Marghanita da Cruz for Inner West Council, The Greens

Marghanita da Cruz

Greens Councillor
Gulgadya Ward - Inner West Council

Elected a Leichhardt Ward Councillor on 9 September 2017 (Leichhardt Ward renamed Gulgadya Ward in December 2018)

Marghanita da Cruz wants to build a community with good footpaths to public transport, community centres and green spaces. Facilities to help us lead active lives. An environment in which we look after our waterways, and harness energy from the sun and wind.

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Centenary Park, Croydon - Opening of Amenities Building

Sat 5 August, 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Centenary Park, Queen Street, Croydon , NSW, Australia

festival in parkFootprints Eco Festival 27 August 2017

11am-3pm Sunday 27 August 2017
White's Creek Valley (Wisdom St, Annandale)

Marghanita da Cruz

Born in Kenya, Marghanita da Cruz migrated to Australia with her family in 1970. She was soon playing and coaching junior sports.

Moving to the Inner West in 1993, Marghanita is an advocate for footpaths, public transport, green spaces and sustainable development. She volunteers with the Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery, was an active member of Leichhardt Council’s Heritage Committee and Climate Change Task Force, where she advocated for LED lighting and Solar Panels.

Marghanita is a small business person who has assisted government, corporate, small and community enterprises with their adoption of information and communication technology.

Marghanita has a curated exhibitions at the local shops, library and Footprints ecoFestival. She also researches local history and presents it as short walks. Marghanita practices yoga and is an avid golfer.

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Inner West Council Election Campaign

two womenCassi Plate and Marghanita da Cruz, Disconnex Reframing Resistance, 28 June 2017
Footpaths Launch, 22 June 2017
Stall on the Bay Run, 1 July 2017
two women Michelle Calvert-Kilburn & Marghanita da Cruz, Haberfield 8 July 2017