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Organising Meetings in the Digital Age (Or hearding SLUG)

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Lightning Talk @ SLUG Meeting 6pm 24 June 2011
Google, Sydney

Topic: Organising Meetings in the Digital Age (Or hearding SLUG)
Speaker: Marghanita da Cruz Time left:
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  • Mailing Lists, Email, Websites, Social Media
  • E-Learning (Everything from Javascript and Python to Sanskrit)
  • DJango, Python, Javascript, HTML and CSS Collaboration in the Cloud
  • SLUG Meetings being narrowcast and then published on youtube (this talk at 16min). The last meeting experimented with interactivity via IRC, Twitter and the live audience. There is a 30 second delay on the video, which makes interaction via IRC and Twitter difficult.
  • Current meeting Format - 5 minute pitch on favourite topic or event
  • So what format meetings of the to continue mailing list discussions, show and tell new gadget or just chat OT.

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June 2011 SLUG Meeting 18:00 Friday 24 June 2011 (Sydney)
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