder" - Newtown Project

Henry Weine's son Eric Henry Otto, a dental student in Brisbane, enlisted in the AIF (pg82 Annandale's Great War: A Short Walk)

In the District Court, the jury awarded Annie Gribble, of Annandale, £50 damages against Henry George Weine, a carter, who it is state, came along and started to remove portion of her washing from a line to allow a cart to pass. When she objected he seized her by the throat, and also punched her face, Defendant said she rushed at him lik a bullock, and all he did was to defend himself - Queanbeyan Age and Queanbeyan Observer Friday 24 November 1916 page 2

RELIABLE upstanding Van HORSE, bay any trial, £9 Weine, Co. 3 Collins St A'dale - The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 28 March 1916 Page 6

Plaster in abundance, one to ten thousand casks, at 22s per cask, best qualities immediate delivery. WEINE and CO., Fibrous Plaster Experts, Trafalgar street, Annandale, 'Phone, M1873. - The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 17 May 1916 Page 11

"Positions Vacant...Fibrous fillers and Casters Apply Weine and Co. Collins and Trafalgar Sts, Annandale" - The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 9 November 1915 page 12

"Architects and Builders - Why Worry!
Weine and Co Experts in Fibrous Plaster Combine Breakers etc. unertake to execute all your orders at shortest notice.
MINIMUM RATES Call and see our large manufactured stoeck and up-to-date designs.
PLASTER FOR SALE in any Quantity
Weine and Co, Collins Street Annandale - The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 27 October 1915 page 2

Fibrous fixers, castors, first-class only. Weine and Co. 3 Collins St, Annandale - The Sydney Morning Herald Monday 2 August 1915 page 12

Alleged Breach of Agreement Weine v Cork
Harry J Weine builder and contractor of Trafalgar and Collins Streets Annandale claimed £10 from Annie Lydia Sarah Cork...The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 20 November 1914 page 5


In 1914, the Annandale Borough Minutes records that notice has been served on the EJ Weine, regarding an extension of time for hoardings at the corner of Collins and Trafalgar Streets and that building is to be completed. - minute 7949, Volume 4 05 Dec 1910 ~ 08 Jan 1917, Minute Books [Municipality of Annandale] 16797, State Records NSW

"My great great uncle Henry James Weine built the Belgravia Hotel in 1891.. His father John Otto Weine (Dutch)was a bullock driver on the gold fields. He would take 3 months to do the round trip from Hill End to Sydney and back." - ABC Collectors Guestbook."Weine John Otto 2 Nov 1877 48y Ang" - Hill End General Cemetery

"However, Leura was about to change. A consortium of Sydney and Katoomba businessmen engaged Ernest Bonney, a Sydney architect, and Henry Weine, a respected builder, to design and build a grand guesthouse on a large block of land on Leura Mall. ..."Blue Mountains History and Aboriginal Communities

Before 1914

demolition site

saw tooth roof

Henry Knight

Allen and Adele Taylor

Pritchard's Paddock


1 (later 3) Collins Street, at the Corner of Collins and Trafalgar Streets Annandale Last updated 18 October 2016.