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Education in Annandale

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Annandale Public School

group of children

Annandale Public School Class of boys(one with a drum) and girls, possibly kindergarten or "infants" 1898 (SRNSW 16870) © State of New South Wales through the State Records Authority of NSW

More photographs of students of Annandale Superior Public School (SR NSW Photographs 15051)

Annandale Public School NSW 01 Jan 1898 31 Dec 1937 15051 Photographic collection

In 1881, parents and guardians completed a Department of Public Instruction Petitiion Form, with details of their children's names, ages and the distance they were from the nearest school. The present site, on Johston Street, was acquired and the school was opened in 1886.

In September 1886 venetian blinds were installed in the infant school. Builder WJ Richardson was contracted to fix the drainage (by cleaning out the down pipes and calking them with lead) and construct fencing in October 1886. In Nov 1886, RB Steed & Sons plumber, sign writers, house painters and decorators, quoted for the supply of venetian blinds for front window (johnston street) and green spring roller holland blinds for side windows of the new school. A Tender for the construction of a Girls' school was advertised in December 1886. (Source: SRNSW Annandale School 1886-1892 [5/14654.3])

The file (SRNSW 5/14654.3) contains reports into absences and outstanding fees. In 1887, there is a request not to prosecute mother for the absence of her son, James Smith, as he had to work to help his mother who was a widow. There are assessment reports on several pupil teachers including Mary Beatrice Harvey (1888) and Edgar Cuthbert.

Miss Catherine M Hurley was transferred from Leichhardt to Annandale and later promoted from the Infants to Girls department in July 1887. There were additions to the school in 1887 and Holland Roller Blinds were installed in February 1888.(Source: SRNSW [5/14654.3])

A Miss Tidemann, whose eyesight was failing, applied to become an instructor to pupil teachers.

Mrs Grant requested a waiver of fees for Walter and Nellie in July 1888. Mrs Georgina Mayor, of wise cottages, trafalgar street wrote in asking for waiver of school fees, for her children. By 1889, more parents were receiving fee waivers as Fathers were out of work.(Source: SRNSW [5/14654.3])

In January 1892, the Principal John Cusack appled for the school to become a "Superior public school". Out of an enrolment of 354 in infant school, there were only 4 absences. (Source: SRNSW, Annandale School 1886-1892 [5/14654.3 - part A]). Later an evening school was started.

There were also invoices from the Leichhardt Borough, and later the Annandale Borough for the emptying of Earth Pans.(Source: SRNSW, Annandale School 1886-1892 [5/14654.3 - part A]) "Dry earth is used to cover waste material for later removal."...more.

Henry Parkes was probably a little taken aback, when in 1893, a delegation of school girls, from Annandale Public School, visited him at Kennilworth, with a petition demanding the reinstatement of their teacher, Miss Frazer. Parkes referred the petition on to the Department of Public Instruction. In Jan 1894 - Miss Fraser, mistress in the girls department, requested two wall tablets: "what to do when apparently dead from drowning or suffication" and "what to do in case of snake-bites".(source: SRNSW, Annandale School 1886-1892 [5/14654.3 - part A]).

Superior Public School Annandale 22nd June 1894, To Sir Henry Parkes GCMG, As a small souvenir of his 79th Brithday and with every wish for Health, Happiness, Long Life and Prosperity from the Girls of the above School (Signed on behalf of Scholars) Beattie Devitt, Minnie Horden, Edin Martin, Beatrice Hartill, Mary Gates, Amy Randell, Vilet Russell, Elsie Stallwood, Mary Dodd, Alice Winton, Mary Capper, Gertie Hodgkin, Nellie Nastony, Ethal Eddy, Yammy Kerry, Ethel Paul, Nellie Webb, Elsie Stonham, Eunice Robinson, Ethel Baines, Mildred May, Clara Winton, Mary Stuart, Maggie Stuart, Nellie Allen, Ammie Huges, Maud Russell, Winnie Devitt, Stella Hunter, Beatrice Linton, Jane Bardon, Marian Sturt, Maud Bydon, Clara Guss, Ellen Murdock, Amy Field, Amy Silver. On 22nd June 1894, the Girls of the Superior Public School Annandale sent a gift and card to Sir Henry Parkes GCMG for his 79th Brithday and with every wish for Health, Happiness, Long Life and Prosperity from the Girls of the above School (Signed on behalf of Scholars) Beattie Devitt, Minnie Horden, Edin Martin, Beatrice Hartill, Mary Gates, Amy Randell, Vilet Russell, Elsie Stallwood, Mary Dodd, Alice Winton, Mary Capper, Gertie Hodgkin, Nellie Nastony, Ethal Eddy, Yammy Kerry, Ethel Paul, Nellie Webb, Elsie Stonham, Eunice Robinson, Ethel Baines, Mildred May, Clara Winton, Mary Stuart, Maggie Stuart, Nellie Allen, Ammie Huges, Maud Russell, Winnie Devitt, Stella Hunter, Beatrice Linton, Jane Bardon, Marian Sturt, Maud Bydon, Clara Guss, Ellen Murdock, Amy Field, Amy Silver.

Miss Frazer goes on to request permission to start a girls swimming club in 1898 - mis fraser wants to start a swiming club for the girls and in December a concert of songs recitations and short drama. However, there is a negative report about Miss Fraser's arithmetic teaching.(source: SRNSW, Annandale School 1886-1892 [5/14654.3 - part B])

In 1900, there was a letter from Alderman Cohen, of the Annandale Borough, wanting to establish a School Board, which would improved children's performance by demonstrating their parents and the community's interest in their education. However, the proposal was dismissed by the Department of Public Instruction as the studens at the school were performing well under the supervision of the District Board. (source: SRNSW, Annandale School 1886-1892 [5/14654.3 - part B])

School's Website

Memorial Board Annandale Public School

Wooden board with names in gold gilt
D.Grant and P.J. Cowan are two of the names on the Annandale Public School Honor board and were Henry Lawson's companions...more

Under the auspices of the Annandale Parents and Citizens' Association a roll of honour will be unveiled at the Public School, Johnston-street, at 10 o'clock to-morrow morning by the Minister for Education, Mr. A. G. F. James. The Mayor and aldermen, nnd probably Federal and State members oí Parliament will be present, and patriotic songs will be rendered by the children. An invitation is extended to all relations of the mon whose names appear on the roll, as well r.s to all the returned soldiers belonging to the district. 1918 'ANZAC DAY.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 24 April, p. 12. , viewed 06 Aug 2019,

 Annandale Public School P&C
 part of our 125th Birthday CELEBRATIONS
 10am to 3pm
 125th Display
 & Flowers Pony Rides Medieval Jousting
 Wildlife SHOPPING
 25 Johnston St ANNANDALE
 Please contact DEBORAH ON 0408 975 556 Roll-up for some old school family fun at the
Annandale Public School 125th Birthday Celebration Fete

Sunday, 30 October 2011- 10am to 3pm

To celebrate its 125th birthday, Annandale Public School (APS) will be rolling out the bunting and bottling up the jams for its biggest and best fete yet. APS will be celebrating in true carnival style with a full day of old-fashioned fun with rides, food and stalls galore.

As part of the 125th celebrations a wonderful collection of APS’s history has been unearthed from as far back as the early 20th century. Why not take a trip down memory lane with the great selection of school memorabilia which will be on display. You might even catch some ladies from yesteryear wandering the school grounds.

The school community has also been busy putting their creative talents to work growing, making and baking up a storm. Beautiful handmade craft and art, school grown organic produce and as well the APS award winning cake stall (as judged by 702 ABC Sydney) will be just some of the great wares and old fashioned fare available on the day.

kids sitting in shape of 125For the kids:
Carnival fun, food and rides
Fabulous games, prizes and giveaways
Face painting, pony rides and an Australian wildlife show

For the grown-ups:
Handmade craft and art – perfect Christmas pressies!
Fresh flowers, produce and gardening talks
Fine food, cakes and coffee

What: Annandale Public School 125th Birthday Celebration Fete
Where: Annandale Public School, 25 Johnston Street, Annandale
When: Sunday, 30 October 2011- 10am to 3pm
Who: Everyone is welcome for a day of carnival fun and festivities
Why: Support your local school by supporting this great day out
More info:

Contact DEBORAH ON 0408 975 556 Media contact: Kate Hutchens 0402 253 166

Celebrating 125 years Open Day Tuesday 30th August Bush Dance Friday 2nd September FETE Sunday 30th October (circle with text) Annandale Public School Strength through Wisdom Buildings with Gum Trees."Our 125th Anniversary Celebration Day
If you weren’t there on Tuesday for our 125th Birthday Assembly and Open Day you missed a very special occasion (and one that won’t be repeated until 2036!)... In 1886 on 30th August, Annandale Public School was officially opened. " -

"The school crest depicts our name in the school colours of dark and light blue, with the school's motto "Strength Through Wisdom" below...the floral emblem of Scotland, the thistle, appears on our school crest and 'Annan' acts as the name of one of our sporting houses...." (viewed 6 Sept 2011)

The 1880 Public Instruction Act withdrew State funding to denominational schools (from 1883) and introduced compulsory education. It established three types of schools - Superior Public, High, and Evening Public Schools .The first Superior Public Schools were gazetted in

TENDERS ACCEPTED. Public Schools! North Annandale, brick buildings, W. J. Richardson. £3254. - 1886 'TUESDAY, JANUARY 5.', Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907), 9 January, p. 15, viewed 6 December, 2011,

cream building with pitch roof, crossing and banner on fence"ANNANDALE PUBLIC SCHOOL.
The formal ceremony in connection with the opening of the Public school at Annandale was performed yesterday, afternoon, at half-past 2 o'clock, by Mr. S. G. Davison, Mayor of Leichhardt.... The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 31 August 1886 Page 5

Children attending tho Annandale Superior Public School pay tribute to Mr. & Mrs Taylor...Annandale Borough 1902

People and Billboards on pavement outside school Title No: 91325 BIRD CALLS : FAMILIAR SOUNDS OF AUSTRALIAN BUSHLAND (1947) At Cooper Park in Sydney, students of South Annandale Public School show the results of their study into Australian bird life with realistic imitations of bird calls. Some of the birds mimicked include the crow, kookaburra, thrush and mopoke. (01:05) Country of Origin: Australia -

Minister Ken Booth at Annandale Public School (16.1.78)

Annandale Public School and Infants Building(1996)

Leichhardt Library Collection (

Christine's memories (ca 1950s)

Dorothy Booth (Reid) Family Ties (1892-2007)

Annandale Public School CookbookAnnandale Public School Cook Book ?? 12/83

From Gretchen Gamble's copy of the "Annandale Public School Recipe Book" (Size: A5)

Cover Design by Colin Williams, Measurements and checking recipes work Suzanne Gibbs, Edited by Silvie Calder and Stephen Calder

Produced by the Annandale Public School Parents and Citizents' Association [no date circa 1980]

10 Sections dedicated to each of the courses of a fashionable '80s party.
1.Entrees and Appetisers
2. Soups
3. Fish Dishes
4. Meat Dishes
5. Vegetable Dishes
6. Sauces
7. Desserts
8. Cakes and Biscuits
9. Drinks
and a Miscellaneous section.

Many of the pages were sponsored by local businesses, individuals and families including: Annandale Drapery 101/A Johnston Street pg 8
Realty Row Travel and Estate Agents 99 Johnston St pg 9
Paddy Robinson Stained Glass Glin studio 51 Nelson Street Rozelle
Annandale Printing 36 Annandale Street Annandale p13
Annandale Hardware 103 Johnston Street p17
JH Callagher & Co 233 Parramatta Road p19
Marton's Hangups Custom Picture framing 101 Johnston St p23
Riverland Fruit Stall Booth St (next to Post Office), p28
Raine and Horne Real Estate 151 Parramatta Road p30, p32
HR Murray Pharmacy Chemist and Chiropodist 227 Parramatta Rd d p31
Croissant Show – 177 Parramatta Road p37
Michael's Menswear and Tailors p38
Richardson & Wrench, 192 Burwood Rd, Burwood p41
Downtown Music 135 Parramatta Rd Annandale p45
Presto Meat and Smallgoods 119 Parramatta Rd Annandale p47
John & Penelope Lee Graphic Design p49

sandstone pillars with iron gates in playgroundIn 1977, the gates of Annandale house were re-erected in the school's grounds.

p51 was sponsored by "RAGA Resident Action Group Annandale 64 Johnston Street, Annandale We are interested in the need for open space, a library and trees and other facilities. Membership $2 or $5 per household."

Impact Food 117 Parramatta Road p53
Annandale Cellars, 123 Parramatta Road p54
Annandale Linen & Glorybox, 231 Parramatta Road p56-7
Annandale Baby Health Clinic, 25 Johnston St p59
Recipe for Baked Custard was contributed by Annandale Nursery p59
American Mail Order 211 Parramatta Rd, p60
Annandale Record Centre, 215 Parramatta Rd, p65
Chatfield Chemist, 45 Booth St, p66
Annandale Chiropractic Centre, 14 Booth St,p67
Gift & Toy Shop, 235 Parramatta Road, p71
JF Benton & Co Real Estate Agents 2 Johnston StP Manettas & Co Seafood Specialist, Cnr Parsons & Mullens Sts Rozelle, p80
Kronos Products Philidelphia Chocolate, Railway and Liberty St Stanmore, p86

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