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Ecologically Sustainable Annandale is a Ramin Communications Project.

Eco-Annandale 2012 on the Theme of Energy

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6 October 2012 - 3 November 2012
Leichhardt Library, Italian Forum, Norton Street, Leichhardt
Library Hours: Mon-Fri:9.30am-8pm, Sat:9.30am-4pm, Sun:10am-4pm
Sale and Bump-Out 10am Saturday 3 November 2012

Eco-Annandale 2013 (The Carbon Cycle). Eco-Annandale 2012 (Energy) was the fifth Ecologically Sustainable Annandale Exhibition, the fourth at Leichhardt Library. See the catalogues for past Eco-Annandale exhibitions: round object with feathers2011 (Water) | @Footprints 2010 (Biodiversity) | 2010(Biodiversity) | 2009 (Annandale's modern Ecosystem).

Works in Exhibition

LEDs, Multimeter and PV panelPower to the People! (Cabinet)

Tom Worthington

Power to the People! is a display of energy generation and use. The controversy over carbon tax, climate change and electricity price increases have obscured the simple facts of how it is generated.

This display shows a photovoltaic panel (a so called "solar panel") connected to a ammeter and light emitting diodes (LEDs). The solar panel generates electrical power, the wires conduct the electricity to the lights and the meter measures the power used.

white and orange glass sculptureThe Trees(Cabinet)

Margot Alexander

Cast, cold worked & sandblasted


Dendrothermal energy

Bowl with blue floor and buoysThe Pond(Cabinet)

Margot Alexander

Cast, cold worked & Lampworked


"Wave energy has the potential to make a valuable contribution to Australian and global electricity generation." - CSIRO, 2011

LED Lit SculptureSculptural Light (Entrance)

Merrick Fry

Sculpture with LEDs

Book Stick in the Mud
Easy Low-Cost House
Merrick FryStick in the Mud (Cabinet)

Easy Low-Cost House

Merrick Fry

Illustrated book (1985)

Merrick discovered a local version of the wattle and daub method of construction and decided to build his the technique to build his own house. With the help of his friends, he edited his notes about the project and illustrated them in this book.

1985, English, Book, Illustrated edition: Stick in the mud / by Merrick Fry. Fry, Merrick, 1950...

In recent years, the Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery has reintroduced white fluffball flowers and serated leaves Callicoma serratifolia "Black Wattle" to creek banks in Annandale.

red and clear plastic tall sculptureAn interactive Sculpture

Merrick Fry

Incoporating a Wind Turbine, LED Lighting, Mechanical Energy and Sound.

See if you can Light it
by blowing on the windmill!

Sculpture made from discarded milk containers'Gaea 7', 2009

Viki Alonso

Size: 625mm x 835mm.
Materials: reused discarded recyclable plastic and reused discarded painted picture frame.
Not for Sale

Sculpture made from discarded milk containers"Gaea's Hot Date", 2008.

Viki Alonso

Size: 500 mm x 400 mm x 450 mm
Materials: Reused discarded recyclable plastic
Not for Sale

'Gaea 7' is part of my Gaea series, which is about the environmental impact of our way of life:

It picks up on our dependency on energy and on finding reliable energy sources as existing (non-renewable) sources dwindle. It may appear to some to look like a turbine used in generators run on fossil fuels. Alternatively, it may be seen by others as a windmill and a source of renewable energy. The ambiguity is deliberate.

It reflects the harm caused to the environment by our existing use of fossil fuels—the material from which this work is principally constructed, plastic, is a petroleum by-product. It is discarded recyclable plastic. In this respect, the work emphasises the need to reuse and recycle rather than dispose.

The translucent character of the material captures and reflects sunlight, which is the ultimate source of life energy on this planet. The nature of the plastic is strong, light, versatile and can be aesthetically pleasing. Finally, the use by dates I have left on the plastic are themselves a source of irony as the material is not biodegradable. Instead, the dates may be seen as the premature expiry dates we are imprinting on earth itself.

Extract from BookExtract from Federation Annandale: A Short Walk

Marghanita da Cruz

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-105-83664-0
$15 (incl GST) available from Annandale Village Newsagency
eBook ISBN: 978-1-300-07075-7
USD5.99 from Lulu and on iTunes

More at

Extract from BookFederation Annandale Guided Walk

Poster for Guided Walk, Annandale Heritage Festival, April 2012.

This guided walk formed the basis of the Self Guided walk described in Federation Annandale: A Short Walk.

Marghanita da Cruz

Annandale resident, Leichhardt Municipal Council and Annandale Borough Mayor John Young, introduced electricity to Australia, when he imported a generator to provide electric light to construct the Garden Palace for the Sydney International Exhibition of 1879

The Beale Piano factory, in Annandale, had its own electricity generators, when Prime Minister Barton opened it in 1901.

In 1910, the city council extended its network, beyond its boundaries to Annandale.

Marghanita da Cruz

street with telegraph polesTelegraph Poles, Styles Street, Leichhardt (looking East towards Annandale)

1921 Photograph, courtesy of Leichahrdt Library. Photographer JG Parks (part of photograph shown here)

painting of a derelict coal fired powerstationLight play

Suzy King

oil on canvas
61 x 61 cm
$1250(includes GST)

painting of a derelict coal fired powerstationDisused

Suzy King

oil on canvas
31 x 41 cm
$575(includes GST)

sunset on powerstationSetting Sun (on White Bay)

Suzy King

oil on canvas
31 x 41 cm
$575(includes GST)

painting of a derelict coal fired powerstationOne more look

Suzy King

(inspired by a photograph by Marghanita da Cruz)
oil on canvas
46 x 61cm
$950(includes GST)

public wandering the grounds of derelict powerstationWhite Bay Power Station
Open Day February 2011
Photograph Marghanita da Cruz

About the paintings

Suzy King

Thick black coal dust and the 24 hour clangour of heavy was the signature of White Bay Power Station, gateway to Balmain’s busy industrial waterfront, in 1930. An impressive landmark of the Industrial Age.

This was state of the art technology, in 1913 when construction began. White Bay was the longest serving power station in Sydney, providing traction current for Sydney’s tramways, railways & their related workshops, as well as part of the city’s lighting and other governmental energy needs.

In sharp contrast today, White Bay stands quiet, stripped, abandoned and in rapid decay, only it’s giant physical stature remains intact. This awesome structure captures the light, revealing its rich textures, patterns and colours. Still an impressive landmark, but in a different way in a different time.

poem and drawingLife is Energy

Ted Floyd

Poem + Pencil Drawing

A4 BrochureEnergy 1994

Ted Floyd

Leichhardt DCP 17 for all new houses and major renovations and 5 Energy Advice leaflets produced by Ted Floyd, Friends of the Earth, 1994

Brochures and Development Control Plan
A4 Not for Sale

A handwritten note[Cover note for Brochures, DCP17 and Newspaper clipping] Marghanita, Some significant historical stuff on energy in Leichhardt DCP 17 for all new houses and major renovations 5 leaflets were produced by me as part of FOE [ Friends of the Earth] This all ?? in 1994 all ready stuff Ted [Floyd, 2012]

A4 Brochure A4 Brochure A4 Brochure A4 Brochure A4 Brochure

wind turbines on foreshore with pavingWind Power, Glebe

Susan Toohey

Image size: 20 X 26 cm
Multicolour linocut print, water based ink on rice paper
$200 framed, $100 unframed

linocut of roofline with wind turbines in backgroundGlebe Roof Line with Windmills

Susan Toohey

Image size: 20 X 26 cm
Multicolour linocut print, water based ink on rice paper
$200 framed, $100 unframed

About the prints:

I was delighted with the elegance of the new wind turbine at Johnston's Creek, Glebe. Then I noticed another small roof-top windmill in the city and I began to think how easily they fitted into an urban landscape. I decided to do a print series of everyday life in our suburb where windmills are present - not as they currently are, but as they might be.These two prints are the first in the series.

Susan Toohey, October 2012

selection of LED Lamps Environmental LED Lighting

Selection of LED Lamps provided by Environmental Led Lighting

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are the new source of Energy Efficient Lighting. LEDs provide more light for less energy. LED Lighting is Mercury free and has a longer life expectancy than Flourescent Lamps, which reduces maintenance service costs.

coral in an aquarium with reflection of strip of blue LEDsFinding the right Light

Luke Graham got hooked on LED Lighting, while looking for the right light for his salt water Coral Aquarium.

Luke's Coral Aquarium now sits in his Environmental Led Lighting Shop in Parramatta Road Annandale

Portable PV System with LED Lamps LED Energy Efficient Lighting

Demonstrating how little power LED Lighting requires: LEDs in the cabinet are being powered by portable PV panels inside the cabinet.

Lighting is now specified in Lumens (light emitted) and Watts (energy used)

More at Guide to Domestic LED Lighting

"The long lifespan and low energy use of LED lighting makes a compelling case, to at least consider, LED direct replacements for Halogen, Incandescent, CFL and T5/T8 Fluorescent Tubes. Innovative use of LEDs has lead to new kinds of lighting, mobile and promotional products. "...LED Downlights LED Lighting becomes main stream last updated 9 October 2012.