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Time of Marrai'gang -
Bana'murrai'yung (wet becoming cooler) April - June

the cries of the Marrai'gang (Quoll) seeking his mate can be heard through the forests" more

'50s Annandale hits the shelves

Books in a box with packaging '50s Annandale: is the 7th book in the series. It takes the reader on a walk through Annandale of the 1850s and 1950s. The paperback is available at Annandale Village Newsagent Johnston Street and D'Rego's Bakery Booth Street Annandale...more

Johnston St Jazz Johnston St Jazz - Thursday Nights

relaxed evening of live jazz every Thursday night.

8pm One Set of Jazzz Music
Interval for Tea & conversation
9.30pm Free for All - Audience participation with one rule - you can't play anything you know.

Entry $20/$10 BYO Wine & Cheese
Annandale Creative Arts Centre, 81 Johnston Street Annandale (Church building next door to community centre)

Laneway PAPHOS CHEESE PTY LTD, open to the public Mon-Sat 8am-12pm 159 Albion Lane Annandale (02)95690970 House on Laneway

NSW Government Approves Stage 3 - Trucks and Construction Site coming to Annandale

Double B Trucks heading for Annandale

drawing with text: west disconnex community

anti-westconnex poster

mapJohnston Street, Annandale Truck Route

Westconnex M4-M5 Link Construction: Impacts Annandale, Stanmore, Rozelle, Ashfield, Leichhardt, Haberfield, Camperdown, Lilyfield


Pyrmont Bridge/Parramatta Road Dive Site Annandale (formerly Camperdown)

Plans for Railway Pde and the Crescent, Annandale

Council Staff to brief Annandale Residents on Impacts

7-8.30pm Wednesday 30 May 2018
Annandale Community Centre
79 Johnston Street Annandale

Petition for a Parliamentary Enquiry

This Petition brings to the attention of the Government of NSW the risk of proceeding with the $17 billion WestConnex toll road when the community consultation process has been inadequate; transport planners and financial analysts alike increasingly condemn the project as incapable of addressing Sydney's transport problems; and Australian and international research indicates WestConnex will fail to deliver the benefits or revenues promised.

sign the petition

NSW Government approves Westconnex M4-M5 Link

The State Government has approved Stage 3 of Westconnex(the M4-M5 Link) - this is bad news for Annandale and the Inner West..more

Petition Opposing Dive Site and Trucks travelling to it through Annandale

The construction of the 'dive' site at Camperdown will see the movement of over 110 heavy trucks EVERY day up Johnston Street Annandale.
These trucks will produce deadly amounts of diesel particulates polluting 3 schools, 2 pre-schools, 2 aged care homes + hundreds of small business & residents...sign the petition



Koralle: May 16 - June 16, 2018
Opening Night Wednesday May 16, 6:30 - 8:30pm

view exhibition


1995 - 2015
John Mawurndjul, Samuel Namunjdja, John Bulunbulun, Ivan Namirrkki, Owen Yalandja and others

May 16 - June 16, 2018
John Mawurndjul and Samuel Namunjdja

Council Cleanup

Council holds general household clean-ups twice a year, by zone, for disposal of damaged items only. Check when your's is at

Protest songs with Jack Peck & a cast of thousands

Saturday 26 May, 7.40 for 8pm.
Annandale Neighbourhood Centre, 79 Johnston St

Bruce Watson + Cathy Rytmeister

$20/18, BYO, supper available.
enquiries Sandra (02) 9358 4886, More at:

Infrastructure Projects - Impacts on Annandale


Sign the petition opposing ANY 'dive' (mid-point tunnel construction) site in Annandale or Camperdown here

Council Planning Staff to brief Community on Impacts

7pm Wednesday 30 May 2018
Annandale Community Centre
Backhall, 79 Johnston Street Annandale
more information
Contact: Clr Marghanita da Cruz

Resolutions passed at 27 March 2018 Council Meeting

Air Quality

The air quality in the the City and Inner West could be far worse than the data shows and could explain why the Rozelle Air Quality measuring station needs upgrading...more

The trucks that ate Annandale

We've heard about tollway tunnelling under our houses – the acquisitions, vibrations, cracking. But residents, business owners and every friend of Annandale, needs to know this is just the beginning...more

truck with dog (trailer) on surburban streetSeven of these trucks an hour - Mon-Fri and Sat morning heading for the Crescent and Johnston Street

Glebe Island Port

EIS on Exhibition until 15 May 2018 for A bulk aggregate storage and distribution facility and concrete batching plant co-located at Glebe Island Port facility, with the capacity to manage up to 1 million tonnes of concrete aggregates per annum...

Glebe Island ­ Multi-User Facility

The multi-user facility would involve the construction and operation of a multi-user facility for the import, storage and distribution of dry bulk materials (e.g. sand and aggregates) at Glebe 1 and 2.
It would operate 24 hours per day, seven days per week as required.
Port Authority is now seeking feedback on the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) between Wednesday 31 January and Wednesday 28 February 2018 more

D'Rego's Bakery Boomerang Bag Trial

fabric bags on counter

D'Rego's Bakery at 87 Booth Street Annandale is trialling Boomerang Bags. The bags are made by Boomerang Bags Inner West based at Dulwich Hill

Gypsy Moth

Asian Gypsy Moth, Pheromone Trip, Placed by : NSW Dept of Primary Industries Contact; Rob Bowman 02-9735-9601 "The heightened vessel surveillance window for Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) is between January and May each year. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (the department) has commenced the management of AGM risk on vessels arriving in Australia. This activity is expected to conclude on 31 May 2018.".. more

Western Harbour Tunnel Construction via Glebe Port

"Parts of White Bay and Glebe Island are under consideration as potential support areas for the proposed Western Harbour Tunnel.
The areas may be proposed for use on a temporary basis to:
* Stage deliveries and personnel for water-based construction of the harbour crossing;
* handle tunnel spol arriving by barge for trasnfer to road transport;
* construct concrete elements for the Wstern Harbour Tunnel; and
* Transfer a small quantity of sediment from Sydney Harbour to the site for treatment then transport by road for safe disposal"..- source: leaflet dropped in Annandale Letterboxes about 11 May 2018

"Glebe Island adjacent to White Bay will be used as a spoil handling area for the Western Harbour Tunnel and Warringah Freeway Upgrade project, prior to the commencement of works for the Bays Precinct in 2022. "..Western Harbour Tunnel and Warringah Freeway Upgrade Scoping Report (October 2017)

Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link

NSW Government Approves Stage 3 - Trucks and Construction Site coming to Annandale

"The White Bay civil site would be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, use of the site overnight by heavy vehicles would be limited. It is anticipated that the peak hours of operations for heavy vehicle movements would be at the commencement of the day and evening shifts during tunnelling excavation works (anticipated to be between 5.00 am to 9.00 am and 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm)." - p5 M4-M5 RtS_Part D Preferred Infrastructure Report, M4-M5 Link Submissions and preferred infrastructure report

Table D2-6 indicates that there will be:

"The facility would provide a truck marshalling area that would primarily service the main line tunnel sites, including Parramatta Road West civil and tunnel site (C1b), Darley Road civil and tunnel site (C4) and Pyrmont Bridge Road tunnel site (C9), where space for truck queuing on-site is limited." p4, M4-M5 RtS_Part D Preferred Infrastructure Report

"Pyrmont Bridge Road tunnel site (C9) Access from White Bay civil site to James Craig Road then The Crescent, Johnston Street and eastbound along Parramatta Road. Egress is via Pyrmont Bridge Road and Parramatta Road (westbound).The spoil haulage route as presented in the EIS for this site would be used." p20 M4-M5 RtS_Part D Preferred Infrastructure Report

table of truck movements Notes:1.Use of Johnson Street and James Craig Road by construction vehicles was not proposed in the EIS. 2.Heavy vehicles / hour on Johnston Street are one-way, as trucks would travel in the southbound direction only.

table of truck movements See indicative spoil route through Annandale Westconnex-M4-M5Link-proposed-truck-route-feb2018.jpg. Source: From Appendix A of Westconnex M4-M5 Link Proponent's response to Submissions and Preferred Infrastructure Report, viewed 19 Feb 2018

White Bay Infrastructure Projects

Inner West Council will be responding to the response to Westconnex's 400 page response to council's 300 page submission to the M4-M5 EIS and the Preferred Infrastructure Report (PIR).

The response from Westconnex to all 13,000 submissions + the PIR is currently being assessed by the department of planning who wil make a recommendation to the minister.

Community Members can contact council staff and councillors to make their views on the proposal clear and incorporated into the response to the Department of Planning. But we can also write to our MPs and Ministers.

The Project is currently being assessed by Department of Planning - see submissions, response to submissions including Preferred Infrastructure Report - this will then go to the minister for signoff. More at:

Inner West Council's westconnex page includes how to contact the westconnex unit and about the WestConnex Community Liaison Forum (which people from Haberfield and St Peters are very active on)

Glebe Island Multi-User Facility

Hanson move to White Bay (from Blackwattle Bay) - can't find official site

M4-M5 Link Preferred Infrastructure Report

Exec Summary:


Traffic Information:

Share Bicycles

yellow bicycle in drainShare Bicycle in Johnston's Creek, 29 Nov

A meeting of Mayors from Inner West, City of Sydney, Randwick, Waverly, Woollahra and Canada Bay councils has agreed on a way forward for bike sharing in Sydney including Draft Bike Share Guidelines... more

Life Drawing Classes Sessions -7-9pm Every Wednesday Night!

man with angle grinder and art workJonathon Hardy explaining how he makes his Angle Grinding art on old Doors

Tetch Gallery 245 Parramatta Road
Tetch supplies drawing pad, sketching materials nibblies and a complimentary glass of wine. Spend your Wednesday nights in good company, sweet tunes, professional model each week and exploring your creative side. All is welcome, no experience necessary! $20 (cash on arrival is fine)...more

Annandale Craft Group

Five Women working on their craft Project

The Annandale Craft Group meets 11am-2pm Fridays at the Annandale Community Centre... more

Op Shop and Community Food Pantry

man and womanman and womanWayne and Marghanita at Sydney City Mission Annandale Op Shop
Sydney City Mission Op Shop & Food Pantry
Op Shop Mon, Wed, Fri 10am-3pm
Community Food Pantry on Wed & Fri 10am-3pm
181 Parramatta Road Annandale.

Over 50s Tai Chi

11:45am Tuesdays Commencing on 14th July 2015
Tai Chi class for people over 50. Suitable for people with chronic conditions. Join a free trial class then pay $6 per class!
Annandale Neighbourhood Centre, 79 Johnston St, Annandale
To book or for more information: Tel:(02)95334422 Email:

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