CITO juggling ICT on one foot, on a wall

Information & Communication Technology

CITO juggling ICT on one foot, on a wall

Information & Communication Technology

Leveraging ICT in Corporate Governance - the Australian Experience

Marghanita da Cruz, Principal Consultant, Ramin Communications

Forging Leadership & Sustainability in the Global Environment

Malaysian Corporate Governance Conference
Securities Commission, Kuala Lumpur 15/16 May 2008


Why the Interest in Corporate Governance

Financial Regulation and Legislation

ICT Compliance Requirements

Privacy Act 1988 Personal Information Principles

ICT and Corporate Performance

Internet Scams (

Experience of Online Credit Card Fraud (

Table 3: Number and percent of victims of online credit card fraud by business type in Australia

 Currently trading online Previously traded online
Business type n % victims n % victims
Florists 296 28 24 0
Book sellers 181 43 15 33
Recorded music retailers 77 26 15 17
Toy and game retailers 72 33 9 100
Computer hardware retailers 215 30 32 50
Total 841 32 95 34
Source: Australian Institute of Criminology, Online credit card fraud against small business 2003 [computer file, weighted data]

IT Pressures and Needs

Standards & Guidelines

Australian Corporate Governance Standards(2004)

ASX Principles & Best Practice (2003, 2007)

Illustration of Corporate Governance of ICT by Joel Tarling

AS8015 Principles

  1. Establish Responsibilities
  2. Plan ICT
  3. Acquire ICT validly
  4. Ensure that ICT performs
  5. Ensure ICT conforms
  6. Ensure ICT respects human factors

AS8015 Model

Other Standards & Better Practice Guidelines

OECD Security of Information Systems and Networks Principles

Summary & Discussion

References & Further Reading