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Ecologically Sustainable Sydney


2012 NSW Planning System Review - Research and Background

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Issues Paper Submissions

Deadline for submissions to Issues Paper extended to 2 March 2012

The issues paper asks: "Should ecologically sustainable development (ESD) be the primary objective of legislation for a new planning system?"

What is Ecologically Sustainable Development

Ecological impact of Development is not constrained by National, State, Municipal Council or Government Agency Physical Boundaries, Jursidictions and Economic Interests.

For example, reintroduction of Mangroves to Rozelle Bay (Sydney)...Mangrove Battlelines: culture/nature and ecological restoration

Australia's National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development (1992) defines ecologically sustainable development as: 'using, conserving and enhancing the community's resources so that ecological processes, on which life depends, are maintained, and the total quality of life, now and in the future, can be increased'.

Building Regulation



Role for Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Ecological Processes


Reporting pollution
* Water * Air * Noise * Waste and litter * Chemical and radiation * Other environmental concerns * Managing incidents
In most cases, concerns about pollution should be referred to the source or person causing the problem. The contact telephone numbers on this page should be used when an approach to the person causing the problem has not been or is unlikely to be


Traffic, use of Public Address systems/Amplified Noise, trains and trucks, windmills, aircraft including helicopters hours/times of approved and unapproved construction noise.

Reporting noise pollution - who to contact
Where noise pollution (combined with another form of pollution) causes or threatens material harm to the environment, a number of authorities must be notified - see duty to notify.
Members of the public wishing to report or inquire about noise pollution should contact the organisation responsible for its regulation, as set out


Heritage is all the things that make up Australia's identity - our spirit and ingenuity, our historic buildings, and our unique, living landscapes. Our heritage is a legacy from our past, a living, integral part of life today, and the stories and places we pass on to future

History of Plan making and Resource Management in Sydney and Australia