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Non-Toxic Cockroach Control

Lo-line Cockroach TrapLo-Line Cockroach Baits

Placing pesticide free Lo-line Cockroach Trap, from AgriSense-BCS Ltd in each room seems over the past couple of years has been extremely effective.

It is worth noting that cockroaches breed in constantly warm places. These are in appliances that are constantly on such as fridges and TVs.

A trap placed on the floor close to the appliance quickly collects the evidence of how well it is working.

Zoro Cockroach TrapZoro Cockroach Traps

Hatami Hardware in Leichhardt carry Zoro Cockroach traps. This Japanese product is similar to the Lo-Line traps.

These were a variation on the Lo-line Traps. They came with an impregnated wad to be placed in the centre of the sticky surface. The sticky surface was a separate card to be placed in the trap. © Ramin Communications 2007-2010. Last modified 29 November 2013.