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Allen Taylor Contractor Annandale Sydney

handwritten correspondence Sydney City Archives Item No: 65/2155 (Contract No. 3/94)
Offer from Allan Taylor
1 Collins Street
Annandale January 3rd 1895
Covering Report from Town Clerk regarding woodblocking of sussex street, george street, hay street, liverpool street, king street, macquarie street, castlereagh streets.
Contract signed - contractor: Allen Taylor, Annandale,
Sureties:Robert Forster, Annandale
Christopher McClure, Croydon.

Sydney City Archives Item No: 65/2179 (2 letters from Allen Taylor and a minute from the City Surveyor, R.W. Richards)
01 Mar 1895
Allen Taylor, Annandale
Alfred Settree Market Wharf
George Spears, Market Wharf

Allen Taylor & Co Presscopy Letterbooks

metal screw pressAccording to Pennie (Archivist, ANU Archives Program), Presscopy Letterbooks were used to keep copies of outgoing correspondence. The pages of Handwritten or typed letters, were placed in the leaves of the Letterbooks, along with dampening paper. The result of using the press on the book was an imprint, of the letter, in the Letterbook.

If the letters were typed or written on letterhead, this often included a three year prefix - which meant only the last digit of the year is recorded in the Letterbook. Some companies had custom letter books with their name on the spine. The Noel Butlin Archives has three Letterbooks as well as financial records of Allen Taylor & Company.

Selected Letters from Deposit 44: Allen Taylor & Company Limited from 2 vols Oct 1897-July 1907

Unrivalled Letter Book 250 LeavesLetter Book ATCo 44/0/1

Noel Butlin Archives Centre(NBAC):ATCo 44/0/1: The book contained a loose leaf handwritten letter dated 28 April 1898. In the letter, Willmont Morgan of 88 Kings St requests a quote from Allen Taylor Esq, Taylors Wharf Pyrmont for Hardwood Blocks notched to 80-42lbs Tram rails.. The copperplate letter is annotated with calculations in pencil.

NBAC:ATCo 44/0/1(7): 13 Oct 7 handwritten letter to adressee in Flood Street Leichhardt, providing a quote for the supply of blocks for Harris and George Street, Electric Tram Contract, to be delivered, within the City Boundary, between 1 November and 1 December 1997.

NBAC:ATCo 44/0/1(9): handwritten letter providing a quote to addressee at 266 Pitt Street, supply of blocks for George and Harris Street Electric Tramway contract, to be delivered 1 January 1898

(912): 2 page typed letter, dated 17th July, to Messrs Mitchelson and Company, Auckland NZ, regarding becoming their agent for softwoods.

(18)To:Messrs swanbrick & meldrum, 14 castlereagh st, 15 October [189]7, quote for supply of blocks for George and Harris Streets Electric Tram contract.

Manufacturers of New Century, Yost and Densmore Typewriters.
Letterbook 44/1/2

The Secreyary, Sydney harbour trust authority 30th January 1902, making an offer of £50 pa to leasing the Water End of Miller Street for at least 10 years. Also raising the outstanding application for dredging of the bay.

A letter dated 11 Feb 2, to the Principal Secretary, Chief Secretary's Office, Macquarie St, City, requesting seats for Mr Allen Taylor, Mrs. Taylor and Master Forster Taylor. The letter is in response to a "intimation in the press" for "colonists attending london to view coronation process"

A 29 July 3, letter to N Cain Esq, Wauchope regarding a Tug Boat and outlining the competition from Wallace and collusion between Buckle and Settree.

20th April 4 Letter addressed to Messrs NW Peabody & Co. 9 Bridge Street, City regarding the supply of 500,000 Sleepers hewn from Blackbutt, Tallow-wood, Mahogany, Box, Grey Gum and Turpentine to East London, Durban and Delagoa Bay, South Africa. (250) is a revised quote, for the South African Sleeper Contract, reducing the price from 4s8d to 4s7½d each - with a condition of inspection by purchaser.

5th May 1904 Cable from BJ Smith "Come as Soon as Possible" San Francisco, Smith, Caper Henshaw. reply from Anderson 16th May, "will leave for your port" LAMALGUE, MANBOTE, RAGUETTES.

22nd August 5 To Colonel WJW Oldershaw, Karachi, Sind, India regarding "DeCoque crowing about an Order in Hand".

(94-95)31 August 5, Hope Esq, c/o Messrs J Bartram & Son, King Street, arrangement regarding forestry laws and pricing between states.

(145): 26 June 6 To the Registrar f Joint Stock Companies, Registrar General's Office Report of share owners - Allen Taylor, Ship Owner & Contractor, Mrs Lucy Ann Forster, Widow, & Mrs Adela Mary Taylor (wife of Allen Taylor), Forster Taylor (no occupation) of Ellerslie, Darlinghurst Road, Robert Murray McCHeyne Anderson, Ship Owner & Contractor, Hollowforth, Neutral Bay, Robert McNeily Accountant, Glebe Point, Francis Alfred Sargeant, Clerk Sheehy St, Glebe Point, Richard James Flock, Ryde.(moto-3032)

(158) Murdoch McLean Esq (of New Zealand) Hotel Wentworth, Church Hill, Sydney 2nd Oct [1902 (moto03038)

(163)Town Clerk Wellington NZ - Hardwood Planking street paving blocks 1 Nov [190]2)

(171) To the Engineer sydney harbour trust, quoting supply of hewn ironbark at 2 shillings 2 pence per cubic foot. 2 December [190]2 (moto-3046)

13 May [190]7: To GM Bethel Esq Passenger RMS India, Adelaide SA. regarding Powell Wood Process and employment of Mr Julius(moto-3022)

stack of old bound books and other items such as stack of square pamplets, box of paperclips and stand displaying A1 sheet with ANU logo on a wooden table with chairs(147) 26 April 7 Letter To The council clerk, Town Hall, Glebe providing details of ownership (Taylor & Anderson) of the land fronting black wattle bay and ferry road, through which the Council is building a "carriageway".(moto-2992)

(127-128): page 2 of covering letter and List of paintmarks of 9 and 6' Ironbark (9 and 6foot), Turpentine, Blackbutt, Tallow-wood, White Mahogany, Red Mahogany, Turpentine Sleepers.(moto-2987-8)

(146): Letter to RL Nash of the Daily Telegraph Sydney regarding a meeting to discuss a matter troubling the Lord Mayor (27 June 6)(moto-2989)

(148-150): 5 page "reduction" to written terms, of verbal offer to GA Julius, Westralian Railways, of position of Advisory or Consulting Engineer to Allen Taylor and Co. including establishment of the Powell Wood Process Co. 11 May 1907(moto-2993)

Letter of 23 May 1907 to GA Julius 8 Surry Chambers Perth, acknowledging acceptance of offer of employment, to be clinched by successful Powellising of forwarded sample of "Riverina" timbers.(moto-3002)

5th July 07 - letter putting money from will of Daniel Sheehy towards the extension of Taylor Street as a public road through Miller Street at Ferry Road Glebe.(moto-2999)


Crane lifting timber planks from a roadCrane Lifting Tram Lines, outside Church of Christ, Mayfield, Hood Collection part I : Sydney streets, buildings, people, activities and events, c.1925-1955 (State Library of NSW)

This sledge was made by Alexander Worsfold of King Street, St Peters, an inner Western Sydney suburb with the timber (spotted grum) supplied by Allen Taylor....The Museum's archives and acquisition documentation says that this sledge was donated in 1915 by Mr R H Nesbitt of NSW Powell Wood Process Ltd, who had a works at Berrys Bay on the North Shore near North Sydney....In 1915 this company donated to the Museum a number of specimens of "powellised" timber.

Environmental impact statement relating to the sale of sawmill and forest residues from the north coast of New South Wales as woodchips. By New South Wales. State Pollution Control Commission, Allen Taylor & Co 1975

"Powelltown takes its name, from The Victorian Powell Wood Process Company formed in 1912 to exploit the new, and ultimately unsuccessful 'Powell' method of wood preservation, which involved treating the timber with a mixture of molasses, water and arsenic... Powelltown Tramway - Trail Description

The Powell wood-process for rapidly seasoning and preserving wood : immunity from dry rot & white ants. Perth, W.A. : Westralian Powell Wood Process, 29 pages 1907 (

Self Guided Illustrated Historical Walks

Each book in this series is a self guided historical walk through Annandale. Each walk explores the people and construction of Annandale. Each book covers two decades of Annandales History a hundred years apart. The first book in the series, 1890s Annandale: A Short Walk, covers the 1790s and 1890s...more.

1890s Annandale A Short Walk second edition Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of Church with steeple Federation Annandale A Short Walk Marghanita da Cruz Annandale's Great War: A Short Walk Second Edition by Marghanita da Cruz with Annandale Viaduct and Soldiers 1920s Annandale A Short Walk  Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of 1920s Flats 1930s Annandale: A Short Walk by Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of an Art Deco Pub 1940s Annandale A Short Walk  Marghanita da Cruz with photograph of street with aircraft being towed. 50s Annandale A Short Walk,  Marghanita da Cruz Last updated 14 November 2011.