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Photo of Orchid - Marghanita
Dendrobium Tetragonum (Tree Spider Orchid)
Blooms August/September

Local Provenance Plants

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Australian Plants Specific to the Inner West of Sydney

Epacris (Native Fuscia)

Photo of Maiden Hair Fern - Marghanita
Maiden Hair

Photo of Acacia - Marghanita
Acacia (Wattle)

Photo of Banksia - Marghanita
Banksia Marginata

Photo of Violet - Marghanita
Viola betonicifolia (Native Violet)

Pink Bottlebrush - Marghanita
Melaleuca (Bottle Brush)

Photo of Lomandra - Marghanita

Photo of Eucalypt - Marghanita

Self Guided Illustrated Historical Walks

Each book in this series is a self guided historical walk through Annandale. Each walk explores the people and construction of Annandale. Each book covers two decades of Annandales History a hundred years apart. The first book in the series, 1890s Annandale: A Short Walk, covers the 1790s and 1890s...more.

1890s Annandale A Short Walk second edition Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of Church with steeple Federation Annandale A Short Walk Marghanita da Cruz Annandale's Great War: A Short Walk Second Edition by Marghanita da Cruz with Annandale Viaduct and Soldiers 1920s Annandale A Short Walk  Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of 1920s Flats 1930s Annandale: A Short Walk by Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of an Art Deco Pub 1940s Annandale A Short Walk  Marghanita da Cruz with photograph of street with aircraft being towed. 50s Annandale A Short Walk,  Marghanita da Cruz

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