Sydney, ANZAC and Glebe Island Bridges, Sydney - photo Marghanita

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Tram from Jubilee Park to Dulwich Hill (14 April 2014)

Following rerouting and brick construction during WW1 to meet the demand from the war effort, the freight line from Darling Harbour to Dulwich Hill opened on 23 January 1922. The freight line was closed in stages, the Lilyfield to Central section in 1996 and in 2009, delivery of cereal to the Mungo Scott Mill ceased.

A light rail service from Central to Wentworth Park opened in August 1997 and it was extended to Lilyfield in August 2000 (Source: Metropolitan Goods railway line From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia viewed 14 April 2014.) Light rail was extended to Dulwich Hill Station in2014.

Adapted flour mill seen from Tramtram stop freight train with empty coal wagons freight train with empty wagons woman wheeling a bike onto a tram man, with ticket machine and woman, with folding bike

On 14 April 2014, we caught the tram from the Jubilee Park Stop, in Glebe, and to Dulwich Hill.

On the return journey a woman boarded the tram with her folding bicycle. She informed us that bicycles can be brought onto trams, if there is room, and there is no charge. However, Cyclists need to secure their bicycles and sit near them, presumeably to alight if the tram fills. Sadly the cycleway and greenway along the tramline has not been constructed.

We alighted at Marion Street, did our shopping at Market Town and caught the 370 Bus back to Annandale.

Leichhardt to Cooks River by folding Bicycle (9 January 2010)

Shady Pocket Park, Petersham Shady Pocket Park, with Old Canterbury Road in background

Detour along a shady path in Summer Hill Well Pruned Melaleuca's providing welcome shade on a Sydney Street

Historic Railway Bridge

Three pairs of iron whipple trusses were erected here in 1886 to replace the original stone arch viaduct over long cove creek. The trusses were an american design of distinctive pin-jointed construction that marked the change to american bridge technology. after 106 years of service all siz trusses were replaced by plate web girders in 1993. These two trusses now form a permanent display of engineering heritage, such that there are now four types of bridges on this site. State rail authority and Insitution of Engineers, Australia

Cooks River to Iron Cove Greenway

Summer Hill

Cyclist with two bicycles on Street

Disused Railway line and Mungo Scott Flour Mill (proposed site for extension of Light Rail)

9 January 2010
Disused Railway Track with Mungo Scott flour mills

"The Summer Hill flour mill was built circa 1922, utilising the north-south goods railway line that was constructed during World War 1. The silos were added from the 1950s onwards. The flour mill has been owned by various companies, including Mungo Scott, and Goodman Fielder, and then Allied Mills. [5] In October 2007, the mills were sold to a developer, EG Funds Management, who plans to redevelop the mill site into a residential and commercial precinct.[9]" - Wikipedia

"The Master Plan places much importance on extending the light rail line as a way of alleviating traffic but this alone is not a solution and, in any case, the light rail extension is by no means guaranteed. Similarly, it can not be assumed that the bulk of new residents will choose to use the existing heavy rail line in preference to their cars. Regrettably, for the foreseeable future, the only way to accommodate a population increase of the magnitude likely to result from the twin developments of McGill St and the Mungo Scott Mills is a major expansion of road capacity and this is just not possible." - NoM - McGill Street Precinct Master Plan (November 25, 2009

Light rail … plus a greenway corridor for cyclists, walkers and wildlife...In addition to light rail services, the Rozelle line corridor should also be used as a cycle route, linking bike paths along the Cooks River in the south with those at Iron Cove to the north. -

Cooks River to Iron Cove Greenway -


Hoskins Park

Cyclist with two bicycles at entrance to Park

Gates at the top of public walkway steps

Cooks River

9 January 2010
Cyclist resting on the banks of the Cooks River

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