Sydney, ANZAC and Glebe Island Bridges, Sydney - photo Marghanita

Ecologically Sustainable Sydney


Biodiversity in the Urban Environment

Kookaburra Photographed by Marghanita da CruzTrees

Trees and other plants help cool the environment, making vegetation a simple and effective way to reduce urban heat islands...The five-city study discussed above found that, on a per-tree basis, the cities accrued benefits ranging from about $1.50–$3.00 for every dollar invested. These cities spent roughly $15–$65 annually per tree, with net annual benefits ranging from approximately $30–$90 per tree..more (EPA: Trees and Vegetation)

Looking up through the branches of a large tree in Johnston Street AnnandaleIn parks, along footpaths and in gardens, Trees also provide food and shelter for plants and animals, including human beings.

Emu-less Plains - Save the last Emus of the Sydney Basin

"Save Our Emus - Sydney's last wild Emu population" - Western Sydney Conservation Alliance

"Dear Minister. In 1993 Western Sydney residents united to resist plans by Lend Lease to develop the Commonwealth owned Australian Defence Industries Site at St Marys. The 1535 hectare site had large areas of bushland of significant conservation value. The site was home to large numbers of Kangaroos and about 50 Emus. ..."Sign the Petition

Emergency Public Meeting to be held 5.30 pm Thursday the 19th of December. Jim Anderson Park, Greenbank Drive, Werrington Downs...more

Sydney Turpentine–Ironbark Forest and the Blue Mountains Shale Cap Forest

"The Turpentine–Ironbark Forest is listed as a critically endangered ecological community under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). It is also recognised as two separate endangered ecological communities in New South Wales listed under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995. The NSW-listed ecological communities are known as the Sydney Turpentine–Ironbark Forest and the Blue Mountains Shale Cap Forest...Turpentine–Ironbark Forest of the Sydney Basin Bioregion Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2005, Nationally threatened species and ecological communities information sheet

Impact of Pets on Biodiversity

Dog walking caused a 41% reduction in the numbers of bird individuals detected and a 35% reduction in species richness compared with untreated controls. Humans walking alone also induced some disturbance but typically less than half that induced by dogs...more (royalsocietypublishing 2007)

worming medications will kill your compost worms as well. If the animal has been recently wormed or you are unsure, allow the poo to age for a month before feeding it to the worms....more (kookaburra worm farms)

Recent studies have confirmed the presence of low levels of pharmaceuticals in estuaries, rivers, streams, and ground water as well as in sediments. The ecological effects of these contaminants in coastal waters are largely unknown. However, there is growing evidence that some of these chemicals may have negative effects on reproduction in aquatic species or stimulate the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria...

Large Tree in parkFido's "tree-mail" is actually eroding our urban forest: According to multiple experts, including the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, the high salt content in dog urine draws water out of tree roots and causes the soil at the base of trees to crust over making it virtually impenetrable simulating the effects of a drought...more (toronto standard)

grey heron with white faceImpact of Pets on Community Safety & Wellbeing

There is anecdotal evidence of Dog walkers being quite irresponsible by riding bicycles with dogs in tow, trapping pedestrians on shared paths as cyclist and dog go their separate ways. Dogs being left unattended and untethered on Footpaths and outdoor Cafes, being tethered to public seating and taken into confined public spaces (shops and markets) and around schools where there are young children.

the number of dog attacks in 2010/11 was 5,140. The total number of attacks represented a 17% increase on the 4,381 reported in 2009/10...more (Department of Local Government, NSW)

LED Lampost in a park with concrete aqueduct and palm tree in backgroundAn Australian National Injury Surveillance Unit (NISU) paper indicated that between 2000 and 2003, 11.3 people per 100,000 were hospitalised for dog related injury....Those over 75 years of age are particularly vulnerable to orthopaedic injury as a result of being struck by a dog. The 0-9 year old group experience the highest rate of dog-related injury – mostly bites – particularly open wounds of the head...The College [ROYAL AUSTRALASIAN COLLEGE OF SURGEONS] recommends:
1. Support for the updating of data and further research into the epidemiology of dog-related injury;
2. The development of education programs for dog owners and potential owners with particular emphasis on breed suitability, dog obedience training, dog socialisation programs, awareness and respect for public safety and safety programs particularly relating to dog and child interactions;
3. Dog management programs, such as those which restrict the number of dogs per household, require registration and encourage de-sexing;
4. The onus of responsibility for dogs is clearly placed upon the owner of the animal; and
5. For bites on the face or hand, or if the wound is more than superficial and cannot be cleaned appropriately at home, or if in any doubt, medical attention be sought... more (POSITION PAPER ROYAL AUSTRALASIAN COLLEGE OF SURGEONS June 2012)

Dog causes highway pile-up in China (Video Published on Aug 14, 2012)

Dog causes Car Pile Up in USA (Video Published on Oct 15, 2012)

Your cat is an important member of your family. Your decision to have an indoor or outdoor cat will determine their health, quality of life, safety, and longevity. A wise decision to keep your cat indoors will also give you peace of mind, freedom from worry, and save you money in veterinarian bills...One thing we should consider is the germs from dirt, insects, rodents, and other outdoor bacteria... People with allergies and asthma will benefit from indoor cats, because cat hair is like a magnet for airborne pollen spores...a couple of unfortunate cases where people accidentally hit and killed their own cats in their driveway..more (eternal animals)

RSPCA Cost of owning a Dog: First Year $1245-$3010 then for next 15 years or so $650pa (more, or less, depending on the dog, breed, age, size and any illness or accidents etc)...Cost of a Cat First Year $1355-$2545 then for next 20years or so $720(minimum) pa...more (RSPCA) © Ramin Communications 2012. Last modified 16 December 2013.