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schematic of Johnston's CreekJohnston's Creek

Johnston's Creek flows from Petersham under Parramatta Road past Annandale | Camperdown | Forest Lodge | Harold Park to Rozelle Bay | Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour)

Cyclist, Large Fig tree and Concrete AqueductJohnston's Creek's Annandale Bank

Federal and Bicentennial Parks

Federal Park Annandale lies between Federal Road, now a footpath on Rozelle Bay, and Chapman Road.

Bicentennial Park lies between Federal Road and the Rozelle Bay foreshore.

Spindlers, Hogan and Smith Parks

Matthew G Smith and FEW Smith were Aldermen and Mayors of the Annandale Borough. Edward Hogan was also an Alderman and the Mayor of the Annandale Borough. Caldwell & Schindler had a veneers factory in Johnston Street.

Annandale Waratahs (Women's Cricket Team)

In the third round of the 1935 Women's Cricket season, Annandale Waratahs I. met Cheerio at Hogan Park 1935 'WOMEN'S MATCHES.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 15 November, p. 17, viewed 20 February, 2014,

Annandale Women forfeit in protest about relocation of final day of match...1939 'WOMEN'S CRICKET DISPUTE.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 6 February, p. 15, viewed 20 February, 2014,

"Amy Hudson, who top-scored for Annandale with 31, also took four of Sans Souci's wickets for 47." - 1933 'WOMEN'S MATCHES.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 6 February, p. 14, viewed 29 December, 2014,

" MISS AMY HUDSON, the captain of the Annandale Cricket Club, who topped the batting and bowling averages for her club in the 1938-39 season. Miss Hudson also look the most catches. She toured England in 1937." (Photo Caption) -1939 'BEST AVERAGE.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 13 April, p. 25, viewed 29 December, 2014,

"FIFTEEN years ago; two youngsters began their' cricket careers together, bowling slow' leg-breaks 'for the Band of Hope social cricket' team, at Annandale, a Sydney suburb."1947 'McCool & Girl Began Test Dream Together.', The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954), 17 January, p. 1, viewed 29 December, 2014,

Amy Hudson made her Test debut at 18, in 1935

Photographs of Amy Hudson Batting, receiving flowers and her teammates --[0]=obj_collectiontitle:Amy%20Hudson%20collection

Badu and new Park

Badu Park runs from the intersection of Booth and Wigram Road to Chester Street Annandale. Badu means water in Dharawal. In the late 1890s, residents demanded that the Booth Street Waterhole be filled in.

In 2013, land at the southern end of Taylor Street, was secured for parkland. One of the proposed names for this park is Douglas Grant. Douglas Grant lived at 132 Albion Street. He attended Annandale Public School and was a football player with the Hunter Baillie Presbyterian Community. He enlisted in the AIF in 1916, but was thrown out because he was Aboriginal. He enlisted again and went on to serve in Europe, where he was wounded and captured by the Germans. He returned to Australia and to work at Mort's Dock, later he moved to Lithgow, where he worked in the small arms factory. Returning to Sydney he worked as a clerk at the Rozelle Hospital at Callan Park and designed a memorial more

Reintroduction of Local Provenance Vegetation

Local provenance plant species have been reintroduced into the parklands along Johnston's Creek by the Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery and Bushcare group.

sand areas with mimimal growthReintroduction of Mangroves to Rozelle Bay

The introduction of mangroves into the south-east foreshore of Rozelle Bay, was part of the Sydney City Council, Glebe Foreshore Project. Brief at and Community Consultation Forum at

Ecological restoration is applied natures. Whose nature? This paper explores the complex interplay of scientific, organisational and community cultures in a proposed restoration project. In March 2004 the City of Sydney released the Glebe Foreshore Plan, which included the creation of a mangrove habitat in Bicentennial Park West. Despite widespread support of the mangrove concept, the associated plan generated significant opposition, including what one local newspaper dubbed "mangrove battlelines"...Mangrove Battlelines: culture/nature and ecological restoration Preview, Phil McManus

images of constructed salt marsh wetlandConstructed Wetland

The Federal Park Salt Marsh wetlands were constructed in 2001 to filter storm water before it enters Sydney Harbour via Johnston's Storm water Channel.

LED Lampost in a park with concrete aqueduct and palm tree in background LED Energy Efficient Active Lighting

At the Leichhardt Council Climate Change Taskforce meeting on June 1, it was proposed to Pilot LED Lighting along the new Johnston Creek Cycle Path and Footpath in Smith Hogan and Spindlers Park, Annandale. There was support for the Pilot, at the Annandale Precinct meeting on June 6, with a request for Active Lighting - for safety and security...LED Lighting Pilot

Living Streets project has commenced construction in Taylor Street South, includes water sensitive infrastructure, native vegetation, swales, traffic calming and an expanded children's playground....

Public Open Space

Western Expressway Greenban(March 1974)

There is a plaque at the pedestrian bridge between the crescent and Aqueduct that marks the 40th Anniversary, in 2011, of the Green Ban that saved Annandale.

"Residents in the Leichhardt Municipality requested B.L.F. to impose ban on demolition to make way for this expressway.
If the expressway goes ahead, 1,180 homes in the muicipality will be demlished and Annandale, Glebe and Leichhardt would lost most of their parkland."

Upgrade of Taylor Street North/Spindlers Park Playground to include a new rope structure climbing frame for older children, a new infants swing set, landscape improvements, a new water bubbler and other features....

Leichhardt Council to lease of disused Sydney Water land for open space...

Wigram Road Booth Street Intersection

Filling in of the Booth Street Waterhole in the late 1890s...more

Revised plans for Roundabout and Pedestrian Refuge presented to Precinct Meeting 7 February 2012...drawingmore

"It was a slow start but Peter was a good salesman, able to convince Architects to try new products. One of the first jobs was a black and white marble mosaic in the entrance of Kodak’s shop in George Street. Kodak House was rebuilt in 1955 and the original mosaic done by Peter was preserved at Melocco Bros Showroom at 1 Booth St Annandale...Melocco Brothers, 1 Booth Street

Johnstons Creek Route (2005)

Johnstons Creek Route is the name that is commonly given to the proposed county road between Mascot and Annandale, the northern portion of which follows Johnstons

Proposed Cycleway (2011)

"The northern sections of pedestrian and shared pathways join at Harold Park Bridge (leading to the former Rozelle Tramshed on the eastern side of the canal). The pathway is then bituminised and continues south on the western side of the canal (Federal Park South and Spindler Park) for approximately another 500m to the McMahons Bridge (foot bridge) connecting Taylor Street to Minogue Crescent. The pathway then continues south on the eastern side of the canal past housing units on the former PABCO industrial site....
Bowstring Bridge (Bicentennial Park), Allen Truss Bridge (Bicentennial Park)...Federal Road Bridge (CCSA Mar 1939).. Taylor Street tramway bridge...STATEMENT OF HERITAGE IMPACT JOHNSTONS STORMWATER CANAL SHARED PATHWAY PROJECT (6MB PDF)

Photo and Map of Tramway Bridge

Canal, back of Susan Street


The canal, from Trafalgar Street, Newtown to Rozelle Bay

2011 Photo Stream of Graffitti

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