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Johnston Street

Booth Street to Rozelle Bay

Before the Johnston Street | Johnston Street (South) | Johnston Street (North)

quaint shopping area with trees, wooden seating, drinking fountain and people striding and sittingThe Annandale Shops (Village)

The Annandale Shops are located at the intersection of Booth Street and Johnston Street.

Annandale Post Office

The residents of Annandale secured their own post office in the 1890s. A temporary post office was located in Collins Street, before the current location at the corner of Booth and Johnston Streets...more

The Royal

Adjoining the post office was the Royal Theatre..more

Electricity Substation 10

In 1910, the Sydney City Council extended their electricity network to Annandale...1910 Electricity SubstationElectricity comes to Annandale

Hinsby Park

There is a small reserve on Johnston Street, which bifurcates Piper Street. The reserve contains the Annandale War Memorial and several mature trees including an oak treeOak (Quercus).

Annandale North Public School

The Annandale North Public School was opened in 1907 after nearly a decade of lobbying...more

233 Johnston Street

Caldwell & Schindler veneers factory...233 + 233A Johnston Street Annandale Development Guidelines (2012)

Winkworth Steps

"Alderman Winkworth founded the firm of C. Winkworth and Son, Ltd...more

There are four mature trees on Johnston Street, near Winkworth Steps. These are fine specimens of Silver Birch, a familiar Box street tree, Melaleuca-styphelioidesMelaleuca styphelioides or Prickle-leafed Paperbark and a Looking up through the branches of a large tree in Johnston Street AnnandaleEucalyptus torelliana, Cadagahi.

Looking at The Abbey, Oybin, Rozelle and Greba in 1883 at the northern end of Johnston Street(viewed 8 Jan 2013). The expanse of water is the mouth of Johnstons Creek/Johnstons Bay. The eastern side of Johnston Street has since been quarried and the mouth of Johnston's creek has been infilled leaving just a canal to Johnstons Bay now known as Rozelle Bay.


Claremont, Kenilworth, Highroyd, Hockingdon(with Spire intact, before it was destroyed by Lightning in 1920s), Greba, Rozelle, Oybin from "Jubilee Park Viaduct, Glebe 10.3.1919" State Records NSW Series 17420 (Items 623-626).


Kenilworth, Highroyd and Hockingdon (without Spire), 26 May 2012

8 Grand Residences at the Northern End of Johnston Street

John Young built the Abbey at 272 Johnston Street, Rozelle at 268(demolished 1967), Greba(or Creba according to National Trust Plaque along footpath) at 266, Hockingdon at 264, Highroyd at 262, Kenilworth(once the home of Henry Parkes) at 260, and Claremont(demolished 1967 according to Plaque) at 258. Source: the houses of John Young (viewed 12 Jan 2013)

Oybin at 270 Johnston Street was built by C.H.E Blackmann as his own home...C.H.E Blackmann 1835 -1912 The disappearing architect (viewed 9 Jan 2013)

1966 photograph of all 8 Residences from about the same spot: City of Sydney Engineer's photograph (5 April 1966).

Looking across the mouth of Whites Creek from Western side of Johnstons Bay at Claremont, under construction 1888-9

More about John Young and the Abbey.

1887 subdivision along Johnston Street MAP Folder 4, LFSP 40. Part 1

Henry Parkes

Henry Parkes, Premier of NSW and "Father of Federation" lived and died at Kenilworth (260 Johnston Street)... more

tiles on face of steep steps to front doorArt Nouveau Tiles

There are Art Nouveau Tiles on the front steps of many "Federation Houses" in Annandale, which were built in the late 1890s and early 20th Century.

Examples can be seen at 280-4 Johnston Street, on houses in Kentville Street and Bay Street, off Johnston Street.

bay with city in backgroundRemnant Fencing

There are remnants of the fencing of John Young's Kentville Estate along Johnston, Bay and Annandale Streets.

300 Johnston Street

Redevelopment of Gosford Quarry Site...more

Across the road is the scaffolding and rigging campus of the Petersham TAFE.

Railway Truss BridgeRailway Bridge

"Railway Truss Bridge: "The Annandale (Johnston Street) underbridge was constructed in c1920-21 as the final part of the Metropolitan Goods Line linking the Darling Harbour Goods Yard with the Rozelle example of a modified Pratt-truss design bridge..." -

pratt truss railway bridge

Rail Bridge Johnston Street. State Records NSW Series 17420 (623-626 Bridges of the Metropolitan Goods Line). Also in the picture is Rosenfeld and Sons Timber Merchants which is now the Annandale Campus of Petersham TAFE and a tram shelter and lines (probably taken on completion in 1921)

This goods line used to pass through the Gauntlet to Central.

The line continues from Annandale past the Mungo Flour Mill to Dulwich hill and the Light Rail is being extended along it.

See Photographs of Freight Train passing over bridge

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