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Disclaimer: The information provided here is of a general nature. Ramin Communications is not recomending the specific products mentioned here and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information about specific products. Electricity is DANGEROUS and should not be treated lightly. Information on individual product packaging should be read carefully and understood before installation. The advice of qualified Electricians should be sought on specific requirements and installations.

Unlike CFLs, LED Lamps contain no mercury. For more on Fluorescent lamps and mercury, see end-of-life management and Mercury in Fish .

Guide to Domestic LED Lighting (Part 2)

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Direct Replacement MR16 GU10 Lamp

Direct Replacement MR16 GU10 Lamp Direct Replacement MR16 GU10 Lamp 3W Single LED Woolworths Essentials (GU10-S50 3W 45) (240V). More at Mains voltage LED Downlights to Save Energy

Halogen direct replacement globe

Halogen direct replacement lampHalogen direct replacement globeHalogen direct replacement globeGU5.3 MR16 4.5W 290lm LED Lamp

BICHURY MR16 NORMAL GU5.3 (12Volt) two-pin connectors.

GU10 MR16 is a two pin Bayonette fitting - for 240V

It was reported that replacing one of the halogen downlights with this lamp, did not result in the interference with the TV signal, experienced when an individual Halogen was replaced by alternate cheaper LED lamps. The light level was also good from the Bichury.

Direct Replacement Bayonette Lamp Direct Replacement Bayonette Lamp Direct Replacement Bayonette LampDirect Replacement Bayonette Lamp

10W Bayonette Lamp - rated at the lighting equivalent of an 80W Incandescent Globe. Supplied by EnviroledLighting Solutions.

The 10Watt LED lamp replaced a 24Watt Compact Flourescent Lamp (CFL) in a kitchen, with poor natural light, on Friday 28 September 2012. Despite the packaging stating no flicker - the lamp (labelled at 240V 50/60Hz) did flicker. It is being tested in a second location. The lamp flickered in this fitting too and was replaced with another 10W LED Lamp.

The the attributes of the lamp, listed on the packaging, include: No flicker, No UV radiation, no RF interference, Instant soft start, Operation temperature: -20°C to +40°C and working temperature < 55°C

13W LED downlight ( EV-DL-U13D-90-WW) supplied by Enviromental LED Lighting Solutions. In the photographs it is clipped onto a Raku Pot.

"The Enviro 13 watt Dimmable LED downlight is designed to replace 60 Watt halogen downlight and 26 Watt compact fluorescent recessed can trims. The 13W LED Down Light features one single high powered 13W Epistar chip"

LEDs in an Incandescent Lamp Shell

3W Bayonette (B22) Direct Replacement Lamp - with 44 LEDs

Rated equiv of 15-25W Incandescent, Dimmable, warm white, 360degree light beam, 90lumen 15000 hours, suitable for outdoor use to -40degrees celsius.

1. Installed 10 May 2012 in hallway, turned on manually perhaps for 4-5 hours a day.
2. Installed 9 May 2012 on timer which comes on for about 4-5 hours/day 365 days a year.

LEDs in an Incandescent Lamp Shell

Standard Form Edison Screw (E27) Direct Replacement Lamp with 80 LEDs 3W

Clear White 3W (4.1WattAC) Dimable (shown) has 80LEDs and is rated at 360°rees; 180Lumen and 15000 hours, was priced at $24.95.

Lamp was Installed 2nd January 2012 on timer for 4-5 hours/day then relocated 5 May 2012 to path light - 9-13 hours/day 365 days/year

Installing a LED Lamp with fins

OSRAM 12W Parathom(r) Pro and Classic A 60 (LED) outshines a 14W CFL

The Parathom(r) Pro and Classic A 60, lamps are marketed as equivalent to a 50W Incandescent and rated at 650lm (lumens), 3000K (Warm White), 25000hours/10,000 on/off and dimmable - cost AU$30.

Installed 23rd December 2012 in office environment (turned on manually afternoon and nights)

"Daylight for work rooms and Warm White for comfortable light in living rooms". (90 °)... -

LED lamp installed in Bathroom

OSRAM 12W Parathom(r) Pro and Classic A 60 (LED)

Installed in a Tastic, in a Bathroom without any natural light.

light globe being installed in garden fitting

2.3W E27 LED

The 2.3W LED Lamp energy use is half the 5W Fluorescent (CFL) Lamp it replaced - which is half the energy use for the same hours of lighting. This was the first direct replacement E27 lamp available in Sydney, however, after failing three times appears to have been a flawed design.

Replacement lamp installed mid february 2012 failed May 2012 (Lamp works erratically ie sometimes lights up some time after it is turned on).
Replacement lamp installed August 2011 failed December 2011
$30 lamp first installed 24 December 2010 failed by August 2011

strip of LEDs Lighting a pantryActive Pantry Lighting
roll of flexible LED strip lightingLED DownlightsLED Strip for Under Cabinet lighting (eg in Kitchen)
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