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Container Deposit Scheme

An Act to establish a beverage container deposit scheme to ensure the recovery, reuse and recycling of empty beverage containers. Private Member's Bill In Legislative Council, Notice of Motion, 22/05/

Container deposit legislation (CDL) was introduced to South Australia in 1977 and has proven to be successful in reducing litter and promoting resource

Help reduce waste in NSW by signing up to support the Cash For Containers campaign

Container deposit schemes cut council costs because councils deal with less waste and recycling meaning fewer truck movements, less sorting and less litter. Recycling collection depots create new ways to deal with other waste like e-waste and

Food Packaging

Rather than having to recycle or dispose of packaging - say no to it! Fresh fruit and vegetables doesn't require retail packaging and wholesale packaging for transport should be reusable and energy efficient.

Consider whether you need to buy packaged or unpackaged, processed and unprocessed food and how much of it.

Sydney Water: "Sydney Water's aim is to provide you with good quality drinking water. The drinking water supplied to customers has been treated to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines."

"200ml of oil is used to produce, package, transport and refrigerate each litre bottle of bottled water. As a result, at least 50 million litres of oil is used in the manufacture and distribution of bottled water in Australia every year. As a result, bottled water has a higher carbon footprint that is more than 300 times greater per litre than tap water." - Bundanoon: What's the Big Deal about Bottled Water?

Computer Packaging

Packaging for a ASUS VH192D 18.5" Widescreen LCD Monitor Monitor

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