Marghanita da Cruz for Inner West Council, The Greens

Marghanita da Cruz

Greens Councillor
Gulgadya Ward - Inner West Council

Elected a Leichhardt Ward Councillor on 9 September 2017 (Leichhardt Ward renamed Gulgadya Ward in December 2018)

Marghanita da Cruz wants to build a community with good footpaths to public transport, community centres and green spaces. Facilities to help us lead active lives. An environment in which we look after our waterways, and harness energy from the sun and wind.

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September and October 2017

Annandale Playgroup 30th Birthday

4 women

Newly Sworn in Inner West Council - Greens Councillors

woman lying on roots of large figCouncillor Induction Kit featuring photograph by Tony Grech

3 women and 2 menCouncillors were sworn in at an Extraordinary Meeting of the Inner West Council on 21 September 2017 in the Ashfield Council Chambers. See Agenda - 21 September 2017(PDF206.4KB) and Minutes - 21 September 2017(PDF388.7KB). There is no Webcast for the meeting.

Extraordinary Meeting (Westconnex), 3 October 2017

Councillors Da Cruz, Hesse, Kiat, Porteous and Steer requested that an Extraordinary Council meeting be held to consider 3 Motions related to Westconnex...Agenda - 3 October 2017(PDF134.8KB), Supplementary Agenda - 3 October 2017(PDF357.8KB), Minutes - 3 October 2017(PDF113.7KB)

Dirty Pavers Annandale Shops and Trip Hazard Johnston St. 6 October 2017

Grey Grubby Pavers Grey Grubby Pavers Grey Grubby Pavers Grey Grubby Pavers Grey Grubby Pavers Grey Grubby Paversuneven pavement

Trip Hazard 37 Trafalgar Streets Annandale, 7 October 2017

cracked pving cracked pving

Stop Adani Protest, Camperdown Memorial Park, 7 October 2017

Three Women

Pot Hole, Collins St (at Nelson St) & Streetscape Pyrmont Bridge Road Annandale

hold in bitumen Warehouses and Terraces Warehouses and Terraces Warehouses and Terraces

Native Frangipani, Leichhardt, 10 Oct 2017

mass yellow flowers on tree

Nelson Street Warehouses due for Demolition, 12 Oct 2017

warehouses in dappled light

Council Meeting 12 October

C1017 Item 14 Motion: Notice of Motion: Pedestrian Safety on Croydon Road, Croydon (Da Cruz/Porteous) Motion Carried
C1017 Item 15 Notice of Motion: Pedestrian Safety on Frederick Street, Ashfield (Da Cruz/Porteous) Motion Carried
C1017 Item 16 Notice of Motion: Pedestrian Safety in Haberfield and Leichhardt (Da Cruz/Stamolis) Motion Carried - Minutes - 12 October 2017 (PDF 426.3KB)

Visit to Taringa Street Community Garden, 14 October

Community Garden AshfieldCommunity Garden Ashfield

Site Meeting regarding Pedestrian Safety Issues at Kegworth Primary

On a rainy day!

Also inspected Pedestrian Safety issues on Flood Street (Marion St to Lords Road) and Marion Street Crossing at Light Rail Stop.

Council Meeting 24 October

Minutes - 24 October 2017 (PDF 308KB)

Inner West Bee Keepers Open Day, Haberfield Open Day, Chester Street Pedestrian Bridge Upgrade (28 Oct)

Men working on a box Men working on a box The Inner West Bee Keepers are based at the Leichhardt School of Arts. They hosted an open day on 28 October. More about Inner West Bee Keepers at

Two women playing piano accordians People chatting on Street Two women playing piano accordiansFresh Black and Cream pastaHaberfield Big Day Out

Boral BoralBoral Trucks trundling through Ramsay Street

people in park Community consultation in Douglas Grant Memorial Park on new footbridge over Johnston's Creek.

Kathina (end of rains retreat), Annandale and Norton Street Festa, Leichhardt. 18 December 2017

People on Street People on Street People on Street

People at Street Festival People at Street Festival People at Street Festival People at Street Festival People at Street Festival People at Street Festival People at Street Festival

Extraordinary Meeting, 31 October 2017

Minutes - 31 October 2017 (PDF 243KB)

On Tuesday night the Inner West Council passed my three motions for debate at the Local Government Association Conference in December.

  1. That LGNSW lobbies the Australian and NSW State Governments to incorporate air drying of laundry, with associated access to sunlight and air circulation, into the building code for all dwellings.
  2. That NABERS Energy Rating and BASIX be extended to include operational cost of dwellings including base charges for electricity, gas and water, pro-rata cost of strata management fees, operating lifts, swimming pools and other shared facilities.
  3. That the Local Government Association recognise the Social, Health and Economic importance of Walking. That the local government association form a Walkability Task Force/Committee to work with Councils to include Walkability as a performance indicator.


Plus my amendments to the McKenna/Drury motion on Inner West Waterways to include: Stormwater pollution traps, and Water Sensitive Urban Design amongst the measures to improve the quality. Listen