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1900-1915 - Politics & Society

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Video Clips: Fashions 1895-1920

The Colonnade 1894First State Election, Banquet at Annandale, Speeches by the Premier and the State Treasurer, The inter-state commission question, proposed aid to municipalities. Last night a banquet was given by the Mayor of Annandale (Alderman Allen Taylor) in the Colonade Hall, Annandale, to celebrate the first State elections. The Mayor presided, having on his right the State Premier (Mr John See)...The chairman proposed a toast of The King which was enthusiastically received... Mr OC Beale was received with cheers on rising to proposa the toast of "The Ministry"...The Premier's Speech...The State Treasurer's Speech...- 1901 'FIRST STATE ELECTION.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 18 July, p. 7, viewed 23 November, 2011,

Scottish Concert, Colonade Hall, Annandale 8pm The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 10 June 1903 page 6

Barbara Mary Ramsden (1903-1971), editor, born on 27 December 1903 at Annandale,...BARBARA RAMSDEN AWARD Sponsored by Society of Editors & the Fellowship of Australian Writers (Victoria)

Italian Fruit Shops

"Sydney's Italian Fruitshops" included several in Annandale.

The Plague

Another Death
The patient, Oliver Bennett, who was on Tuesday removed to the Quarantine Hospital suffering from plague, died at about noon yesterday. The deceased, who was about 24 years of age, resided in Young-street, Annandale, and had been employed by a large manufacturing firm....1900 'THE PLAGUE IN SYDNEY.', Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904), 29 March, p. 2, viewed 5 February, 2012,

Sydney, June 22.
Another case of plague has occurred, the Victim being a boy, William Wilkins, residing in View street, Annandale, and employed by a firm of printers in Pitt Street north. Since the recent outbreak of the disease among rats and mice the health authorities have regarded the communication of disease to human beings as inevitable... 1903 'THE PLAGUE.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), 23 June, p. 5, viewed 5 February, 2012,

Small Pox

"The Department of Health stated to-day that the small-pox patients so far treated had come from Annandale..." -The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848-1954) Saturday 12 July 1913

bay with city in backgroundSubdivision of John Young's Propert Kentville

Sydney Freehold Land Building & Investment Company Limited, was floated by John Young. Annandale [cartographic material] : for private sale / vendors, [1900?]

1902 Map of Northern Part of Annandale showing Kentville:

DEATH OF MR. JOHN YOUNG THE "FATHER OF BOWLS." The announcement that Mr John Young of Annandale, passed away yesterday will be received with widespread regret For years past the deceased gentleman, who was 80 years of age, had eoen a great sufferer, and during the past few months his illness assumed a form which his physicians pronounced hopeless. His wonderful constitution, however, stood him in good stead, and he rallied in so surprising a manner that a week ago his friends began to hope that he might once more be able to get about again, A relapse, however, took place, and, gradually sinking, Mr Young died at Kentville at 10 o'clock yesterday morning - 1907 'DEATH OF MR. JOHN YOUNG.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 1 March, p. 4, viewed 5 February, 2012,

two handwritten letters, one on top from [Sydney City] Town Clerk and the other more elaborate  letterhead Arthur Griffith Esq offers the Port Jackson fig trees, from John Young's former land at Annandale, to the City Council.
Griffith & Hassle Consulting Engineers and Patent Attorneys
Offering Fig Trees from John Young's property.

Internal memo from [Sydney City Council] Town Clerk's office
as instructed by you. I went to see above trees. I find that they have been chopped and hacked from the ground up and are a mass of arrears.
In addition,with one exception they are badly forked, quite low down this rednering them practically useless for park planting.

note accordingly 1/6/9
Done 2/6/09
-Sydney City Archives (1909/1101)

Women Get the Vote

The vote for women in Federal elections came in 1902...more

Annandale Library

"ANNANDALE FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY. - public library being established in connection with the Annandale Council will soon be an accomplished fact. At last meeting of the council a communication was received from the Department of Public Instruction stating that the principal librarian of the Public Library had reported that the list of books submitted by the council, which it was intended to purchase for the new library, was generally valuable, and well worthy of being purchased for a small reference library. He had, however, marked the titles of some of the books which, in his opinion, would be less valuable for the circumstances of a suburb like Annandale. If those were omitted from the list the price of the remainder would be £251 gross, equal to about £200 net. The Minister for Public Instruction had therefore approved of the list of books as revised by the principal librarian. The by laws for the regulation of the library have been approved, and a minute recommending the issue of a grant of £200 in aid of the library has been submitted for the approval of the Governor in-Council. Special arrangements have been rmade in the new council-chambers for the proposed library." - 1900 'The Sydney Morning Herald.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 2 February, p. 4, viewed 4 November, 2011,

List of Books for Free Annandale Public Library - 1900 'MUNICIPAL COUNCILS. ANNANDALE.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 2 April, p. 9, viewed 4 November, 2011,

Opening of annandale free public library - 1900 'ANNANDALE FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 5 April, p. 8, viewed 4 November, 2011,

After which the party were shown over the new free public library, with the regulation of which Mr. Maynard and the Minister expressed themselves as thoroughly satisfied. The proposed school sites were then visited. Both sites have a frontage to Annaudale Street North, and are of equal size, ... equidistant from the Annandale and Leichhardt West schools. - 1900 'MINISTERIAL VISIT TO ANNANDALE.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 29 September, p. 7, viewed 4 November, 2011,

See Chess and Checquers in the library


Annandale [cartographic material] / auction sale on the ground Saturday, 1st November 1902 at 3 o'clock, Raine & Horne, auctioneers

William Inder arrived in Sydney in 1882. He was a young builder from the UK. He built many terrace houses in Young Street and his own home at 77 Albion Street, where Bryan's Dad was born in 1905. (24 Feb 2012)

Cluden, Collins Street Annandale

Wedding of Mr. John Hoskyns, of Perth, and Miss Florence May, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Taylor, of Cluden, Annandale, Sydney. The bride "wore ivory satin mossalino, with square train, the overdress being of southed braided point d'sprlt Tosca lace, and the yoke and sleeves trimmed with Limerick lace. With this was worn a tulle veil, and a wreath of lilies of tho valley. She carried a lovely flower bouquet, and her diamond cluster ring and diamond pendant were the gifts of tho bridegroom. Miss Alice Taylor (sister) was bridesmaid, and wore soft white silk, trimmed with rose medallions and malines insertion, and a pink hat, with forget-me-nots and bebe roses. Her posy of pink flowers and Nellie Stewart bangle were the bridegroom's gifts. Mr- W. Ogilvie acted as best man. A reception was held by the parents of the bride at their residence, Cluden, Annandale,and a large number of friends were present at the wedding breakfast." - 1911 'SOCIAL.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 2 September, p. 12, viewed 27 November, 2012,

TANNER - TAYLOR. - February 7, 1912, at St. Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev P Nulty, Frank Joseph, third son of the late James Tanner and Mrs. Tanner, of Springwood, New South Wales, to Tessie Aloysius, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs Alfred Taylor, of Cluden, Annandale. 1912 'Family Notices.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 24 April, p. 18, viewed 27 November, 2012,

"Mr. Alfred Taylor died at his residence, Cluden, Collins Street, Annandale, on Tuesday last. He was born at Pyrmont 68 years ago, and educated at Singleton. He was formerly tho proprietor of the Longton station property, in Queensland, which he sold 13 years ago. For the last two years be has resided at Annandale. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon in the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood. The chief mourners were Mr. Percy Taylor and Master John Taylor (sons) and Mr. Albert Taylor (brother)." -The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 15 May 1913 Page 8

1913 'Death of a Well Known Grezier.', The Northern Miner (Charters Towers, Qld. : 1874 - 1954), 3 June, p. 5, viewed 27 November, 2012,

Alfred Taylor, of Annandale, New South Wales ; died May 5. 1913 ; realty £10, 448, personalty £208.; Reseal probate to F, J Tanner and Mary A. Taylor, executors. Mr. E. J. Tanner, solicitor. TOWNSVILLE, April 29. - 1914 'PROBATE AND ADMINISTRATION.', The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. : 1866 - 1939), 9 May, p. 41, viewed 27 November, 2012,

First World War Embarkation Roll - Percival Taylor (Service number: 6428),Rank: Private, Roll title: 3 Infantry Battalion - 13 to 23 Reinforcements (December 1915 - November 1916),Embarkation: 9 September 1916, Sydney, Ship: HMAT Euripides(A14)

The Red Cross information bureau informed Mrs M A Taylor, of Cluden, Collins-street that her son, Private P G Taylor, whose left leg was recent fractured by gunshot was doing very well. (1917 'WAR CASUALTIES.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 9 November, p. 8, viewed 27 November, 2012,

Annandale House

"At Annandale was the residence of Mr. Robert Johnstone, son of Lieutenant-Colonel George Johnstone, New Sonth Wales Corps; there was an avenue of Norfolk pines leading from the gateway to the house, and was in 1832 considered one of the most complete farms in the neighbourhood of Sydney. - 1904 'OUR ROADS.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 14 May, p. 9, viewed 11 October, 2011,

Illustration showing avenue of norfolk island pines - 1905 'Annandale House—An Historic Residence, Now Being Demolished.', Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907), 19 April, p. 20, viewed 20 October, 2011,

St Brendan's, Mary Mackillop and St Joseph's Convent

See stories of the period at St Josephs Convent and St Brendan's School

Annandale North Public School

Annandale North Public School, a third primary school and second public school opens in Annandale (1907)...more

Building and works, Progress of the Trade, The Student of Architecture...When delivering the inaugural address last week at the opening of th session of the student's Association of the Instituted of Architects,.....Mr HC Kent FRIBA dealt especially with the question of the definitiveness of the curriculum...FRIENDLY SOCIETIES' DISPENSARY...A new dispensary for the Sydney United Friendly Societies' Botany Street, Redfern...the whole of the ceilings are in fibrous plaster. Mr W. J. Green was the builder... The Minister, for Education has given instruction to extend the time for receiving tenders for the erection of a Public school at Annandale North until April 17" - The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 3 April 1906 Page 3

Annandale Borough Council

Archibald Stuart Campbell inspector for the Borough of Annandale, proceeded against Frank Osborne for having sold to him milk that was adulterated by the addition of 3½per cent of water Mr J S Bull appeared for the prosecution Defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined £2 together with £2 7s Cd costs, in default imprisonment for one month...1905 'ADULTERATED MILK.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 17 February, p. 4, viewed 5 February, 2012,

The committee decided to obtain legal opinion on the matter. Annandale asked what power it had to assess a building known as the Queen Victoria Maternity Home, the valuers having assessed it, and a magistrate having decided it was exempt as a charitable institution..1905 'MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 21 December, p. 10, viewed 26 November, 2011,

Girl with a child req Sit Matron Queen Victoria Maternity Home Annandale Tel 308 Newtown 1907 'Advertising.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 22 June, p. 19, viewed 26 November, 2011,

...contributions of the Annandale Council to the Metropolitan fire Brigades Board have been paid under protest...The Municipal Association of New South Wales has in reply ...intimated that the council had no power to grant permission to ratepayers to erect balconies over public footpaths....the area of reclamation outside the original boundaries of the borough were subject to taxation for municipal purposes......410 houses in the municipality to be connected with the sewerage system...The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 9 May 1903 page 14


Bride standing and groom sitting in centre, with Groomsmen standing on either side with bridesmaids sitting. women in long white dresses with large bouquets.
Left to right: Jessie Montgomery (nee Muir), Samuel Montgomery, Christina Agnes Muir (nee Short) Robert Shankling Muir (seated), Earnest Collins (killed in Action 1st AIF), Isabella Cathleen Muir. Robert Shankling Muir in Hunter Baillie Cricket Team.

"Robert Shankling Muir was the son of James Muir (Dumfriesshire Scotland) and Margaret Muir (nee Dennison from Stronsay Orkney ).James and Margaret Muir arrived off Sydney heads in the sailing ship 'La Hogue' under the command of Captain Wagstaff on the 21st October 1878. They had eight children and lived in Carlisle Street Leichardt. The children were James Walter, John, Elizabeth A, Robert S, Margaret, Sarah I, William, and Jessie.
Margaret Muir lived into her 95th year and I can still remember visiting her as a small child." - Photographs and information courtesy of Ed Ironside

"A wedding was solemnised at St. Aidan's...The bride was dressed in ivory satin, trimmed with lace and chiffon, also a wreath of orange blossoms [possibly Pittosporum] and a tulle veil. She carried a shower bouquet, which, with a gold muff chain, was tho gift of the bridegroom....bouquets of pink azaleas and a gold bangle - SOCIAL.The Sydney Morning Herald... Saturday 7 October 1905, page 11.

A Mothers' Union was formed at St Aidan's in 1908 Annals from AIDAN's in Annandale (p39)

At the Annandale Methodist Church ...The bride wore a white silk dress with, insertion finished at tho bottom with a large true lovers knot and a coronet of orange blossoms and an embroidered veil of Brussels net. Her gift from tho bridegroom was a shower bouquet of white roses Miss S J Watt and Miss Violet Watt were bridesmaids Their gold brooches set with rubies and shower bouquets of white and pink roses were gifts from the bride- groom Mr WH Sheridan acted as best man. After the ceremony a reception was held at the residence of the bride's mother and the wedding breakfast was served on the lawn in a marquee.
...a wedding took place at Hunter Baillie Church ... bride wore white silk voile and a tulle voile and wreath of orange blossoms and carried a flower bouquet of white flowers which with a chain and pendant were gifts from the bridegroom. She was attended by four bridesmade the Misses Jessie, Edith, Alice and Esther Kidson sisters of the bride who were pink and blue silk muslin respectively trimmed with white net and lace and pink and blue hats and carried bouquets -The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Saturday 15 January 1910

Two trained nurses were appointed in 1909 and 1912, to visit mothers of new born infants to advise on children's health and associated problems. "They were appointed on the recommendation of the Board of Health after strong representations had been made to the Government by Dr D.G. Armstrong (City Health Officer) who had set up a similar service run by the Sydney City Council in 1904." -

Public Bars (Pubs)/Hotels

Large Brown art deco hotel on major road with carsEmpire Hotel

The members of the Anandale Orpheus Club entertained their patron, Alderman Allen Taylor, at dinner at the Empire Hotel, Annandal on Friday last. - 1904 'THE COMING EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 31 March, p. 6, viewed 4 November, 2011,

Empire Hotel, Parramatta Road and Johnstone Streets
Alterations to existing hotel J J Stephenson Esquire, Architect Copeman and Lemont, 72B King Street, Sydney, Lodged 24 July 1914, application granted 6 August 1914
Proposed Alterations to bar 1914

Photographs of the Empire Hotel, with Victorian Lace Balonies, before it was clad (Aug 1930)

The Empire Hotel underwent major renovations in 2012

The Australian Contingent Hotel

Corner of Albion and Nelson Street, Annandale

Annandale Post Office

Images: Glebe and Annandale from Glebe Island (1900-1939); Hall & Co. Glebe and Annandale from Glebe 1900-1939<; and St. Aiden's, Methodist Church, Hunter Bailee [i.e. Baillie] Church, Annandale (ca. 1900-1927).

"the fond memory of my beloved husband, Henry, who died suddenly at his residence, Knightsbridge, Collins-street, Annandale" -The Sydney Morning Herald Fri 30 October 1914 (page 6)

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