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Inaugural Footprints Eco-Festival

11-3pm Sunday 6 June 2010

Due to storms in Sydney on Friday 4th June 2010, some of the the EcoFestival was relocated to the Leichhardt Townhall. The treeplanting, sand painting, creatures from the creek performances and tours of the wetland, community gardens and heritage were cancelled.

Though the Saturday and most of Sunday turned out to be fine, another storm was brewing as the festival closed, which partly vindicated the relocation. A relocation to Annandale Neighbourhood Centre combined with delayed cancellation of site specific activities such as the tours and tree planting may have seen these go ahead.

Leichhardt Council ran a shuttle bus, to transport visitors from Whites Creek Valley, Annandale to the festival at Leichhardt Town Hall, in Norton Street.

There was a formal welcome to Country by Aboriginal Elder, Aunty Euphee, followed by a variety of entertainment and stalls, in the townhall.

The council chambers and town hall did provide a charm to the event. Visitors, traipsed up to the carpeted stairs to the Reverse Garbage Jewelry Making workshop in the Councillors Room. Or further on to talks on Climate Change and composting demonstrations in the Council Chamber.

Some even made it to the Book Swap and Eco-Annandale Exhibition in the Supper Room. The exhibition featured photos and water colours of local provenance flowers, wildlife, sculptures made of glass and milk bottles and a slide show of the community in Whites Creek Valley, the day before.

Salon Rita demonstrated that with "care and thoughtfulness" (Ellin Krinsley), even eco-warriors can become glamorous models in a c!ao Fashion Parade.

For the more sporty, the UNSW Trailer provided a chance of a hole or two of Solar Powered Wii Golf or Wii Tennis serves. The fluorescent shoe laces were a big hit as was the indigenous plant give away by the Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery

Please do send in your impressions,
Marghanita da Cruz

Visitors Impressions

11-3pm Sunday 6 June 2010.

Community Gathers at Whites Creek Wetlands, to inspect Storm Effects, World Environment Day, Saturday June 5, 2010 see Man in waders in wetland speaking to kid on scootervideo

DUE TO RAIN FESTIVAL RELOCATED TO LEICHHARDT TOWNHALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and some activities were cancelled more...

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* Book Swap * Eco Markets * Wetland, Heritage & Community Garden Tours * e-waste jewellery making * Sand Painting * Tree Planting * Creatures from the Creek * Roving Performers * Ecologically Sustainable Annandale Art Exhibition * Growing Herbs at Home * Bush Tucker T


11.00am Welcome
11.15am Mic Conway's Rubbish! Kids Show
12.15am EQ Jazz Quartet
12.45pm Climate Change Balmain Rozelle
1.00pm The Lurkers, Bluegrass Environmental Activism
1.45pm C!AO Vintage Fashion Parade.
2.00pm Jan Preston Boogie Woogie Piano Queen.


11.15am - Anna Rose
12pm - Transition Leichhardt Talk
12.45pm - Bush Tucker
1.30pm - Growing Herbs at Home
2.15pm - Compost Building Demonstration


11am - 3pm Eco-Annandale Exhibition
11am - 12pm - Book Swap receives books and sorts
12pm - 3pm - Book Swapping


Wetlands -11.15am, 11.45pm, 12.15pm, 12.45pm, 1.15pm, 1.45pm and 2.15pm
Gardens - 11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm
Heritage -11.15am, 12.15pm, 1.15pm

Roaming performers and other in festival entertainment

12pm - 3pm Circus Solaris
11am - 3pm Sand Painting
From 12pm - Creatures of the Creek
11am - 3pm Reverse Garbage E-Waste Workshop

Cycle, Walk or catch the 470 or 370 Bus. More information: Public Transport Trip Planner

Three people chatting in Whites Creek WetlandsHistory

Self Guided Illustrated Historical Walks

Each book in this series is a self guided historical walk through Annandale. Each walk explores the people and construction of Annandale. Each book covers two decades of Annandales History a hundred years apart. The first book in the series, 1890s Annandale: A Short Walk, covers the 1790s and 1890s...more.

1890s Annandale A Short Walk second edition Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of Church with steeple Federation Annandale A Short Walk Marghanita da Cruz Annandale's Great War: A Short Walk Second Edition by Marghanita da Cruz with Annandale Viaduct and Soldiers 1920s Annandale A Short Walk  Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of 1920s Flats 1930s Annandale: A Short Walk by Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of an Art Deco Pub 1940s Annandale A Short Walk  Marghanita da Cruz with photograph of street with aircraft being towed. 50s Annandale A Short Walk,  Marghanita da Cruz