Annandale NSW Australia -33.8814; 151.1707

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Local Provenance Plants

Nursery Trees > 5m Trees < 5m 0.5 - 2m Grasses Climbers Herbs Estuarine Ferns Fungi Wattle Seed Pods Yellow Flowers Green Flowers Blue Flowers White Flowers Bunya Nuts Lilipillis August September October Banksia marginata Trees Weeds Bookshop circa 1800 1785-1830 References


Latin NameCommon NameFamilyHeightUsesFlower Type
Adiantum aethiopicumCommon MaidenhairAdiantaceae0.3ground cover; container
Asplenium flabellifoliumNecklace FernAspleniaceae0.2
Blechnum cartilagineumGristle FernBlechnaceae1ground cover; container
Cheilanthes sieberiMulga FernAdiantaceae0.3
Culcita dubiaFalse Bracken; Common Ground FernDicksoniaceae1ground cover; container
Cyathia cooperiStraw TreefernCyathaceae6
Doodia asperaPrickly Rasp FernBlechnaceae0.3container
Gleichenia dicarpaPouched Coral FernGleicheniaceae0.3
Histiopteris incisaBats-wing FernDennstaedtiaceae2
Hypolepis muelleriHarsh Ground FernDennstaedtiaceae1ground cover; container
Lindsea linearisScrew FernLindseaceae0.2
Lindsea microphyllaLacy Wedge FernLindseaceae0.3
Psilotum nudumSkeleton Fork FernPsilotaceae0.5
Pteridium esculentumCommon BrackenDennstaedtiaceae1ground cover
Pteris tremulaTender BrakePteridaceae1