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Greeting CDROM

Marghanita da Cruz
5 December 2006

Want to share your photos and video with your family and friends?

My own 2006 Annual Greeting list includes family in India, UK, USA and Australia.

After extensive research, prototyping and testing during 2006, I eliminated using HTML and DVD, and settled on a CDROM.

There were two problems with the DVD. Firstly one created on an Apple Macintosh in Australia was unreadable in the UK. The exact cause of the problem is unclear, but it wasn't fool proof enough for my purposes. There are also licensing issues with the DVD encoding - which could be a problem for Open Source software.

I used K3B on Knoppix to burn the CDROM. Though the video and photographs were edited, captioned and encoded on Ubuntu Breezy Badger using the Gimp, Kino and FFMPEG

Theora/Vorbis/Ogg are open formats and viewers are pretty much standard issue with Linux Distributions. In out of the box Ubuntu Breezy Badger OGG/Theora/Vorbis clips can be viewed with the firefox browser or totem.

An OGG plugin is available for Quicktime. I have tested the quicktime/ogg viewer under Windows XP home edition. Viewing the video directly from the CDROM doesn't always work smoothely (CDROM drive can't keep up) - so, it is a good idea to go for a low resolution image. Perhaps a point in favour of using a DVD.

My 2006 greeting CDROM includes a

Australia Post has a Postpak CD/DVD mailer (AUD9.90 for pak of 10), which can be snail mailed at standard international letter rates. The local postage from Sydney to Perth was AUD1, AUD1.25 to India and AUD1.85 to UK. You do need to complete a customs declaration for International Destinations and provide ID when lodging the item over at the Post Office.

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