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Women's Online Coworking Space founded by Annandale resident Jane Oldham

woman on zoom Women who are working or running a small business part or full time from home are invited to join a local initiative to help women "get stuff done" and to connect with other likeminded women.

Jane, who has been a member of the Ningana Housing Collective for over 16 years, has been coworking with friends and neighbours over Zoom for the past 6 months and is now inviting others to join.

Six months is free and participation is on an "as needs" basis, with no need to book.

What is online coworking?

It's an online environment where people work on their own tasks, together in a Zoom group. Online coworking is a global phenomenon that has radically expanded due to the pandemic. It has changed "how work gets done" remotely.

Why do online coworking? Working on individual projects in a coworking setting has been found to inherently boost productivity so your work is done more efficiently.

Working together with other women can provide an additional level of unconscious ease. Even women who are coworking with women they don't know, still feel part of a circle of trust.

Women-only coworking spaces also provide organic ways to network and meet other like-minded women.

How do you cowork?

We call coworking zoom sessions our "hours of power" where we start each day by stating our intention and then finish the day by sharing progress or achievements, for accountability.

These accountability check-ins are entirely optional! At the start and end of the day, they are done verbally within the group. If you'd prefer to come and go while others are working quietly and still wanted the accountability factor, the check-ins could be done by posting in the chat.

The majority of the day is silent, with microphones off, to promote deep focus similar to studying in a library. However, there are opportunities to join breakout rooms to collaborate with other members and exchange ideas for action.

You can choose to be visible, or remain private with your camera off. However, as a courtesy to other participants please enter with video on and greet others after that you can turn your video to off.


Current timing is 10am to 5:15pm Sydney local time, Monday to Friday (Other than NSW Public Holidays)


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Please call Jane on 0403 805 911 to discuss or RSVP, or



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