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map with creek highlighted 1842 Map Source: NLA MAP F 662

White's Creek Valley and Wetlands

White's Creek Valley | Wetlands | History

Whites Creek Wetlands
Turtles 5 Jan 2018

turtle with moss on its backTurtle, White's Creek Wetlands, 5 Jan 2018

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Whites Creek Wetland Revisited for Footprints Film Festival

'Our Creek', thinking mediatv Published on Jul 21, 2012: watch video

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floyd,newman, beatley

Ted Floyd, whose work on Whites Creek Wetlands is featured in Green Urbanism Down Under: Learning from sustainable communities in Australia, with authors Peter Newman and Timothy Beatley at Current Thinking Seminar (Photograph: Marghanita da Cruz 31 March 2009)

Photograph of Graffitied Sign - which is mostly legible and reads: Welcome to Whites Creek Wetland - Whites Creek Wetland is your local wetland, it ....quality in Whites Creek and provides habitat for....animals. Wetlands were once a naturally occurring feature of .. creeks around Sydney. The creation of this man-made wetland was initiated by Ted Floyd of Friends of the Earth. The project was funded by the NSW Government's Stormwater Trust in partnership with Leichhardt Council. The wetland was filled with water in August 2002. Please take the time to enjoy and learn about the wetland.  - photograph Tom Worthington

Between 1898 and 1938 Whites Creek was converted into one of the earliest Concrete Storm Water Channels in Australia. In 2002, Wetlands were constructed adjacent to the creek.

The wetlands are now looking great with vigorous growth and a steady development of the aquatic ecosystem. Insects, tadpoles and many more little creatures are now breeding in the wetlands.

There are three known species of frogs making a loud cacophony of noise at night. Larger water birds are gradually finding the wetlands are a good place to have dinner.

Visitors enjoy the experience of a rare urban wildspace in a crowded highly developed inner Sydney suburb.

Local residents appreciate the fact the pump is quiet, tadpoles eat mosquito larvae, no smells except in the polluted canal water and the flowering water plants give a stunning colour display.

During construction some people complained and now opinions have changed and few people object to the wetlands. (Source: Ted Floyd, Friends of the Earth, Eco-Sydney Campaign.)

Dredging the Wetland 22 May 2020
3 men workingpumping out the sediment pond, 22 May 2020. Photo Elizabeth Dark
possum crossing sign on streetFlash Picnic for World Wetland's Day 2014

6 pm Sunday 2nd February 2014

"Whites Creek Valley is now a focus for environmental projects. A green corridor is growing along the creek and the establishment of a natural riparian zone alongside the creek will increase biodiversity values. Leichhardt Council is currently developing a Food/Forest near the wetlands and this project has potential to incorporate a riparian zone.
Come and enjoy the wetlands in the cool, surrounded by bush and forget the pressures of living in a busy city. Bring your own organic picnic and gentle games to play." - Ted Floyd, 30 January 2014

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