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Oyster or Clamshell Mobile PhoneSamsung Citrus (Metro, GT-C3520) and Linux

When I enquired about the availability of an unlocked Oyster ( flip, clamshell, Folder Form Factor) Phone, on 12th March 2012, the woman in the phone store suggested a Samsung Citrus (GT-C3520). This phone also seems to be known as a Samsung Metro. According to the Samsung website the user manual was RELEASED 2012.02.14.

The Samsung Citrus (GT-C3520) has a larger screen and keys than the Motrolla U9 and hopefully the hinge is more robust than the U9 hinge and ribbon cable it housed broke on 11th March. The casing is a little less slippery.

Transferring photographs to a computer is just a matter of connecting the phone to a computer using the USB cable provided. Two USB devices appear, on the Netbook running Linux (Ubuntu), an internal 25.6MB Media and empty external USB drive (which disappears after a little while). As with the U9, th connection does seem to still be a little flaky.

It is still a mystery as to what file formats/viewers are available to read text files transferred from a computer. There is a browser, but it demands a connection to the Internet.

The location of the camera lens directly behind the button to take a photograph is a little awkward, making it easy to accidentally cover the lens. Thought the adjustment for different light levels is welcome. The adjustable digital zoom to 2x is a little jumpy but works in the camera and video mode.

Full Spec at Pink and Silver models are available from Amazon

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