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Environmentalist meets Planners on Book Tour

Ted Floyd being introduced to Timothy Beatley by Peter Newman31 March 2009: Local environmental activist Ted Floyd, is introduced to Tim Beatley by Peter Newman. Ted's work in instigating Whites Creek Wetlands, is featured in their book Green Urbanism Downunder

Creating an urban wildspace (DVD)

Creating an Urban Wildspace DVD 
flyerDirected by: Trevor Almeida & Clifford Terry Language:__English / Japanese (subtitle)

As urbanization increasingly encroaches on the natural environment, progressive designers in modern cities are looking at innovative ways to manage urban public space.

This program is intended as an example of how communities and municipalities can effectively change a small part of their urban environment back into a green space and engage the community into the natural process.

These multi functional corridors tie together people and recreation while using natural water treatment technology and encouraging biodiversity. Green spaces crucial to wildlife migration, bring environmental benefits and allow city dwellers to integrate nature into their hectic lives. It demonstrated how the residents of an inner city suburb of Sydney successfully lobbied their council to restore the natural water cycle for a small part of Whites Creek channel. In doing so, they transformed an abandoned, weed infested parcel to land along side a open concrete canal into a living freshwater wetland with several sustainable benefits.

Available from Leichhardt Library and www.geonewmedia.com

Eco-Annandale 2009 marks 10 years of Annandale on the Web