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Disclaimer: The information provided here is of a general nature. Ramin Communications is not recomending the specific products mentioned here and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information about specific products. Electricity is DANGEROUS and should not be treated lightly. Information on individual product packaging should be read carefully and understood before installation. The advice of qualified Electricians should be sought on specific requirements and installations.

Unlike CFLs, LED Lamps contain no mercury. For more on Fluorescent lamps and mercury, see end-of-life management and Mercury in Fish .

Guide to Domestic LED Lighting (Part 2)

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candle lights in fan/light fitting candle lights turned on in fan/light fitting

23 November 2012: Osram Candle 4.2W-E14 (small screw base), 4.5W-E27(LED STAR CLASSIC A 25) and 4W-B22 available at Bunnings at $18 pricepoint. 8-10W Lamps at $30. Also GU10s.

On 27 December, an unsuccessful attempt was made to install the Osram E14 Candles into a Ceiling Fan/Light fitting. The lamps rated at 4W in a 25W fitting appeared ideal - however, the cover would not fit. The Philips E14 Lamps were satisfactory. {but were subsequently found not to provide enough light (30 June 2013).

Garden Bollard with light on

A Warm White 250lm 4.5W-E27(LED STAR CLASSIC A 25), with a 3 year guarantee, was installed in a path bollard (lit 9-13 hours/day 365days/year) on 23 November 2012. Though unlike the Liquid LED Lamp installed in an adjoining Bollard, most of the light from the Osram lamps is directed into the top of the bollard as online documentation (none provided on the packaging) for other Osram lamps indicates a 90° Beam Spread.

LED Light Globe with remote controlLED GU10 Lamp

Available in Sydney Hardware Store 8 November 2012
Remote Control Color Changing E27 LED Lamp.
10W GU10 (240V) for $34.90.

LED Light Globe in fitting

LED lamp and packagingViri Bright 5 Watt Warm White 300lm 270° beam lamp installed 3 December 2012 price $14.95. The lamp was installed 3 December 2012. There were B22 and E27, Warm White and Bright White models was rated at Higher lumens for same (5W) energy use.

LED Light Globe without coverThe internal workings of one of the 5W lamps have come loose by 30 June 2013. Jaycar replaced the lamp with the current 5W lamp - now rated at 400lm and in a smaller form (same model number).

LED Light Globe in fitting LED Light Globe in fitting packaging LED Light Globe in fitting turned on

10W Viri Bright LED Lamp purchased from Electronics Store. Specs: 820lm (equivalent of 75W Incandescent), Warm White, 10W, dimmable, Beam Spread:270°, Price:AUD29.95.
5 November 2012: Installed to replace a flickering 10W LED lamp from another store.
6 November 2012: Swapped 270° Viri, into Kitchen (larger room) and Osram Pro (90 °) 10W bright white into Home Office/Study
20 January 2013: 10W lamp Failed. Viri Bright 5W lamp was installed in it's place.

29 October 2013: 10W Viri Brite Lamp in Kitchen began to flicker then failed.

31 October 2013: The docket for the 10W ViriBright had faded and this caused some problem in getting a refund. Having the credit card statement as evidence of the purchase was vital. Eventually the store gave a cash refund. They still appear to sell the VirBright product. Deciding to check out the products at a large hardware store, it seems the price of LED Lamps had plummeted...more

24 January 2014: Jaycar happily offered refund or exchange on lamp (under 12 month warranty) - installed and 5W Viribright Luminaire put back into Bedside Lamp. They also stocked a 10W, 900lm Natural Light model. The 5W model was AUD14. The 5W Viribright was moved from bedside Lamp to a hallway, on a light sensitive switch, operating for an average of 12 hours. The lamp was intermittently failing by May 2015.

hand holding a lifetec led lampLifetec LED Lamp installed in Kitchen 30 October 2013. To replace failed 10W Viribrite

Aldi $7.99 LED Lightbulbs

Direct MR1 GU10 Lamp

Direct MR1 GU10 LampDirect MR1 GU10 LampDirect Replacement MR16 GU10 LampDirect Replacement MR16 GU10 LampTao Class 1 LED (1W) (240V)- Multiple LEDs - light is dispersed through sides - wasted in this light fitting. Cute transparent base lets you see inner workings - Capacitor, Resistor etc. Not bright enough for reading lamp. But perhaps useful in a location where a low level lighting is required for extended periods (eg overnight) - perhaps too bright for a bedroom night light. © Ramin Communications 2012. Last modified 10 June 2015.