Marghanita da Cruz for Inner West Council, The Greens

Marghanita da Cruz

Greens Councillor
Leichhardt Ward - Inner West Council

Elected 9 September 2017

Marghanita da Cruz wants to build a community with good footpaths to public transport, community centres and green spaces. Facilities to help us lead active lives. An environment in which we look after our waterways, and harness energy from the sun and wind.

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Heavy council meeting last night (11 September 2018)

Percival Road, Stanmore.
Stree Tree Tree breaks pipe for a drink, 4 Septeber 2018 Stree TreeEnroute to Stanmore Station, Percival St, Stanmore, 6 September

Facebook Post:Congratulations to new Deputy Mayor Victor Macri.
In the end I did not have the numbers with the 5 Labor Councillors, 2 Libs and Macri on one side and the 5 Greens and Pauline Lockie supporting my nomination.

On Local Democracy, disappointed that "Local Democracy" will take the form of hand picked members of closed committees. My amendment to have Councillors Chair the advisory committees as was the case on Leichhardt and Asfield Councils was not accepted.

On the Vic Road Marrickville DCP - Labor, Libs and Macri again rejected the chance to defer adoption of the DCP until the "Contributions Plan" was completed in a couple of months.
"Contributions Plans are prepared and allow the State and Local Government to levy a contribution towards the infrastructure needed. Local Infrastructure contributions (S7.11 and S7.12) cover expensive things like Local roads; Traffic management; Drainage; Open space; Community facilities:Libraries,Community centres and Plan administration...."

This was ironic, given the concern that Developer had not been required to fund a Bus Stop and Pedestrian Crossing in Victoria Street Marrickville.

The Marrickville Road East Masterplan was adopted. This will see the transformation of the streetscape and provide a focussed area for a Creative Hub - while minimising the impacts on the Sydenham Industrial Area.

Marrickville Road East could well become Sydney's version of New Orleans' Frenchman Street - Norton Street, Leichhardt has potential. Anyone looking for Jazz can find it in Annandale at Johnston Street Jazz on Thursday nights and Vinery Foods on Sunday afternoons. And there are classical and folk offerings too check out Live Music Inner West

Clr Hesse (Greens) foreshadowed motion to retain the planning controls on the Sydenham Industrial Area (except for the Marrickville Road East Area) but to review this in the forthcoming LEP Update Process.

The five Labor Councillors voted against the foreshadowed motion voting instead to put pressure on the numerous small businesses who have found an rare Industrial Haven in Sydenham, where their employees can catch a train to work and there is relatively easy access to the Airport and Port Botany.

Clr Steer (Greens) motion will see council take the lead in reducing waste by starting on the journey to eliminate SINGLE USE PLASTIC straws, cups, bottles, plastic bags, cuttlery from our events.

Ferris Lane, Annandale and Parramatta River Catchment Group Meeting, Rhodes 6 Sep 2018

People in laneway with plantsCaught up with the locals at Ferris Lane, for a photo shoot to celebrate Council's resolution to commence closure of the lane, to find funding for the tap and to enter into a license agreement. Central News: From pavement to paradise, 12 Sep 2018

Then walked over to Stanmore Railway Station and caught the train to Rhodes, changing at Strathfield and an accidental break in the journey at Concord West.

Ignition of the 2018 Fringe Festival

People on the street and inside People on the street and inside People on the street and inside People on the street and inside People on the street and inside People on the street and inside People on the street and inside People on the street and inside People on the street and inside People on the street and insideIgnition of the 2018 Fringe Festival, Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. 1 September 2018

The Drain is Just for Rain

People on the street and inside A so called non "single use" plastic bag can still end up in the drain! This one did in Annandale, 1 Sep 2018