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How I publish my Short Walk Books

Print on Demand: The new Publishing Paradigm.
Print on Demand Bookmaking Workshop

Preparing the Content
  1. Research to create a narrative & identify associated images Author(s) need to be aware of Intellectual Property Rights.
    More at:Trove
    Survey of Online Heritage and History Resources
    Copyright is a legal right that gives copyright owners the right to control certain activities with their works...
  2. Seek Permission to use, perform, adapt or copy when using someone else's IP eg an image.
  3. Privacy/Confidentiality when doing research (particularly on living people or those who have living relatives).
  4. Who is your Market/Reader - what are you trying to communicate? Guided Walk, Give Draft to people to read/comment on
  5. Acknowledgments - sponsors, contributers, images....
  6. Legal Deposit is a requirement under the Copyright Act 1968 for publishers and self publishing authors...
Making the Book
  1. E-Book Formatting: Encoding - compatibility with different readers
  2. Printed Layout/Physical Form for Printed
  3. Printed version: Limited/Collectors Edition (pre-purchase), Hardback, Color/Black&White, Paparback, Size
  4. E-Book: Interactive/external links/accessibility for blind people (EPUB) or PDF
Print on Demand (as you need them) Paperback
Art Book: Hand Bound, Special Paper, hand caligraphy
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