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Eco-Annandale 2010

collage of Man pointing to his poetry and other art works Exhibition

6 December 2009 to 30 January 2010
Leichhardt Library Biblioteca (Sydney)
Piazza Level, Italian Forum 23 Norton St, Leichhardt

Ecologically Sustainable Annandale

Forestry and farming in the 18th and 19th Centuries, followed by residential and industry development denuded Annandale of most of its Local Provenance vegetation. To improve sanitation the creeks were concreted, but the polluted storm water still runs through the creeks to the harbour and motor vehicles pollute the air.

Community Bringing Back the Bush - Landcare Australia - Leichhardt Council - City of Sydney - Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery - 2008/06/23 09:47Since 1995 a group of locals, who form the Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery have propagated plants growing in nearby bushland and reintroduced this vegetation to Annandale. Local provenance plants have adapted to local soil, sunlight and rainfall conditions, with no additional water or fertiliser, they thrive in their natural habitat. As a result of the reintroduction of this local provenance vegetation, native birds and other animals which rely on these plants for food have followed and provide the diversity of sounds in the dawn chorus.

Woman pointing at a pencil and watercolour sketch of parts of buildings and flowersPlants also help filter pollutants. Though Johnston and Whites' Creek are still concrete storm water drains, two wetlands have been constructed, to filter storm water before it enters the harbour. The Salt Marsh Wetlands in Federal Park and the Whites Creek wetlands now also provide a natural habitat for birds, fish and frogs. Though struggling, the reintroduced Mangroves on Rozelle Bay will eventually also filter pollutants and provide a breeding ground for marine life. All part of Annandale's modern Ecosystem.

In an era of climate change, a diversity of plants increases the chances that some plants may be suited to the new climatic conditions. Plants are also crucial in adapting and mitigating against climate change. During photosynthis, plants absorb CO2 and sequest it as Carbon and produce Oxygen, making them the most important Carbon Sink. Plants such as Mangroves stabilize foreshores mitigating the effects of rising sea levels and flooding.

About the 2010 Exhibition

PC displaying Slide ShowThe theme of the Ecologically Sustainable Annandale 2010 Exhibition is Annandale's biodiversity. This year, there are six artists, using diverse mediums: Margot Alexander - slumped and kiln fired glass sculpture, Sue Kallas - pencil and watercolour sketches of Annandale, Ted Floyd -five poems, Lisa Page - Linocut and Woodblock prints,and Fujiko Watt and Susanne Martain - photographs.

Entry to the exhibition is Free, the catalog is available as a slideshow near the exhibition and on the web. Most of the works are for sale. I hope you enjoy the exhibition and please provide us with your comments.

Marghanita da Cruz
Curator of Eco-Annandale
Telephone: 0414-869202.

Eco-Annandale is supported by Ramin Communications