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Time of Parra'dowee - Goray'murrai (warm and wet)

The great eel spirit calls ...more

1-5 Chester Street, Annadale - Planning Proposal

Proposed key changes to the current planning controls for this land in the Leichhardt Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 will:

Community feedback closes: 25 November 2020

Phoenix Collective | Songs & Folk | LIVE! Concert

4 musicians with violins, viola and cello

Saturday 14th November - 2:30pm
Hunter Baillie Presbyterian Church, cnr Johnston and Collins Streets

This final concert for the year celebrates the human spirit, the music of the people. Composers have always incorporated folk music into their work. What is it that makes it folk music?
Simplicity, purity or a unique style? Perhaps time, for it to be passed down through the generations. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure, it brings us together, inspires you to dance and love life itself. Come on a journey, exploring traditional music from Australia, Ireland, America, Czech, Scandinavia and Russia.

PCQ | Waltz after Lasse :​ ​

Phoenix Collective Quartet - Songs & Folk program:
Trad. Australian/ Irish: Matilda/ Si Beag Si Mohr
Florence Price, Folk Songs in Counterpoint: Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Dvořák, Cypress No.9 for String Quartet
Nordic Folk ‘Wood Works’: Bridal Trilogy arr. Danish String Quartet
Borodin String Quartet No.2

LIMITED SEATING due to Covid-19 restrictions.
Tickets $40 from

Covid Safe Recital - 5pm Saturday 21 November 2020

Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church, cnr Johnston and Collins Streets

Trumpet: David Elton, Principal SSO
Organ: Stacey Yang, Ted Grantham

Music: Bach, Handel, Haydn, Stanley, Buxtehude, &c.

Entry by Donation


Westconnex -16 October 2020 Update

The Crescent overpass and changes to approved Rozelle Interchange truck routes

This week’s update provides details about two important changes recently approved by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment:

We appreciate that these are significant changes and to provide as much information as possible in this update without making it too long, we have included the following information in the documents attached:

Approval of Modification 2 - The Crescent overpass and active transport links

Many of you will be aware that the Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment has approved this Modification proposed by Transport for NSW which includes significant improvements to the original approved design of the Rozelle Interchange. John Holland CPB have been engaged as the construction contractor to build the approved changes including:

The image below shows an aerial view of the approved modified design and we’ve included a summary of each of these key elements in this update. Work to build these changes will start in the coming weeks and further, more detailed information about the construction work required will be provided in our regular updates moving forward.

The Crescent overpass

Perhaps the most signification element of the Modification, the overpass is an elevated single lane of traffic which will replace the existing right turn movement for vehicles travelling towards ANZAC Bridge and Victoria Road from The Crescent and Johnston Street. Allowing motorists to make this movement without stopping at the traffic lights at City West Link is expected to greatly improve traffic conditions and reduce congestion at the end of the project.

It will begin at road level at Johnston Street and gradually rise to reach its highest point above the westbound lanes on City West Link, before descending to return to road level at the signalised intersection on The Crescent at James Craig Road. When complete, the road surface of the overpass will be approximately 9m above City West Link at its highest point, similar to the Green Link Bridge.

In end state, The Crescent northbound bus stop (Stop ID 203816) will be relocated 80m south towards Johnston Street (from its original location) where an indented bus bay will be built. Long term temporary relocations of this bus stop will be required during construction.

Green Link Bridge and connecting shared user path ramp to The Crescent near Johnston Street

The Green Link Bridge is a 15m wide bridge that will provide a direct connection for pedestrian and cyclists between the Rozelle Bay light rail station and the future Rozelle Rail Yards parklands.

The bridge will follow a gentle s-shaped curve and include a central shared user path with vegetation planting zones on either side. A new 4.5m wide shared user path ramp will be built to connect the Green Link Bridge and the Rozelle Bay light rail station with The Crescent near Johnston Street.

In order to maximise the width of the shared user path ramp and achieve a seamless transition for users between the ramp and the bridge, vegetation will not be included on a 30m section where the bridge joins the Rozelle Bay light rail station. Unfortunately the ramped nature of this section does not allow for the required soil depth to support planting.

"The artist’s impression below shows the final configuration of City West Link/The Crescent intersection, The Crescent overpass and improved Green Link Bridge approved in Modification 2."

Building the bridges

Both the overpass and the Green Link Bridge will be built over multiple different stages due to the complex nature of the traffic management required and scheduling of other road and bridge construction on City West Link and The Crescent.

An abutment will be built to support each end of the elevated sections of the bridges and a series of piers (support columns) will be built between the abutments to belp support the bridge sections.

Multiple steel girders will be lifted into position on top of the piers and abutments and road pavement, barriers and throw screens, handrails, lights and other road furniture will then be built on top of the girders. It is likely that a lot of these girders will be lifted into place at night when traffic volumes are lower and can be diverted around the work area.

The removal of some additional trees may be required in The Crescent West site to allow for construction of the Green Link Bridge and shared user path ramp. We'll continue to thoroughly assess the possibilities to retain as many trees as possible as the stages of construction progress.

Upgrading The Crescent/Johnston Street/Chapman Road intersection

Under the approved Modification, the following changes will be made to The Crescent/ Johnston Street intersection:

Removal of the horseshoe shaped shared user path

Originally included in the 2019 Modification proposal as a replacement for the Beatrice Bush Bridge, this bridge was to be located east of the Green Link Bridge to provide pedestrian and cyclist connectivity between Rozelle and the Rozelle Bay foreshore and Bicentennial Park precincts.

Following community feedback and further development of the Modification proposal through the design review process, the removal of this bridge was approved as part of the current Modification. Removing this bridge provided opportunity to significantly improve the visual amenity of the remaining elevated bridge connections (the overpass and the Green Link Bridge) by reducing the number and height of these remaining structures.

More information

More information about the changes included in this Modification, including the Modification Assessment Report and a copy of the amended Minister's Conditions of Approval can be found here on the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment planning portal.

Approval for trucks to use Johnston Street to access sites on The Crescent

The Traffic and Transport and Access Management Sub-plan (TTAMP) outlines the approved routes that Rozelle Interchange trucks can use to access our sites. The TTAMP is approved by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and has recently been updated to include the use of Johnston Street for trucks to access our sites on The Crescent to facilitate construction work.

Approved routes for trucks using Johnston Street

Trucks will only use Johnston Street to access our sites and work areas on Johnston Street and The Crescent, as indicated in the map below. Trucks accessing other sites will use approved routes outlined in the TTAMP.

The Crescent East: trucks will transport spoil (excavated material) from the excavation work to widen the existing Whites Creek channel. We’ll also be building a new bridge over the channel at road level which will be a lot wider. The wider span will greatly improve stormwater drainage in the area.

The Crescent West: trucks will transport spoil from construction work inside this site

Types of trucks using Johnston Street

Most trucks using Johnston Street to access our sites on The Crescent will be a truck and dog. As they can carry more material than smaller rigid trucks, using truck and dogs will reduce the total number of truck movements in and out of these sites by more than 4,500 over the course of the Project:

The following restrictions will be in place during school pick up and drop off times:

Rules for trucks using Johnston Street

The TTAMP outlines specific rules for trucks transporting spoil, including those using Johnston Street. They must:

More information

More information about how we’re managing trucks using Johnston Street can be found in our Rozelle Interchange trucks using Johnston Street factsheet.

A copy of the latest Traffic and Transport and Access Management Sub-plan is available here on the WestConnex website.

How to report a trucking incident

We take trucking incidents and driver behaviour very seriously and will investigate any complaint we receive.

To distinguish them from other trucks on Johnston Street, spoil trucks working for the Rozelle Interchange will have the below sticker displayed on the side of their first trailer:

You can report a trucking incident by emailing or calling us on 1800 660 248.

It’s important if you can let us know the truck registration or the number on the Rozelle Interchange sticker.

If you have any questions about these changes or would like to make a complaint or discuss our work in more detail, please contact the Rozelle Interchange Community Team on 1800 660 248 or via (please note, you cannot respond directly to this email).

Warm regards
Community Relations Annandale

Op Shop and Community Food Pantry Annandale

man and womanWayne and Marghanita at Sydney City Mission Annandale Op Shop

Sydney City Mission Op Shop & Food Pantry at 181 Parramatta Road Annandale.

"seeking Donations for our Community Food Pantry, especially Long Life Food Produce ie: Tin Vegies, Cereal, Long Life Milk, Pasta, Rice, 2min Noodles, Muesli Bars. If you are able to share this need amongst our community, we would be ever so grateful. Things have been ever so tragic since Covid19, so may people are struggling financially, out of work, in need of basic essentials ie: Food, Personal Care Products, Sanitising PPE and counselling/pastoral care support for depression, anxiety, mental health."-Manager & Community Events Co-ordinator Sydney City Lifestyle & Mission Centre

Libraries and Art Galleries

Annandale Self Guided Walks

Free Historical and Eco walks around Annandale...

Dorian's Flowers

7 Pritchard Street Annandale, two people with cat in front of house with flowers

art gelleryThe Wayne Ashton Gallery

Annandale couple Wayne Ashton and Libby Douglas are behind the Wayne Ashton Gallery at 11 Northumberland Avenue Stanmore

Libby is a Jewelry Maker who creates statement pieces, funky slightly retro styles, colour and more colour.

Wayne Ashton's work spans painting, ink drawings and fiction. This includes the highly acclaimed novel Under a Tin-Grey Sari, 12 solo exhibitions, many group shows and three radio dramas...

Lou's Chilli

road planCocoacoffee has diversified into chilli sauce and oils as well as stocking dried chillies at 103 Parramatta Road Annandale

Louis and Terence roast their own coffee beans and make their own chocolate onsite and from scratch. All of their sources are direct trade - straight from the farmer to your coffee

Ron's Records

We Buy Records Rock, Jazz, Punk etc Enqu. Here or phone 0401093664 7 Days a weekRon buys Small or large collections - and will and can collect. Interested in rock, pop, reggae, jazz, blues, funk/soul, psychedelic, classical, hiphop, folk and punk. Combined budget of $50,000 per collection. Record dealers in Sydney for 18 years & based in Johnston St. Annandale ,

Over 50s Tai Chi

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