Marghanita da Cruz for Inner West Council, The Greens

Marghanita da Cruz

Greens Councillor
Gulgadya Ward - Inner West Council

Elected a Leichhardt Ward Councillor on 9 September 2017 (Leichhardt Ward renamed Gulgadya Ward in December 2018)

Marghanita da Cruz wants to build a community with good footpaths to public transport, community centres and green spaces. Facilities to help us lead active lives. An environment in which we look after our waterways, and harness energy from the sun and wind.

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November-December 2017

Seniors Lunch, Ashfield, Sloane Street, Summer Hill and White's Creek,Annandale (19 Dec 2017)

people at lunch sitting at large round tables five women and a man bicycles in drain yellow banner attached to one side of drain

Flood Management Advisory Committee Meeting (14 December 2017)

Member of the Flood Management Advisory Committee along with Clrs McKenna and Hesse.

Protecting Light Industry in the Inner West (Inner West Council Meeting 12 December 2017 (Video, business papers and minutes)

Clr da Cruz voted to retain the industrial employment zone.

The issue with the proposal to turn the entire Sydenham industrial area into a “dedicated creative hub” is that this would have displaced a number of businesses who are employing hundreds of people.

The economic study showed there is vacancy rate in the area is less than 2%. There are a variety of small businesses in the area from coffee roasters to chicken processors. It was also found that pedestrians and cars associated with the creative precinct would conflict with the trucks delivering goods to and from the light industrial businesses particularly at night to avoid Sydney’s traffic congestion and commuters who park in the area to catch the train.

The alternative motion labor put up at the meeting was to drop small bars and office space from the original proposal that has been bouncing around Marrickville Council. There was no economic impact study done for the original proposal.

Also, since the time of the original proposal industrial space has become more scarce in the Inner West as industrial sites are converted into appartments.

The amended approved proposal does not eliminate the creative precinct proposal completely. It just confines it to Marrickville Road between Railway Parade and Sydney Street, where there is also work to make this an active transport route to Sydenham Railway Station. The additional use is limited to small bars, cafes and restaurants.

There are a number of creative activities in the Sydenham precinct already such as the Camelot Lounge. They are not precluded but they need to fit in with the industrial nature of the area.

Those advocating for the creative space such as event organizing and pubs came from elsewhere, the locals were defending their business operations.

Amendments to Council Submission to Greater Sydney Commission Plans for the Easter District Rejected

After amendments to the draft Council submission were rejected

Marghanita da Cruz's private submission

That council publishes a plain English Comprehensive guide to Commerical Footpath Occupation on its website to encourage and assist businesses to apply for licenses to occupy and enliven these public spaces without negatively impacting pedestrian amenity.

The guide is to include Council’s policy(s), scale of occupation, application fees, lease charges, relevant legislation and other requirements that the businesses need to comply with including Food Safety, Licensing, Work Place Health and Safety, Public Liability and Pedestrian Amenity

Acquisition Notices from RMS (10 December 2017)

The Westconnex Update on the Council agenda for 12 December meeting included three acquisition letters from the RMS advising that they would be acquiring parts of King Georges Park (Rozelle) and Buruwan Park and another grassed area on the Crescent in Annandale. The letters indicated that they would be repairing the Bay Run when they had finished construction of Westconnex and that the footpath, cycleway and greenspace had no value so, Council should waive compensation.

Articulate, Explorer's Park and Ashfield Park (9 December 2017)

Art GalleryArt Gallery People at meeting in park

Political Children (8 December 2017)

Group of People Group of PeopleHonoured to join two 78ers, who took part in the first Mardis Gras a cold June night in 1978!

It was an auspicious day as the Marriage Equality bill would come into effect at midnight.

Political Children uses Hansard transcripts, newspaper articles and online content to shine a magnifying glass on the debate around the Safe Schools program and gives young people the chance to respond. more

Eastern Region Local Government Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander forum

Meeting 8 December 2017 at Redfern Community Centre.

The Eastern Region Local Government Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Forum is a network of six Councils: Waverley, Botany Bay, City of Sydney, Randwick, Inner West, and Woollahra...more.

Two site Meetings on Croydon Road (8.30am-9.30am Thursday 7 December)

Waiting for the 461 Bus to Croydon Late Suppers people at bus stop
white rose and white flowers on vine against blue skyWalking along Croydon Road to Anthony Street

Following up on Notice of Motion and community input to Oct 12 meeting, met with Staff and Community to discuss pedestrian safety issues on Croydon Road, at Anthony Street, and traffic issues at Church Street.

Both meetings were well attended by the community who raised and elaborated on many issues include - safety of school children crossing Croydon Road, Parking, speeding and traffic flow issues.

Report expected March 2017 to allow for traffic study when school resumes.

Local Government NSW Conference Motions (4-6 December 2017)

Electronic Voting at Conference
electronic voting device electronic voting results

The Local Government NSW Conference was held in Sydney 4-6 December.

Several motions were put forward by the Inner West Council including four which were initiated by Clr da Cruz. The LGNSW Board rejected two of the motions and the other two were lost on the floor of the conference.

Operational Cost of Appartment Living (Rejected by LGNSW)

That NABERS Energy Rating and BASIX be extended to include operational cost of dwellings including base charges for electricity, gas and water,[and the] pro-rata cost of strata management fess, operation lifts, swimming poolis and other shared facilities

Reason Rejected
LGNSW was of the view that both NABERS and BASIC tools currently account for common area energy usage in mutli-unit dwellings.

Walkability Performance Indicator (Rejected by LGNSW)

That the Local Government Association recognsies the Social, Health and Economic importance of Walking. That the local goverment association form a Walkability Task Froce/Comittee to work with Councils to include Walkability as a performance indicator.

Reason Rejected
LGNSE has a 'Sustainability" Position Statement endorsed in Augst 2017 (available at: LGNSW advocates for "decision making in land-use planning and urban and regional development strateies to include sustainability objectives to achieve integrated outcomes that enhace community wellbeing and liveability." As he motion aligns with LGNSW policy and because it is an operational matter for LBNSW to enact internally, we will commence research on creating a walkability index without needing a Conference decision.

Air drying of laundry (Lost on Floor of Conference)

That Local Government NSW lobbies the Australian and NSW State Governments to incorporate air drying of laundry, with associated access to sunlight and air circulation, into the building code for all dwellings.

Note from Council
The Building Code of Australia makes provision for dwellings to have either a clothes dryer area within an apartment/unit or provide a clothes line. Given the cost to the environment of running clothes driers within apartments/units, Inner West Council proposes that LGNSW lobbies the NSW Government to amend the Building Code to make air drying of laundry a mandatory provision including associated access to sunlight and air circulation.

Late Motion: Wood smoke pollution (Lost on Floor of Conference)

That Local Government NSW calls on the NSW Government to:
1.Develop legislation to allow local councils to follow the NSW Chief Medical Officer’s ad vice and phase out Wood Heaters;
2.Introduce effective education and incentive program commensurate with the $8 billion health cost of residential wood heating pollution in NSW that will create widespread understanding of the benefits of switching to non - pollution heating; and
3. Provide effective powers for councils to take action against unhealthy levels of wood smoke pollution, including local exceedances of National PM2.5 Air Quality Standards.

Note from Council
The Environment Protection Authority estimated that 75% of Sydney’s fine particle pollution in July came from wood heaters. The level of pollution can be much higher on individual days.

In 2014, the NSW Chief Medical Officer said “Not only do wood - burning heaters pollute outdoor air, they also worsen indoor air quality”. Further, “Long-term exposure to particulate pollution, especially finer particles known as PM2.5, can cause heart and lung disease while brief exposures can aggravate asthma and worsen pre- existing heart and lung conditions”.

Propagating zanthorrhoea arborea at the Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery (December 1)

separating the seeds from the chaff seeds into a seed trayVolunteers meet at the Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery on Wednesday and Friday mornings to propagate Local Provenance native vegetation. There are no prerequisites and people of all ages are welcome. More at Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery

O-Bike in Johnston's Creek

yellow bike in drain Saw this share bike in the creek on the way to the Inner West Council sustainability awards at Camperdown Commons. Reported it to Sydney Water via facebook

Marion Street cottages on the brink of demolition

Cottages surrounded by scaffolding and blue screeningCottages with scaffolding about to be demolished but saved by previous night's rescind motion.

Saved the Marion Street Cottages - Council Meeting 21 November (video, business papers and minutes)

Cottage9,11 Marion Street are part of Wetherill Street, Heritage Conservation Area

Mural by BLAK DOUGLAS (2015, Fringe)

CottageCottages at 9,11 Marion Street feature are a stop on the Marietta Gallery Public Art Trail and feature a mural by Shannon Crees (2009, W2W)

Awesome work by Inner West Council's Lifeguards is acknowledged, Dawn Fraser Baths, Balmain, 15 November 2017

5men and a woman Photo (IWC): From left: Blake Myatt, Tom Higginson, Inner West Councillor, Leichhardt Ward Marghanita da Cruz, Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne, Darby Judd, and Craig Scott

Proud to be at Dawn Fraser Baths yesterday to see Inner West Council lifeguards Darby Judd and Tom Higginson presented with the the Royal Lifesaving 2017 Lifeguards of the Year award for their response to a swimmer found face down in the water, at Dawn Fraser Baths, after suffering an epileptic seizure.

Lifeguards Blake Myatt and Craig Scott were also recognised with awards of Excellence Certificates from the Aquatics Research Institute for their handling of incidents at Ashfield Pool.

It was Tom Higgins second shift as supervisor and Darby Judd’s third shift as a lifeguard when the swimmer was found face down in the water. Within 30 seconds Tom and Darby had turned the swimmer onto her back and provided a ‘text book’ response while also managing other pool patrons, including two water polo teams. The ICU doctor at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital advised the next morning that "the response given to the patient from the staff was exceptional which has resulted in the patient showing no ill-effects of the immersion or the seizure".

Over 10 years Blake Myatt, a full-time lifeguard at the Ashfield Aquatic Centre, has handled four major incidents including heart attack, drug overdose, resuscitation and serious head injury. Craig Scott has been working at the Ashfield Pool for five years as lifeguard and swim school instructor.

In October 2016, a a young learn-to-swim student was found unconscious in the water. Blake immediately activated the emergency action plan, clearing the busy pool hall and successfully resuscitated the little girl, with Craig’s assistance. The student made a full recovery and was back swimming at the pool two weeks later.

Opening of Notions of Country, Annandale Galleries, 9 November 2017

Exhibition of Bark paintings and ceremonial poles by Gunybi Ganambarr, Djambawa Marawili AM, Garawan Wanambi, Naminapu Maymuru-White continues at Annandale Galleries until 2 December 2017

people in Art Gallery people in Art Gallery After speaking of the role of painting on the body and on bark, Djambawa sang a walk through the paintings and poles in the gallery. Bark paintings have long been used in land title negotiations. Djambawa was involved in the preparation of paintings (as documents) for the Barunga Statement (1988) and Blue Mud Bay case (2008) He is also a member of the PM's Indigenous Advisory Council.

Marion Street 9 November- South Facing Solar Panels on Parking Meters & Art Work on Cottages

parking meter with solar panel Cottage Cottage Cottage

Opening Boomalli Ten, 30th Anniversary Exhibition, 3 November 2017

Works by Boomalli's 10 founding artists - Jeffrey Samuels, Michael Riley, Eupemia Bostock, Tracey Moffatt, Arone Meeks, Bronwyn Bancroft, Fion Foley, Brend L Croft, Fernanda Martins and Avril Quail. More at Boomalli Art Gallery

People in Art Gallery People in Art Gallery People in Art Gallery People in Art Gallery People in Art GalleryPeople in Art Gallery People in Art Gallery

Greenway Art Prize, Art E'st, Leichhardt. 2 November 2017

people at exhibition people at exhibition people at exhibition people at exhibition people at exhibition people at exhibition

Chaired the Local Traffic Committee (2 November 2017)

Appointed as alternate chair to (Clr Passas) to the Local Traffic Committee. Chaired the meeting on 2 November 2017 minutes