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Ewen Park Revegetation Site, Cooks River Valley

4 people planting in bushThe Ewen Park Revegetation Site is situated on a bend of the Cooks River (near Tennent Parade, Hurlstone Park).

Since April 2009 volunteers from the Friends of Ewen Park and the Mudcrabs have planted more than 6000 indigenous plants on the site, providing habitat for birds, a cool zone for fish and a beautiful place for all the community to share.

The ongoing development and maintenance of the site is managed through monthly community working bees. Volunteers work at their own pace, and no experience is necessary. Insurance is provided for the volunteers, as well as gloves and tools.

The working bees always conclude with a cup of tea or a cool drink and some home-made cake. The building of community through this social activity is as important as the actual work on the site.

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man planting in bushEwen Park planting augmented with tubestock from Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery

On the 13 March, the secretary of Mudcrabs visited the Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery, in Wisdom Street, Annandale and collected some seedlings. On 18th March, Nadia wrote: "We had a great time planting yesterday afternoon... see two photos. Everyone was delighted to have a bit more variety in the plant species in our 'bush'."

Next working bee is Sunday 7 April 2013, from 3.00 to 5.00 pm.

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