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Woodland House, Wootton and Knightsbridge
3 (formerly 1) Collins Street, at the corner of Trafalgar Street, Annandale


See Corner of Collins and Trafalgar Street,Annandale
1, 3A Collins Street and 74B Trafalgar Street


Henry Knight

At Annandale close to Tram "KNIGHTSBRIDGE," COLLINS, and TRAFALGAR STREETS, compact, detached, Brick COTTAGE, slate, roof, 10ft verandahs on three sides, glassed-in and venetianed; 3 very large reception-rooms, 5 bedrooms, kitchen, etc, and every conceivable convenience. GARAGE, STABLING, ETC.TORRENS TITLE. 92 x 153. Garden and Lawn. AN EXCEPTIONALLY WELL BUILT AND DESIRABLE HOME. Apply MARSHALL and DEMPSTER,112 Pitt-street, opp. G.P.O. - The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 17 December 1913 (page 14)

"Death, KNIGHT, October 30, 1913, at his late residence Knightsbridge, 3 Collins Street, Annandale. Henry Knight late of Erskinville aged 67 years suddenly" - The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 31 October 1913 page 8

KNIGHT -In fond Remembrance of my dear husband Henry Knight, who died (suddenly) at his residence Knightsbridge Collins-stret Annandale October TO 1913 Loving thoughts last for ever Never forgotten his devoted wife M J Knight
KNIGHT-In loving memory of my dear father Henry Knight who passed away October 80 1913. Inserted by hut loving daughter Florrie
KNIGHT -In loving .. our dear father and grandpa Henry Knight.. residence Knightsbridge Trafalgar and Collins streets Annandale October 30 1913
Peace perfect peace" - The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 30 October 1918 page 10


Allen and Adele Taylor, Wootton

trucks, bitumen, gravel, graders in operation on a street "The Commission did not need to conclusively define the market to reach a view on this issue. The most relevant market is one (defined narrowly) for green-sawn hardwood timber products in south-eastern Australia. The market (defined narrowly) for hardwood timber flooring in eastern mainland Australia was also considered." - Allen Taylor & Company Ltd (a Boral subsidiary) proposed to acquire J & JL Davis Pty Ltd (May 2005)

"Allen Taylor History
Allen Taylor was born in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, in 1864. He started work at the age of ten as a 'nipper and messenger' for a railway contractor. Later he worked twelve hours a day as a railway construction labourer on several lines, including the south coast of New South Wales."...Boral History, Chapter 5, BMI Acquisition

"GLEBE LIGHTING...INTERESTING EXPERIMENT. GAS AND ELECTRICITY..The Mayor of the Glebe, Alderman Artlett, presided. The Lord Mayor, Sir Allen Taylor, the town clerk, and the electrical engineer of the City Council were present to represemt the City Council, which is supplying the current. Mr. Lukey (secretary) represented the Australian Gaslight Company, which has lighted the Glebe for many years, and is still to continue the contract for all streets outside the main thoroughfares....
Alderman Lucas, "father" of the local council, on behalf of the aldermen, presented the Mayoress with a silver bell, and requested her to proueed to the balcony of the town hall, turn on the light, and announce the fact to the audience by ringing tbe bell. This part of the ceremony the Mayoress carried out amid cheers and much good humour.
The Mayor outlined the great progress Glebe was making. They now had their principal streets lighted by electricity, and had arranged with the gas company for an improved lighting service.
Alderman Colo thought the Glebe did the right thing to continue both the gas and the electric light. They would be able to see which worked the best, and which ought In a few years to be continued. (Applause.) Glebe was tho only borough as far as knew now that had adopted that system."The Sydney Morning Herald Fri 29 December 1911

Mrs T. Taylor (1909). Lady Mayoress 1905-06, 1909-12. Wife of Alderman Allen Arthur Taylor. Photograph taken in Commemoration of her efforts for the enlargement of the nurses home, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Election of Alderman Allen Arthur Taylor as Lord Mayor of Sydney, 1909.

1896-circa 1907 (Source: Annandale Association > Sands)

No 57 Schedule of Historic Buildings in Annandale (February 1973) Annandale Association. See also Allen Taylor and the Annandale Borough

PEN PORTRAITS OF PUBLIC MEN. "Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of Time." -Longfellow. SIR ALLEN TAYLOR, K.B... He learnt something of the value and usefulness of timber, tools, and railway material;, some thing of the number of men, horses, plant, etc., which were required to prepare the ground in flat or hilly country for the laying down of a mile of railway in a given period; he learnt to diagnose the characters of men and the value of their labour, and to know that some work better while the "boss" is looking on; and lie learnt to know well the work required, of himself and to do it to the satisfaction of all concerned... In 1894, after a trip to the West Australian goldfields he was induced to accept a nomination for aldermanic honours at Annandale....Queanbeyan Age 1 December 1911 page 4

While working for the Government Railways, George Julius conducted a series of tests on timber and wrote a handbook entitled Physical Characteristics of the Hardwoods of Western Australia published in 1906. He followed this with the publication of Physical Characteristics of the Hardwoods of Australia, published in 1907.
His research on hardwoods attracted a good deal of attention and led to a job offer from Allen Taylor & Co Ltd, a timber company in Sydney, as part-time engineer at an annual salary of 550 with the right to private practice. Accepting this offer in 1907 George Julius moved to Sydney, settling his family into a new home in Ocean Street Woollahra. -

The new steamship Pyrmont, the latest addition to the fleet of Messrs. Allen Taylor and Co., arrived at the Manning River at 11.30 a.m. yesterday on her maiden trip from Sydney.... - The Sydney Morning Herald... Thursday 19 February 1903, page 8.

"It is understood that Mr. Allen Taylor, of Annandale, New South Wales, has made a private offer to Victor Trumper which has secured his services for that colony" - The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864-1933) Thursday 14 August 1902 page 5

Though identifed as 1900 in catalogue, this map is probaby earlier as it shows the original subdivisions. It is worth noticing the bridge on parramatta road over Whites Creek. Also, Wells Street is shown, where it did not exist on the 1890 map

"Plan of north Annandale [cartographic material] : municipality of Leichhardt / the property of the Sydney Freehold, Land, Building & Investment Coy. Ltd., W. Pritchard & Son, auctioneers, 100 King St., Sydney."

"Our Guests" referring in appropriate terms to the excellent manner in which Mayor Taylor had occupied the mayoral chair two years in succession. He concluded by presenting them with a handsomely illuminated address, in which was the photo of the Mayor, views of the town hall, the Mayor's residence, post and telegraph office, Annandale and appropriate Australian floral ornamentations. the address which was prepared at the establishment of John Sands, Sydney, was a work of art. -

...February 12th, 1896...Election of Mayor... for Ald john young Aldermen Ferris, Wells, Francis , Ridge, Gutherie and Young 6 for Ald Allan Taylor Aldermen Smith, Broad, Taylor, Horton and Dwyer 5.....election of works and sanitary committee....Ferris, Taylor Ridge and Dwyer....Finance committee Gutherie, Broad,Wells, Francis...amendment that [Finance] committee exist of whole of council was lost. Lighting laws committee general purposes committee......August 7th 1900...The retiring mayor stated that he had great pleasure in informing Alderman Wells that he had been unanimously elected... - Annandale Borough Council Minutes

Houses in Annandale, where connected to the Sewer between 1895 and circa 1900... more

photograph of Marble plaqueAccording to the Annandale Association's Register of Buildings (Leichhardt Library Local History Section), Woodland House was built in 1886 - however, this conflicts with an SMH 1890 advertisement for "undeveloped unencumbered land at Corner Block, Collins and Trafalgar streets". The Annandale association record says it was renamed to Wooten in 1890 - "a well proportioned stuccoed Itallianate brick villa or historical significance because of its association with Taylor".

The building is ununusal as it has a brick balcony and ironwork. The stucco is an Arts and Crafts feature and the balcony appears to be a forerunner of the later wooden decorated federation balconies.

Wooten, Collins Street corner Trafalgar before 1899 was on the recorded list, in the National Trust Register, prior to 1980. These items are being reviewed individually by the Trust to determine whether they qualify for classification - National Trust Register As at January 1, 1982.

However, the confusion about the date of the home could be due to the Taylors moving to it in 1894 not 1886 (when they got married at the Hunter Baillie Temporary [red brick] church (Sunday School hall) - Hunter Baillie 121 Anniversary Service)..."Moving to Sydney about 1882, he [Allen Taylor] attended night-school while working for railway contractors. He was a clerk when he married Adela Mary Elliott, daughter of a late coach proprietor on 19 June 1886 with" Presbyterian forms at Annandale. - Adela must have been Robert Forster's step daughter.

Tenders accepted:...Department of Public Works...Allen Taylor Annandale construction of wharf on eastern side Wolloomooloo - The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 16 May 1894 Page 3

The monthly meeting ...and Allen Taylor, of Collins Street, Annandale F Hart (Carrington Brick Company), 173 Devonshire-street, and J Wilson, Darlington-road, Darlington, were elected members of the exchange. On the motion of Mr U W Carpenter it was re- solved to admit plumbers, puntera, and slaters to the membership of tbe association... - The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 19 June 1895 Page 5

Sir Allen Taylor founded his firm of timber growers, merchants and sawmill proprietors of Rozelle, N.S.W. in 1893. At one time the firm was also a shipowner. - Allen Taylor and Company Limited - records, 1893-1969 (SLNSW)

In 1873, John Young had become the founding president of the Builders' and Contractors' Association of New South Wales ( The federated associations were to later become the Master Builders Association see Extract from the minutes of the first meeting of the Federated Builders and Contractors' Association of Australasia, November 1890

"Moving to Sydney about 1882, he [Allen Taylor] attended night-school while working for railway contractors. He was a clerk when he married Adela Mary Elliott, daughter of a coach proprietor, on 19 June 1886 with Presbyterian forms at Annandale. Bate changed his surname to Taylor some time between 1890 and 1895." -

The death occurred last night of Lady Adela Mary Taylor, wife of Sir Allen Taylor, at her residence at Forster, Lang Road, Centennial Park. Lady Taylor was 68 years of age. Sir Allen Taylor; who is an alderman of the City Council, and a former Lord Mayor, is at present on a trip abroad. The funeral will take place tomorrow, and Interment will be made in the Church of England section of the Rookwood Cemetery. - The Sydney Morning Herald Monday 5 May 1924 page 10

Death of Robert Forster

"THE FRIENDS of the late Mr. ROBERT FORSTER are kindly invited to attend his Funeral, which move from his late residence, Wootton, No.1 Collins-street, Annandale, THIS (Tuesday) AFTERNOON, at a quarter past 1 o'clock, for Mortuary station, and thence to Rookwood Cemetery. WOOD and COMPANY, Undertakers.
THE FRIENDS of Mr ALLAN TAYLOR are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of his late beloved FATHER-IN-LAW, Robert Forster...THE FRIENDS of Alderman GEORGE LANDERS ... Funeral of his deceased BROTHER-IN-LAW, Robert Forster.."The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 18 December 1894 page 8.

More about Robert Forster


A wide field has been covered in the honours conferred by his Majesty King George V. in connection with the Coronation celebrations.... SIR ALLEN TAYLOR, K.B. Few men owe less to early social or educational advantages, and few have been more successful in overcoming difficulties and in rising to a position of eminent usefulness. After filling responsible positions with several railway contractors and trying his fortune in Western Australia for some time, he settled down to be a contractor on his own account, and married the daughter of Mr. Robert Forster at the early age of 23... - "IN THE HONOURS LIST." The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) 21 Jun 1911: 18. Web. 2 Apr 2011.

Marriages...BATE-ELLIOT.-June 10, at Annandale, by the Rev. PF Mackenzie, Allen Arthur, third son of the late John Bate, of Wagga Wagga, to Adela Mary, only daughter of tho late Robert Elliot, of Penrith. - 1886 'Family Notices.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 20 July, p. 1, viewed 21 January, 2012,


Pritchard's Paddock

The 3 Collins Street land title shows a transfer of the property from a John Lauder - Balmain Builder and to Jane Miller in 1893.

"St Paul's Prebyterian Church, Balmain West, was the scene of a wedding on 11th inst, when Mr John W. Walker Tulloch, eldest son of Mr Robert Tulloch, Pyrmont, was married to Mis Euphemia Agnes Lauder, third daughter of Mr John Lauder of Balmain...The presents were displayed in the library and were numerous and costly." - The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 21 April 1906 Page 11

Photograph of W Pritchard JP"TO BUILDERS, INVESTORS, and PERSONS in Search of Sites for first-class Residences. W. PRITCHARD'S well-known PADDOCK. at the corner of COLLINS AND TRAFALGAR STREETS NORTH ANNANDALE will be sold in subdivision on the GROUND on SATURDAY NEXT APRIL 22nd at 3 o'clock on EXTREMELY LIBERAL TERMS, and ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT RESERVE, by W. PRITCHARD AND SON. Every lot perfectly drained and possessing a back lane surrounded by the best houses on North Annandale, and opposite the Annandale Post-ofice. Plans at the Rooms, 100 King-street." - SMH Thursday 20 April 1893

Consequent of Mr. W. PRITCHARD..he has decided to dispose of, to the highest bidder at auction only (no private offers entertained), the following described UNIMPROVED AND UNEMCUMBERED LANDS. Titles all under Torrens Act, Certificates of open to Inspection at room. These properties as will be seen, comprise some of the most valuable Surburban Lots in or about Sydney. They were all judiciously selected by the owner, which fact is sufficent guarantee of their favourable positions in relation to present value and use and future development..... ANNANDALE Corner Block, Collins and Trafalgar streets. Allotment having a frontage of 45ft Collins street, by side frontage along Trafalgar Street of 132 ft.
ANNANDALE Trafalgar Street Three lots, each 33ft, to Trafalgar-street by a depth of 20ft lane of...adjoining above - The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 29 March 1890 page 16

Plan of north Annandale municipality of Leichhardt / the property of the Sydney Freehold, Land, Building & Investment Co. Ltd., W. Pritchard & Son, auctioneers, 100 King St., Sydney -NLA

Sales plan for north Annandale. (1890) -NLA

Property Sales: Richardson and Wrench.... Mr. N. Briney: lots 2 and 4, sec. 6 of North Annandale Estate, fronting Collins and Trafalgar street 195 feet frontage, £900 - Mr W Pritchard - The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 23 September 1882 Page of 21

Plan of north Annandale [cartographic material] / W. Pritchard, auctioneer, 281 George Street

circa 1888

excavation showing layers of concrete, rubble and clayWoodlands the Residence of Robert Forster
of Forster and Briggs Tramway Contractors

According to 1888 Sands, Woodland House, the residence of Robert Forster was at the corner of Collins and Trafalgar Streets, Annandale. Forster died at Wooton, which appears to have been built on the same property.

"Dissolution of partnership - The partnership existing between Robert Forster and Henry Albert Briggs trading as contractors under the name of Forster and Briggs will be mutually dissolved on 13th of November instand. All claims against the said partnershi must be rendered on of befoe that date to Henry A Briggs St John's Road Forest Lodge otherwise they will not be recognised. Dated this seventh day of November 1884 Robt Forster Henry A Briggs - The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 12 November 1884 (page 4)

"The construction of the tramway to Newtown is being proceeded with as rapidly as possible, and the contractors, Messrs. Forster and Briggs, expect to make the connection with Parramatta street in about ten days, The line will then be completed to the tollbar. As soon as the connection with Parramatta street is made, tho remaining portion" - The Sydney Morning Herald Monday 10 July 1882 (page 5)

Men in hats and coats sitting on two storey tram"A commencement has been made for laying a double line of tram rails from the racecourse terminus to Randwick. The contractors are Messrs. Forster and Briggs, who have also the contract for tho Coogee extension." - 1882 'The Sydney Morning Herald.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954), 1 September, p. 4, viewed 13 April, 2011,

demolition site "ACCEPTED TENDERS.-The undermentioned tender has been accepted by the Government:-Messrs Forster and Brigg-construction of a line of tramway from Randwick to Coogee." - The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 16 August 1882 (Page 7)

"The Bondi Road Overbridge/tunnel is a remnant example of the former Sydney tramway, which at its peak was the second largest tram system in the world....
Whilst profitable at first, the lines grew quickly and began to exert a considerable financial strain on the Government who were now committed to developing the new transport infrastructure. By 1884, tram services reached ..." -

"The Government have accepted the tender of Messrs. Forster and Brigg for the construction of a tramway from the Newtown Railway Bridge to Parramatta-street. The work will be commenced immediately." 1882 '(REUTER'S AGENCY.) NEW SOUTH WALES.', Bendigo Advertiser (Vic. : 1855 - 1918), 18 March, p. 2, viewed 15 February, 2014,

"Leichhardt Tramway Extension: Messrs, Forster and Briggs, the contractors for the extension of the Leichhardt tramway, commenced operations in Norton-street, this morning at 6.30 o'clock. The mayor of Leichhardt (Mr Pritchard), who was present, was requested to open the work by striking the first pick; but after a few remarks bearing upon the subject, he delegated the office to Alderman Hearn, who performed the duty by turning up a barrow-load of earth in a workmanlike manner. The mayor, who has always got his eye to business in the interests of Leichhardt, has secured the right to the whole of the mullook to be excavated from the works, for the purposed of forming streets in the "neighbourhood". " 1884 'Leichhardt Tramway Extension.', Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), 8 January, p. 2, viewed 15 February, 2014,

"Governmenat Contractors and Arbitration. A VERY numcrously-attended deputation, representing the New South Wales Govern ment; contractors, waited upon the Minister for Public Works on Friday morning, to urge the insertion, in all future contracts for public works, of an arbitration clause. The contracting firms represented were:- John Ahern, Fishburn and Mlorton, Forster and Briggs, Halliday, Owen, and Co., A. Johnston and Co, AI. Kinshella, M'Sweeney and Kirwan, U. and E. Millar, M'Sharry and Co., Mann, Carey, and Co.; Monie and Co*, M'Ardle and Thompson, O'Rourke and M'Sharry, Proudfoot, Logan; and Co., Rowe and Smith, D. and W. 'Robertson, Louis Samuel, J. Stewart and Co.,:A., J. Symth and Co., Tophamn, Angus, and Co., John Young."1884 'Government Contractors and Arbitration.', Newcastle Morning Herald & Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) , 29 September, p. 3, viewed 15 February, 2014,

Self Guided Illustrated Historical Walks

Each book in this series is a self guided historical walk through Annandale. Each walk explores the people and construction of Annandale. Each book covers two decades of Annandales History a hundred years apart. The first book in the series, 1890s Annandale: A Short Walk, covers the 1790s and 1890s...more.

1890s Annandale A Short Walk second edition Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of Church with steeple Federation Annandale A Short Walk Marghanita da Cruz Annandale's Great War: A Short Walk Second Edition by Marghanita da Cruz with Annandale Viaduct and Soldiers 1920s Annandale A Short Walk  Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of 1920s Flats 1930s Annandale: A Short Walk by Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of an Art Deco Pub 1940s Annandale A Short Walk  Marghanita da Cruz with photograph of street with aircraft being towed. 50s Annandale A Short Walk,  Marghanita da Cruz Last updated 15 May 2014.